Scotts 2000 20S Push Reel Lawnmower Review

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In Brief: Scotts 2000 20s Lawnmower Review

Scotts 2000 20-inch mower is a durable no-motor manual lawnmower offering a wide range of cutting width under different heights. It is a lightweight, simply designed machine yet very efficient in performance. It is suitable for individuals who are looking for a combination of design, gasless, and maintenance-free mower.

Scotts is an American based company whose headquarters are in Marysville, Ohio. O.M Scott, the founder of the company, started by selling lawn seeds back in 1968.

Today the company has grown both evolutionally and in technology, and they manufacture and sell consumer lawn tools and accessories, outdoor cleaners, among others.

Scotts 2000 offers easy maneuverability, lightweight, and economical experience. With its five blades, it can cut thick turf quietly, pollution-free, and accurately.

Key Specifications of Scotts 2000 20s Lawnmower

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S 20-Inch 5-Blade Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower, Green

Compared to other products in the market of its kind, this lawn mower holds lots of exciting features. First, it is easy to assemble.

This saves you money for gasoline and helps you interact with the mower from the first time you purchase it.

Being a self-propelling lawnmower, it is environmentally friendly; hence no sound or air pollution like that of gas mowers.

The absence of an engine component means anyone can use it. All you need is to engage your mower, and you are ready to go.

The mower is fitted with quick snaps that help in height adjustment. This feature gives you complete control over the mower. You choose what height of your lawn you prefer best.

To achieve this, use quick start height adjusters to determine the right size for you.

Key Specification Table –

Cutting width
Power Type
Front-wheel (inch)
Rear-wheel (inch)
Cutting style
Precise cutting
34 pounds
Cutting heights
1-3 inches
Blade material
Two years

Unique Features

Here are some unique features that make Scotts 2000 20s 20 inches stand out against most similar lawn mowers of the kind in the market.

10-inch front dual tracking wheels

For a walk-behind push mower, even the slight development is worth mentioning. Since it has no self-propel system and it mainly depends on your efforts.

The inclusion of 10-inch wheels with durable radial tires is a great feature for improving locomotion.

The wheels give you the power to navigate through your lawn with ease quickly. It doesn’t matter the kind of terrain, whether bumpy or plain, the performance is all the same; smooth and efficient.

Wide cutting width

We base this feature in comparison to other similar products in the market. Most of this kind range from 12-16 inches of cutting width.

However, this is different when it comes to Scotts 2000. The 20-inch cutting width is large enough for a pushing mower.

The full cutting width generally reduces both your time and efforts. This is because the more extensive the cutting width is, the lesser the number of passes you will make to cut your lawn.


Power, Design, and Durability

There is no reason to doubt what this machine is capable of. Even though you push the mower, everything is smooth and works as needed.

This mower isn’t complicated like the gasoline-powered versions. A push is all that’s needed to run it. It maneuvers well with little to no lagging or getting stuck.

Let say, for instance, if you had a quarter acre of lawn, well spread through flat terrain. A pushing mower like this is a cost-effective machine to keep your grass healthy and beautiful all through summer.


The design is immense but lightweight to help you maneuver with ease. Its 10-inch front wheels reduce the effort needed when using the mower. Its 1-3 adjustable cutting heights give you an even and clean cut.

The five blades cutting action is a must mention specification. Since you will be pushing the mower, less effort used is an added advantage.

How do you achieve this? The mower constitutes five heat-treated steel with smooth ball bearings.

We can’t leave out its ergonomic handle fitted with a cushioned grip for an added comfort.


This lawnmower is simple and offers more. There is little to no exercise needed for maintenance. Its five blades are quality made with heat-treated alloy steel, which helps them to stay sharp for extended periods.

The design sensibility of the mower has never evolved since invention mainly because they are just a perfect tool. If you use this mower for the right purpose, you have a guarantee that it will serve you more than you would expect.

Cut Quality and Available Options

There is so much to say concerning the cut quality of this lawnmower. How effective a mower cut is one of the significant aspects people check on when looking for a lawnmower.

First, this one constitutes five sharp and durable alloy steel blades. They are significantly arranged with a bearing to reduce friction, and this prevents any tearing or ripping of the grass.

Instead, the edges snip the grass cutting it like a pair of scissors.

This action leaves your grass healthy and free from disease or insect infestation. Not forgetting the mower handles a cutting width of 20 inches, which reduces the number of trips to make on your lawn.

Other options include a three-inch cutting height, which plays a vital role in determining the size of your grass.

The cutting quality of Scotts 2000 can’t be complete if we go without mentioning the nine quick to adjust settings, which gives you an apparent grass variation as per your preference.

Performance and Ease of Use

There are so many aspects to consider when determining the performance of a lawnmower. First, its maneuverability, which is generally how effective the mower navigates on different terrains.

Scotts 2000 is easy to push and offers healthy and precise cutting.

Unlike engine-driven lawnmowers, this one operates quietly and is environmentally friendly. Dual wheel tracking, together with a cushioned ergonomic handle gives you the comfort needed to carry out your chores.

It handles both small and thick turf with ease, providing a pollution-free solution to your lawn.

Powered by you, the mower gives you quick-snap height adjusters and the full cutting path, which makes work easier for you. Weighing approximately 34 pounds, you have the lightest mower at your service.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Owning a push reel mower is a free bonus when it comes to maintenance. In this mower, your only concern is the blades. However, their toughened steel alloy is designed to stay sharp for prolonged periods once sharpened.

Keep all the moving parts adequately adjusted to your grass conditions, lubricate them, and there is nothing more needed from you.

The manufacturer uses five support spiders that mount the blades to increase the lifespan of the mower.

In case you encounter any problem while using this mower, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer as far as you are within the warranty period. In terms of repairs, everything is readily available and cost-effective.


Scotts offers a two-year limited warranty for this loan mower. Mainly on warranty, they recommend you visit any authorized agent near you.

However, there are some things you need to have with you: proof of purchase and ensure you are within their warranty policy.

Within the two years, if anything goes wrong, feel free to contact them at 1-888-270-3714 or mail them through:

14111 Scotts lawn
Road Marysville, OH
43040 United States

Website: Scotts

Price of Scotts 2000 20s Lawnmower

There are a variety of push reel lawn mowers in the market, but when it comes to price, this one is cost-effective and affordable. Compared to similar products, going for Scotts 20 20 inch is much cheaper.

From the great features and its capabilities, it is worth investing in this mower.


Why We Like It

The bottom line is this mower brings a lot of good stuff to the table. First, it is durable, compact, lightweight, and cheap, and anybody can use it with ease.

The unique wheel design, quick-snap height adjustments, and sharp five blades are all you need for your lawn.

It is environmentally friendly, no gas, oil fumes, and minimal maintenance is needed.


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