Remington RM410 Pioneer Walk-Behind Gas Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Remington RM410 Lawn Mower Review

Remington is a trusted brand in the lawnmower industry, producing mowers that are perfect groomers for all lawn types. With this one, though, they stepped the extra mile and gave it an All-Wheel Drive. No obstacle, whatsoever, is a challenge for this lawnmower.

Remington RM410 Pioneer Walk-Behind Gas Lawn Mower has 3-in-1 cutting options for mulching, side discharge and bagging for proper offcuts disposal.

This is a self-propelled machine that gives you the options to choose between the front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or an all-wheel drive, depending on the terrain.

While moving around obstacles, you can choose to give your lawnmower some assistance and push it around.

The cutting blade for the RM410 is highly innovative with a dual-lever that enables up to 6-height adjustments, increasing cutting options.

Thanks to the sturdy steel design that gives your lawnmower extra durability. Its engine is powerful, easy to start, and comes with an auto choke, which is an advantage for you.

Key Features of Remington RM410 Lawn Mower

An overhead valve 159cc engine powers this mower’s all four wheels in a potent drive that doesn’t need your pushing on most occasions.

While in operation, despite its 87-pound weight, I noted that the only effort needed was when I encountered large obstacles and needed to direct my machine around it. Otherwise, the all-wheel-drive gives your mower enough power and traction even to go uphill unaided.

The cutting deck features a dual-lever, which allows up to 6-height adjustment for different types of grass.

Steel made Supercut Blades™ deliver precise cuts every time you put the RM410 to work on fairly even grounds, regardless of the grass type.

Its 3-in-1 design has the composure to discharge your offcuts via a side expulsion effectively. It also comes with a capacitive collector bag that’s installed on the rear side if you want to collect your clippings for use as either pasture or so.

You can also choose to mulch the clippings back on your yard as fertilizer for healthier grass.

Click on the link below to access the demonstration video for this Remington RM410 lawnmower model:


Key Specifications –

Lawn Mower Type
Walk-Behind self-Propelled
Cutting Width
21 Inches
Transmission Type
Power TypeGasoline
Engine Displacement
OHV 159cc
Front Wheels Size (in.)
Rear Wheels Size(in.)
Cutting Style
3-in-1 system
Cutting Height Options
Fuel Tank
0.25 Gal

Unique Features

Here are some of the best features you can expect with this mower:

All Wheel Drive

Using this Pioneer’s Remington RM410 Walk Behind lawnmower, you can master any type of lawn. It gives you the options to choose from the front-wheel drive, rear-wheel, and all-wheels’ drive.

Each of these has its benefits that you realize when you own it and work with it. What is so rare is the ability to choose between the drives, so the Remington RM410 is quite an outstanding power tool.

Dual-Lever Deck

The cutting deck for the Remington RM410 is enabled by a dual lever control conveniently placed for you to access quickly. It allows the operator to tweak the height position to 6-adjustments for efficient grass cutting.

This cutting deck is made from steel for extra durability and the most precise cuts when mowing on tough and tall grass.

Adjustable Control Handles

Its handles are foldable, which enables the operator to stand straight while pushing the mower easily. This prevents unnecessary fatigue and back pains experienced when you bend.

These handles also have a comfortable grip that won’t harm your wrists after a long period of mowing.


Power, Design, and Durability


If your interest is in a lawnmower with comprehensive adaptability when it comes to power and cutting options, then you have it.

Enabled by a powerful 159cc OHV engine, this lawnmower cruises through all types of rugged lawns and uneven terrains, even with obstacles.

You will notice that this lawnmower comes with a variable speed option. This means you can adjust how fast this self-propelled Pioneer lawnmower moves, which is an advantage to slow walking people.

If your interest is to simulate an Olympic dash while mowing, this mower will be a good option.


The design includes a steel deck reinforced for ultimate durability that survives through beatings by harsh weather conditions experienced while mowing. The Supercut Blades stay sharper for longer.


Control handles have a foldable design for easy and compact storage, which economizes on your storage space.

Cut Quality and Available Options

Remington RM410, from MTD products, has a deep-dome steel cutting deck with three cutting options. It gives gardeners the option to mulch the lawn, bag the clippings, or spew them out through a side discharge.

The deck width is 21-inches, which gives a wider pass. You don’t have to revisit an area after cutting it over. This ensures you spend less time while mowing even on large yards as you cover more ground in a short time.

While using this mower, I experienced massive power, grip, and control from the all-wheel selectable cutting-edge design.

It commands this mower up and around any obstacles with such ease, the operator’s pushes are minimally required.

However, I noted that the front-wheel-drive is not as speedy, even when working on flat terrain. You want to experiment on all three drives, so you see which one best works for you.

Performance and Ease of Use

The OHV 159cc engine is smooth running and generally won’t bring up issues. While using the mulching option, its Supercut Blade system makes the finest mincemeat clippings for recycling.

The bagging option is equally convenient, although it needs some effort to install the collector.

Regardless of the drive option you choose, this lawnmower is a fast machine, so you need to prepare for that.

It’s not the best fit for you if you experience pain due to movement since it’s still relatively fast, even at the slowest speed variation.

On the contrary, it is a big win for those seeking to complete their job faster and get back into the weekend in time.

Another performance feature I quite adored about the RM410 is that you never have to pull the start cord twice before the machine starts.

Its engine has an auto choke system, which makes starting such a breeze. The all-wheel-drive gives it enough grip to work on 35° slanting slopes with ease.

Control is smooth with the adjustable comfort-grip handles, which will only be used when you want to give your mower an extra push around obstacles such as trees and rocks.

The 87-pound weight is also not an issue since the mower is self-propelled.


Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

Gasoline-powered lawn mowers have their fair share of maintenance. Here are a few maintenance tips to ensure you always get the most out of your mowing job:

  • Regularly check the engine oil level
  • Use fresh gas if possible, every time
  • Keep the blades sharp and replace when necessary
  • Regularly check the spark plugs for anomalies. Replace after a year or two
  • Thoroughly clean the mower and grass bag after each mowing job

Be sure to consult the operator’s manual for clear maintenance instructions.

This mower comes with a 2-year limited warranty on the product and parts.

You can claim the warranty online via Remingtons company website, or call the customer support number 18662062707 within the working hours.

Monday – Friday: 8:30Am – 5:00pm EDT.
They are closed on weekends.

Website: Remington Powertools

Price of Remington RM410 Lawn Mower

With a deep-dome steel cutting deck, cutting-edge blades, and a reliable engine, this lawnmower is designed to last longer and gives you value for your money.

Provided you follow the required maintenance tips, you won’t be replacing the lawnmower any time soon.

In as much as there are maintenance expenses, this mower endures long enough, for as long as you take care of it.


Who Should Buy It?

This mower is designed for you if you have a busy weekend schedule. It gets your job done faster and won’t require much indulgence from the operator.

With a four-wheel drive, selectable to front and rear wheels’ drive, it’s a perfect option for sloping yards since it offers better traction and more grip.

Why We Like It

It has three options for bagging your grass, mulching, and side discharge. This mower allows you to select front, rear, and all-wheel drive. You also get the option to vary speed for your mower.

The high-grade blades cut through thicker grass better and faster than various electric mowers. Front and rear-wheel drives are, however, less powerful.

It is also quite fast for some people, and costs over time are high for a gas lawnmower.


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