SawStop JSS MCA Jobsite Saw Review

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In Brief: SawStop JSS MCA Review

SawStop JSS MCA is a portable 1.5HP, 15amp Jobsite Saw with mobile cart. It features a one-turn elevation and QuickTilt system to ensure smooth operation. It supports a maximum rip capacity of 25-1/2″. This product is useful for all varieties of woodworking applications. It is useful for jobsite contractors, professional woodworker, and DIY enthusiasts.

SawStop is one of the newest manufacturers of power tools, particularly, table saws. The US-based manufacturers are notable for their high-quality products.

SawStop Jss Mca is one of the most significant table saws from this manufacturer. It is specifically designed to provide solutions to small- and large-scale woodworking processes.

Key Specifications of the SawStop JSS Mca

SawStop JSS-Mca Legacy Jobsite Saw with Mobile Cart

SawStop JSS MCA a has 60Hz motor with a maximum power capacity of 1.5HP and 15amp current rating that delivers a no-load speed of 4000RPM on its 10″ blade and enhances smooth operations1.

The product supports a bevel angle range between -1 to 46 degrees . It is capable of making 3-1/8″ cut at 0 degree and 2-1/8″ inches at 45 degrees . SawStop Jss Mca supports a rip capacity of 25-1/2″ to the right of the blade and 9-3/4″ to the left.

The video below shows setup and use SawStop JSS Mca :


Take a look at SawStop JSS Mca Jobsite Saw long list of specs here :

Speed Rating (RPM)4000
Motor rating (amp)
Voltage (Volts) 120
Motor Power (HP)
Blade (inches)10''
Bevel Angle range (degree)
Arbor diameter (inches)
Depth of cut at 0 degrees (inches)3-1/8”
Depth of cut at 45 degrees (inches)2-1/8”
Maximum rip capacity- left (inches)9-3/4”
Maximum rip capacity-right (inches)
Weight (lbs)84

Unique Features

SawStop JSSMca is remarkable for some impressive features that makes it stand out and distinct from other products in the same category.

One-Turn Elevation

The one-turn elevation feature of SawStop JSSMca allows easy adjustment and comfortable use of the product.

This unique elevation system allows you to lower or raise the product’s blade with a single turn on the handwheel, unlike other products that require multiple turns.


QuickTilt is another feature of SawStop JSS Mca That allows easy adjustment and usage. This feature permits a quick and easy blade tilt.

You can make a 1-degree increment on every turn to enable you to make precise and infinite tilt adjustment.

Dual Dust Collection Port

SawStop JSS Mca has a dual dust port collection option. It has a 2-9/16″ dust collection port on the outside and 2-1/4″ on its inside for easy disposal of waste.


Design, Cutting, and Safety

The functionality of any table saw is a factor of three key parameters. These parameters are the design, cutting capacity, and operational safety features.


SawStop JSS Mca has an impressive ergonomic design. The product weighs 113lbs with its carts and 84lbs without cart with an overall dimension of 48″ x 29″ x 36″ when the cart is opened.

The design of SawStop JSS Mca also features a solid T-Style fence with ErgoLock to enhance the smooth operation and convenient use.

It also includes a dual dust collection port and an onboard accessory storage drawer for easy access to accessories when they are not in use.


SawStop JSS Mca has an impressive cutting capacity and enough power support to ensure its smooth operation. The 10″ blade can make a 3-1/8″ deep cut at 0 degree and 2-1/8″ cut at 45 degrees .

The cutting capacity of the product is boosted with the support of up to 25-1/2″ rip capacity. Similarly, the inclusion of one-turn elevation and QuickTilt features also enhances precision.


SawStop JSS Mca has features that mitigate the possibility of operational hazards occurring. The blade can detect a micro-electrical signal. Consequently, it can recognize when it comes in contact with flesh and stops operation.

An aluminum blade springs into the blade’s path, forcing a stop on the rotation of the blade and subsequently shutting off power from the product. The blade drops down, allowing you to reset the blade and prevent subsequent recurrence.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

SawStop JSS Mca is quite easy to maintain because of its simple and non-technical design. The maintenance procedures of SawStop JSS Mca include :

  • Keep the device clean at all times by getting rid of dirt, dust, and chips from the product.
  • Periodically inspect the blade and other vital parts of the product for any damage or wear.
  • Pay special attention to the moving part of the product.


The manufacturer of SawStop JSS Mca has service centers that provide professional technical support, repair, and replacement. Therefore, it is best to contact these service centers to ensure safe and reliable services on your products.


The warranty offers for SawStop JSS Mca include :

  • 2-years limited warranty on new products.
  • 1-year limited warranty on refurbished or series II products from authorized outlets.

You can visit the manufacturer’s official website at for more information on the technical support and warranty offers for the product.

Price of SawStop JSS Mca

Like the size of SawStop JSS Mca, the price of the product is moderate. It is fairly priced, and it is suitable for mid-budget buyers. Aside from having a mid-range price, SawStop JSS Mca also offers a high value for money.


Who Should Buy SawStop JSS Mca ?

The versatility, effective performance, cutting ability, and other impressive features of the product make it useful for a wide range of woodwork processes.

SawStop JSS Mca is an ideal product for professional woodworkers. It is also suitable for multiple jobsite contractors because of its mobility and portability.

Beginners, hobbyists, homeowners, and other DIY enthusiasts can also take a shot at the product because it is easy to use and has impressive safety features.

Why We Like It

You should consider adding SawStop JSS Mca to your option list if you are a jobsite contractor or woodworker who desires a professional table saw to meet your large to medium scale woodworking needs.

This product features one-turn elevation and quick tilt for easy adjustment and usage.



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