Shop Fox W1669 Radial Drill Review

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In Brief: Shop Fox W1669 Review

Shop Fox W1669 is a radial drill press with a horizontal sliding headstock and flexible titling table. It has a 1/2HP, 100V motor setup. This motor ensures a 5-speed operation between the ranges of 550-3470RPM. It has a ½” drilling capacity on mild steel and is suitable for drilling various materials. It is ideal for professionals, beginners, and DIY enthusiasts.

Shop Fox is one of the key outlets of Woodstockint Inc. Shop Fox offers a wide range of power and hand tools, including a diversity of drill presses to suit varieties of needs.

Shop Fox W1669 is a radial drill press that offers unmatched versatility for various drilling applications. It has features that enhance its performance and ensure optimum output.

Key Specifications of Shop Fox W1669

SHOP FOX W1669 1/2-Horsepower Benchtop Radial Drill Press

Shop Fox W1669 is a versatile and efficient drill press. Its versatility and efficiency result from several precise, innovative, and optimized features.

It has a motor set up of 1/2HP, 110V that delivers power and torque for effective drill.

This motor powers a 5-speed operation within the range of 550-3470RPM for variable applications. Shop Fox W1669 has spindle travel of 3-1/4″ that allows you to drill through varieties of materials.

It uses a variable drill chuck between 1/16″-5/8″ for versatility and flexibility.

Shop Fox W1669 has a flexible table that can complete a 3600 swing, 900 table tilt to both sides of the table, 45 tilt left, and 90 right head tilt.

The video below shows SHOP FOX W1669 in use:



Model No / Name
Motor Details
110V & 5amp
Power (hp)
Speed (range) rpm
Chuck capacity (in)
Drilling capacity (in)
Work Table Dimension (in)
9-3/4” diameter
Table Tilt
900 left and right
Swing and Stroke (in)
34” & 3-1/4”
Height (in)
Weight (lbs)100
Digital Speed Reading
Work Light
2 year
Other FeaturesSafety switch
Horizontal Sliding Headstock
Flexible tilting table

Top Features

Source: Shop Fox 

Shop Fox W1669 has features that make it stand out among other drill press models. These features enhance its performance and increase its durability.

Safety Switch

Shop Fox W1669 has a safety switch paddle that allows you to switch off the power easily.

You won’t have to start looking for the switch because it is big enough for you to reach it easily. It also includes a removable lockout key that enhances its performance.

Horizontal Sliding Headstock

Shop Fox W1669 allows you to efficiently drill any material up to 34″ because you can easily slide the headstock in an out to increase the distance between the column and the drill chuck up to 17.”

Flexible Tilting Table

The worktable of Shop Fox W1669 is one of the most flexible worktables of a drill press.

It has a table tilt of 900 to both sides of the table, head tilt at 450 to the left and 900 to the right, and a complete table swing of 3600.


Power and Performance

Shop Fox W1669 has enough power to propel effective and smooth drilling operations. It has an 110V, 5amp, 1/2HP power set up that supports smooth drilling output through various materials.

It has a ½” drilling capacity on mild steel.

The motor delivers enough torque and power for a five-speed operation within the range of 550-3470RPM (550, 880, 1520, 2490, and 3470).

The variable-speed operation allows you to select the most appropriate speed for your tasks.

Shop Fox W1669 has a swing capacity of 34″ and allows a spindle travel of 3-1/4″ that works together for effective drilling operations.

It also delivers high flexibility with integrating a variable drill chuck between 1/16″-5/8″.

Ease of Usage

Shop Fox W1669 is not only ideal for professionals; it is also suitable for first time users, beginners, and amateurs because it has several easy to use features.

This drill press model has a cushioned grip quill handle that enhances user’s comfort. This feature makes it suitable for extensive applications.

The precision ground cast iron table is flexible and allows a 360⁰ swing for comfortable use. It also includes a sliding horizontal headstock that increases the swing by increasing the distance between the drill chuck and the column.

The slide and tilt features together with the depth stop adjustment scale allow you to make precise and repetitive drills.

The variable-speed operation permits you to match suitable speed for specific drilling operations easily.

The extensive work table design allows you to position materials with ease during operation.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

The warranty offers for Shop Fox W1669 include;

  • Use only suitable lubricant on the parts that require lubrication.
  • Clean the tool with soft cloth and brushes.
  • Keep your drill press away from moisture and water.
  • Repair

Shop Fox W1669 might call for repair after extensive use over time. When the need for repair arises, it is best to contact Shop Fox authorized service centers.

These centers have professionals that will ensure safe and reliable repair of your drill press.


The warranty offers of Shop Fox W1669 include;

  • 2-years limited warranty on craft and materials
  • Free repair service for properly used tool

You can visit the manufacturer’s warranty page at here>. to get more details on the service offers on SHOP FOX W1680 or contact their technical support [email protected]. Or call (360) 734-3482 Ext.

Price of Shop Fox W1669

SHOP FOX W16669 is somewhat expensive but not too much. But, it is not suitable for low budget buyers.

Buyers with medium to high budgets can secure the service of this drill press model.

This drill press model offers a high value for money based on its impressive features and specifications.


Pros and Cons of Shop Fox W1669

Source: Shop Fox 



  • Massive drilling capacity
  • Safety switch
  • Extensive drilling surfaces
  • Flexible and tilting table
  • Cushioned grip quill handles for comfort


  • Heavyweight
  • Vibrates excessively during operation


Who Should Buy Shop Fox W1669?

Shop Fox W1669 is a highly recommendable drill press model for all scales of drilling tasks. Therefore, professional woodworkers can buy this drill press model for heavy-duty drilling operations.

Beginners, DIY enthusiasts, and first-time users can also utilize Shop Fox W1680 because it is flexible, easy to use, and versatile.

Our Recommendation

Shop Fox W1669 is a recommendable drill press model for woodworkers and other DIY enthusiasts that need an efficient drill press for varieties of the drilling operation.

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