Rockwell RK7240.1 Table Saw Review

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In Brief: Rockwell RK7240.1 Review

RK7240.1 is a compact Table Saw with features that aid easy control. It has a 13amp motor and delivers a no-load speed of 4500RPM. It is capable of making 3” deep cuts at 90 degrees and 2-1/2” at 45 degrees . RK7240.1 is useful for cutting various types of lumbers. It’s a great option for DIY enthusiasts and all woodworkers.

Rockwell might not be as popular as some other manufacturers in the tool manufacturing industry.

However, this does not undermine the power and quality of their products. They have maintained a standard reputation since their breakthrough into the industry.

RK7240.1 is a compact yet efficient table saw that is versatile enough for varieties of applications.

The product has sufficient features that mitigate the stress of woodworking, even while working on hardwoods.

Key Specifications of the RK7240.1

ShopSeries RK7240.1 13-Amp 10' Table Saw with Stand

RK7240.1 is equipped with a powerful 13amp motor that delivers a no-load speed of 4500RPM.

Its 10” adjustable depth tungsten carbide blade can bevel to 45⁰; thus, it can make a 3” deep cut at 90 degrees and 2-1/2” at 45 degrees .

The 46.8lbs table saw has a 26” x 16” die-cast aluminum table that offers about 400”2 of workspace. Also, it allows the product to support up to 25” rip capacity.

RK7240.1 has a sturdy stand that aids convenience and easy setup. Other add-on features of the product include miter gauge, blade wrench, and push stick.

Here is a video overview on how to use RK7240.1 :


Take a look at RK7240.1 Table Saw a long list of specs here :

No-Load speed (RPM)4500
Voltage (Volts)
Table Size (inches)26” x 16”
Blade (inches)10''
Power Tool TypeCorded
Bevel capacity (degrees)0-45
Depth of cut at 90 degrees (inches)3''
Depth of cut at 45 degrees (inches)2-1/2”
Weight (lbs)46.8

Unique Features

RK7240.1 has a unique feature that differentiates it from the other table saw brands.

Compactness and Portability

RK7240.1 is one of the most portable table saws with the ability to give high cut quality and efficient delivery. The product weighs only 46.8lbs making it very easy to move around.

The product also has a sturdy stand that allows you to set up it up easily anywhere you want.

Enhanced Control

RK7240.1 has features that aid easy operational control. Aside from its compact design and moderate tabletop, it allows you to easily take charge of the operation; it also has a large on/off switch to further enhance the control.

It also has a quick-release and quick lock rip fence that allows you to easily work on large materials.


Design, Cutting, and Safety

The compact design and portability of RK7240.1 is complemented by an excellent cutting ability and standard safety features.


One of the most notable properties about the design of Rockwell RK7240.1 is its compactness.

The lightweight table saw has a sturdy cast aluminum stand that aids stability. It also has a reinforced cast aluminum table to further enhance stability and precision.

The product also features a quick lock and quick release rip fence to boost operational control.

You can easily attach a vacuum to the perfectly integrated dust collection port. Other notable features of RK7240.1 include a blade wrench, miter gauge, and push stick.


Its compact design does not limit the cutting capacity of RK7240.1. Its 10” tungsten carbide blade powered by a 13amp motor can deliver a no-load speed of 4500RPM.

Therefore, RK7240.1 can easily cut through different types of materials, including tough materials.

RK7240.1 can support up to 25” rip capacity, and it offers a 3” deep cut at 90 degrees and 2-1/2” at 45 degrees . It also has blade adjustment features that allow you to easily adjust the blade.


Operational safety is vital while working with any power tool. RK7240.1 has an automatic blade guard system that prevents you from making accidental contact with the blade.

The large on/off switch of the product has a good position for easy access and easy control.

All the mechanical parts of the product are covered properly for improved safety.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

Carrying out proper maintenance on your product will keep the performance at the top level for a long time. The maintenance procedures of RK7240.1 include :

  • Avoid using chemical cleansers or water in the power tool.
  • Ensure that the ventilation ports of the product are always clean.
  • No additional lubrication is required on the product. Just store in a cool, dry place.


Rockwell has authorized service centers that handle the repair and replacement services on their product.

It is essential to note that there is no user serviceable part of the product. Allowing authorized technicians to handle your repair will ensure safer and perfect performance.


The warranty offer for the product includes :

  • 2-Years standard warranty + 1-year extended warranty opened to registered products.

You can easily register your product with the manufacturer at or call 866-955-4175 or more technical and service details.

Price of RK7240.1

The price of RK7240.1 is within an affordable range. It is a worthy bargain if you need a performing, versatile, and portable tables saw at a moderate cost.

The product also offers high value for money.


Who Should Buy RK7240.1 ?

With its lightweight, RK7240.1 is a suitable product for any woodworker that has portability as a criterion for making his choice.

It is also impressive to know that the lightweight design accommodates a 10” blade; thus, making it a suitable product for professional woodworkers.

RK7240.1 has easy mobility, therefore, making it a great choice for multiple jobsite contractors. It is ideal for almost all categories of DIY enthusiasts because it is suitable for large- and small-scale applications on tough and extensive lumbers.

Why We Like It

With RK7240.1, you would feel like the smartest woodworker out there. The tool will make your woodworking procedures fast and easy.

RK7240.1 is also easy to control and offers operational safety. Its design aids mobility and easy setup.



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