Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw Review

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In Brief:  Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw Review

The PM1000 1791001K table saw with 50” fence is notable for its extensive working table and large rip capacity. The 10” blade can make 3-1/8” deep cuts at 900 and 2-1/8” at 450. It is useful for cutting large materials. It is an ideal table saw for jobsite contractors and professional woodworkers with large scale projects.

Powermatic is a manufacturing company that makes varieties of power tools, including table saws. They make their mark in the market with their consistency in manufacturing high-quality tools.

Powermatic PM1000 is one of the core offerings of the company.

The product has innovative designs that aids its durability. It allows you to cut through a series of lumbers with ease.

Key Specifications of the Powermatic PM1000 1791001K

Powermatic 10-Inch Table Saw, 52-Inch Rip, 1-3/4 HP, 115/230V 1Ph (Model PM1000)

Powermatic PM1000 has features that allow you to fully explore your skills. It has a top-performing motor of 15amp that delivers a no-load speed of 4200RPM on the 10” blade.

Powermatic PM1000 is capable of making a rip cut of 52” to the right of the blade and 12” to the left. It can also make cuts that are 3-1/8” deep at 90 degrees and 2-1/8” at 45 degrees .

Powermatic PM1000 can make two table extensions to suit your application.

The cast iron table can have a 40” x 27” extension and a maximum extension of 75-3/8” x 27” thus, providing you with enough space to work on extensive materials.

The video below is an overview on how to use Powermatic PM1000 :


Take a look at Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw long list of specs here :

Speed/Power rating (RPM)4200
Motor Voltage (Volts)
Motor Current (Amps)
Motor Power (HP)1-3/4
Blade (inches)10"
Arbor Size (inches)5/8”
Dust collection port (inches)
Table size without extension (inches)
 20” x 27”
Max rip capacity left (inches)
Max rip capacity right (inches)52”
Depth of Cut at 900 (inches)
Depth of Cut at 450 (inches)
Weight (Ibs)393.8

Unique Features

Powermatic PM1000 has unique features that make it stand out from other table saw brands.

Extensive Working Table

Powermatic PM1000 offers you an extensive working table that allows you to easily cut through large materials.

The unique feature about the working table is that it is adjustable. You can adjust the table size to fit your application.

The actual table size of the product without extension is 20” x 27”. You can extend it to two stops; 40” x 27” for the first stop and 75-3/8” x 27” for the full extension.

Massive Rip Capacity

Powermatic PM1000 has an extensive rip capacity that you can’t easy find in other brands. The product can support 52” rip to the right of the blade and 12” to the left.

These rip capacities make the product suitable for working on large materials.

Reduced Vibration

Powermatic PM1000 runs off a 1-3/4HP motor with a poly-V belt drive system to increase efficiency while mitigating vibration.


Design, Cutting, and Safety

The design and cutting ability of Powermatic PM1000 will allow you to fully explore your woodworking skills.

It also incorporates key safety features to ensure hazard-free operation.


The design of Powermatic PM1000 is precise for enhancing its functionality.

It includes an onboard storage system and a 4” dust collection port. The cast-iron surface features a bevel edge to enhance smooth operation.

The inclusion of a 7” handwheels provide momentum and stability to the product. This feature also eases the bevel adjustment of the product.


The cutting capacity of Powermatic PM1000 is top-notch. It is capable of making a 3-1/8” deep cut at 90 degrees and 2-1/8” at 45 degrees .

The product is capable of supporting 52” rip capacity to the right of blade and 12” to the left. Thus, it is capable of ripping tough and extensive materials.

The inclusion of a sturdy miter gauge capable of pivoting 60 degrees on either side allows enough adjustment for accurate cuts.


Powermatic PM1000 has a tool-less guard assembly with independent sides to prevent accidental contact with the blade.

The location of the power switch and its hands-free feature also aids easy access and convenient use.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, Warranty

Ease of maintenance

The Technical design of Powermatic PM1000 allows its easy maintenance. The maintenance procedures of Powermatic PM1000 include :

  • Clean resin and pitch on the table.
  • Utilize compressed air in cleaning the motor housing.
  • Regularly use dry silicone lubricant to wipe down the fence rails.


Powermatic offers repair service for all its products through its technical support. They maintain this policy to ensure the safe repair, reliability, and durability of their products.


The warranty offers for Powermatic PM1000 include :

  • 5-years limited warranty.
  • 90-days limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

However, you should register the product at www.powermatic.com/us/en/service-and-support/warranty/registration to ensure full access to warranty and service offers. You can get more information on the manufacturer’s website www.powermatic.com or contact their technical support via 1-800-274-6846, 8 AM to 5 PM CST, Monday through Friday.

Price of the Powermatic PM1000

The cost of purchasing Powermatic PM1000 is quiet on the high side relative to other common table saws. It is one of the most expensive table saws around. However, it has enough features and offers high performance to justify its cost.


Who Should Buy Powermatic PM1000 ?

Powermatic PM1000 is a suitable product for cutting tough and extensive materials.

Therefore, it is suitable for professionals, contractors, woodworkers, and other DIY enthusiasts willing to explore their full woodworking skills.

Likewise, the product is sturdy and offers effective cutting and ripping performance.

Therefore, it is suitable for personal, industrial, and commercial use. It is also an eligible product for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Why We Like It

You should look out for Powermatic PM1000 if you are a professional woodworker who desires a sturdy and high-quality product for large scale applications.

It is easy to use and offers extensive work surface and cut quality suitable for working on extensive and tough materials.



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