Remington RM1159 Trimmer Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Remington RM1159 Lawn Mower Review

The RM1159 trimmer lawn mower is one of their trusted creations and is a reliable option if you want to keep your lawn neat. It is a powerful, compact, and light trimmer that, despite its design, can also be used as a dedicated lawn mower.

Remington is a power tool manufacturer that is dedicated to creating reliable and durable products. Founded in 1921 by Arthur Mall, the company has grown into one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of lawn mowers and other power tools.

Key Specifications Of Remington RM1159 Lawn Mower

The RM1159 is a gas-powered trimmer that is fitted with a powerful 159cc MTD Powermore 4-cycle OHV engine that delivers all the power needed to trim the toughest lawns easily and quickly.

Whether overgrown or covered in weeds, its powerful motor will have the strength to bring order back to your lawn.

With its large, 14-inch, ball bearing wheels, it will maneuver effortlessly over rugged terrain, making it that much easier to trim an overgrown lawn.

With the off-set trimmer head and 22 inches of cutting width, getting into hard-to-reach spaces will be a breeze.

Also, thanks to its compact design, it will not be difficult to push through tight enclosures. It can be stored much easier than a traditional lawn mower due to its folding handle, making it ideal if you have a small tool shed.

Furthermore, as it does not use the spool design of traditional weed eaters, it is much easier and simpler to use.

To fit the trimmer line, which is a standard 0.155-inch line, you would simply have to fold in two pieces into the provided brackets of the trimmer head.

The trimmer head can also be easily adjusted to different lengths and is designed to compensate for changes in terrain elevation.

Key Specification Table –

Cutting Width
Power Type
Engine Size (cc)
Rear Wheels (in)
Cutting Style
String Trim
78 lbs.
Height Adjuster
Manual Variable (2.375” - 4.375”)
Drive SystemPush
2-Year Limited

Unique Features

Off-set Trimmer Head

The off-set trimmer head is a unique design that was decided on by Remington to offer advantages that handheld trimmers would not allow. These advantages include ease of use and reliable performance.

The trimmer head can be adjusted to a variety of heights by simply loosening the wing nut of the trimmer head’s fastening bolt. Push the head to the desired height, and then fasten the nut again before use.

The head is also designed to easily fit the trimmer string. All that you need to do is cut two pieces of string to the appropriate length and fold it into the provided brackets.

Make sure to cross the string when sliding it into the out-let eye. The design of the off-set trimmer head makes it easier to cut around obstacles and to cut in hard-to-reach corners.

14” Ball Bearing Rear Wheels

The trimmer is fitted with two larger-than-usual rear wheels. These wheels feature ball bearings for easy pushing and are designed uniquely to be capable of pushing through difficult terrain with little effort.

Despite not having front wheels, the rear wheels provide it with enough maneuverability to maintain easy control of the trimmer. It is designed to offer easy navigation around obstacles such as large boulders.

It will also provide a close enough reach to cut at the base of such obstacles without the problems presented by traditional trimmers.

Although made for practical reasons, the wheels also add a touch of style that is unique to the rm1159, making it look as attractive as it is useful.


Power, Design, and Durability


Fitted with a 159cc Powermore 4-cycle motor, it possesses enough power to easily run through the thickest and most overgrown lawns.

It has the power to mow lawns and cut down weeds very quickly, making it stronger and easier to use than handheld trimmers.

Plus, it is lightweight and compact, allowing you to push drive the powerful motor effortlessly across any size lawn.

Even in the toughest conditions, the motor will hold up and provide enough cutting power to mow down any bushy weeds or stubborn overgrowth.


With the specially designed trimmer head, reaching those previously impossible edges alongside fences, buildings, and other obstacles has become much easier.

It is designed to be easy to use, with simplified means of adjusting the cutting height and installing the trimming line.

The motor is also designed for easy use, with simplified starting means, using a recoil starter and primer system. It also offers a quick shutdown with the control lever attached to the handle.

The attached deflector screens also provide adequate safety for the operator against expelled debris, but as always, it is still recommended to wear safety goggles and gear when using the trimmer.


Remington is known to create and produce the toughest and most reliable equipment.

If the RM1159 is used correctly according to the safety instructions of the included operator’s manual, it is sure to last through seasons of tough performance.

The motor of the trimmer is designed and made to be reliable and will live up to the reputation that Remington has established for itself.

Cut Quality and Available Options

The quality of trimming provided by the RM1159 trimmer is of a high standard. With the high powered engine that drives it, the trimmer will cut through the tallest grass and even the thickest, most stubborn weeds with ease.

The adjustable trimmer head will provide an even cut according to the set preference, and it can adjust to varying levels of elevation.

Even where the ground is uneven, the length of the grass will be universally cut to the same height without much effort or technique. The trimmer is sold without any variety of options available.

Performance and Ease Of Use

Due to its light weight and the features of its rear wheels, this model is fairly easy to operate. Even elderly garden keepers will find that it is a breeze to work with.

The further simplified means of installing the trimmer line, adjusting the trimmer head’s height, and operation of the motor lives up to the standards of Remington.

As their promise implies, the RM1159 trimmer is as easy to use as all of their other products. It also performs wonderfully, and despite being a trimmer, it can provide the same service as any dedicated lawn mower would.


Ease Of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

Maintenance should be done at least every season, according to the instructions provided in the operator’s manual.

The fasteners on all adjustments, including the trimmer head and handles, should always be inspected and tightened to specifications before operating the trimmer.

If you have no experience with the regular maintenance of gas engines, it is best to refer to a qualified technician to do any repairs.

However, the proper oil level should always be maintained and checked before use. Once done, care of the deflectors should be done by cleaning it properly and making sure that corrosive debris is not left behind.


A two-year warranty is extended with the product. Terms and conditions apply, which is explained in detail in the operator’s manual. Claiming warranty will require the owner to produce the original proof of purchase.

The product can be registered at the following site: or via a call to the following number: 1-800-800-7310 or 1-330-220-4683.

Price Of Remington RM1159 Trimmer Lawn Mower

It is relatively priced, but keep in mind that for less, you could buy a smaller lawn mower. However, the models that are much cheaper will not provide the same amount of power or the same kind of performance or practicality.

For those on a tight budget, it may not be the best option, but for those in search of the perfect trimmer, it would do.


Who Should Buy It?

Anyone looking for the convenience of having a trimmer and lawn mower in the same machine would be most welcome to invest in this Remington model.

If power is what you need, with the added benefit of being able to reach places that your traditional mower could not, then this is a good investment for you.

Why We Like It

It is a powerful, compact, and light trimmer that, despite its design, can also be used as a dedicated lawn mower.

However, the only problem is that it does not provide a catching basket, meaning that you would have to clean up manually after each trim.

Thus, the ease of use loses its high points, but it certainly makes up for this by providing simple means of installing the trim line.

The power and cutting quality provided is top-notch, as is the convenience of the RM1159 trimmer. However, for half its cost, you could buy a small Remington lawn mower that actually catches the trimmings.


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