Rikon 70-100 Mini Lathe Review

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In Brief: Rikon 70-100 Lathe Review

The Rikon 70-100 Lathe delivers unparalleled speed and power with its benchtop lathe. Adjustable speeds beginning at 480 RPM and ranging all the way up to 3900 RPM for the maximum control and accuracy. The 16” distance between centers also means that it can handle just about any small to midsized projects.

Rikon has been specializing in power tools for years, dedicating itself to the manufacturing and design of woodworking machinery that is among the best in the industry.

They don’t want to make good machinery they want to enhance the overall woodworking experience.

With an unmatched 5-year warranty backing their products, Rikon clearly stands behind the quality of their work to deliver the utmost in customer service and outstanding satisfaction.

Key Specifications of the Rikon 70-100

RIKON 70-100 12-by-16-Inch Mini Lathe

The 6 different speeds allow for precision unlike no other. Starting at 480 RPM and ramping all the way up to 3900 RPM.

This allows for improved accuracy and precision during the lathe operation that other lathes simply cannot match.

The Rikon 70-100 Lathe is also highly versatile. It is possible to add a number of different extensions to this lathe, making it exactly what the user desires.

Experienced users can create the exact lathe setup that they want thanks to all of these additional enhancements.

The Rikon 70-100 Lathe also features a self-ejecting tail stock. Others require needing to use a knock-out bar in order to take out the center.

This lathe makes it easier to remove that center and replace it with a new one whenever the user desires.

Read the long list of Rikon 70-100 Lathe specs here :

Model Number/ Name70-100
Ideal ForWood, Metal
Current (amps)5.7
Speed (rpm)480-3900
Distance between centers (in)16
Spindle thread (in)1”-8
Overall dimensions32 x 10.5 x 17.5
Weight (lbs)89
Other Features5 year warranty

Top Features to Look For

Source: Rikontools

The Rikon 70-100 Lathe delivers a few unique performance features that make it one of the best benchtop lathes available on the market.

Whether the craftsman in question is an amateur or highly experienced, the Rikon 70-100 Lathe can make lathe operations that much easier.

Unmatched Versatility

Perhaps one of the best things about the Rikon 70-100 Lathe is that it can delivered unmatched versatility.

It does this by allowing for multiple extensions to be added at the whim of the user. Creating the perfect lathe is up to the desire of the user.

Variable Speed Settings

Changing speeds has never been easier or more comprehensive thanks to the Rikon 70-100 Lathe. There are 6 different speed settings ranging from 480 RPM to 3900 RPM.

This allows the user to get an improved level of precision and accuracy for the user.

Self-Ejecting Tail Stock

On most other lathes, you would need to use a knock-out bar to change out the center for replacement or to change out the workpiece.

The Rikon 70-100 Lathe has a self-ejecting tail stock that makes it easier to transition to a new center or workpiece seamlessly.


Power and Performance

The 0.5 horsepower motor delivers nearly 6 amps of power to the Rikon 70-100 Lathe that allows it to hit the impressive RPM that it does.

With more power, users can take on comprehensive projects with a greater level of power than some of the other benchtop units out there.

Ease of Use

Because it is a benchtop lathe, the Rikon 70-100 Lathe is pretty easy to use.

With a 16” distance between centers, users can take on the job without the need of a helper. All of that means being able to take on comprehensive projects on one’s own schedule.

Most importantly, the easily adjustable settings allow for users of the Rikon 70-100 Lathe to get the precision that they desire out of their lathe.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

It is recommended that users blow out any debris after they are finished with a project.

By keeping the Rikon 70-100 Lathe free and clear of debris, jams and build-ups can be avoided, providing greater longevity.

Replacement of the cutting tools is recommended at least once per year in order to prevent wear and breaking.

When a cutting tool breaks, it can potentially damage the workpiece and the lathe itself. Switch out the cutting pieces to maintain the integrity of the lathe over its life.


Rikon Power Tools Inc. provides an unprecedented 5-year warranty on all of their products.

This warranty is to protect against any defects in workmanship or materials starting at the original date of purchase.

The warranty can be voided if it is proven that improper maintenance or unauthorized repairs were performed. Regular maintenance is needed to uphold the integrity of the warranty.

Price of the Rikon 70-100

At just over $500, the Rikon 70-100 Lathe is one of the more cost-effective benchtop lathes out there.

While it doesn’t have the fancy bells and whistles that some of the others on the market have, it delivers in power and performance.

Most users are happy with the price point feeling that it makes a high-quality benchtop lathe affordable to just about anyone.


Pros and cons of the Rikon 70-100

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Rikon 70-100 Lathe :


  • Very powerful
  • Easy Storage
  • Variable Speeds
  • Self-Ejecting Tail Stock


  • Not a lot of features


Who Should Buy the Rikon 70-100 ?

Users looking for a simple, yet powerful mini-lathe, look no further than the Rikon 70-100 Lathe.

With variable speed settings, users can get the exact precision that they desire without having to mess with complicated features or bring in another person to assist.

Our Recommendation

The Rikon 70-100 Lathe is one of the most cost-effective, powerful benchtop lathes on the market.

The amount of variable speeds, the 3900 RPM max, the self-ejecting tail stock, and the ease of use come together to make it one of the most user-friendly, effective lathes on the market.

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