Shop Fox W1680 Floor Model Drill Press Review

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In Brief: Shop Fox W1680 Review

Shop Fox W1680 is a floor model drill press with flexible table adjustments and outstanding safety features. It has a 110V, 1HP motor. It operates at a variable speed capacity of 150 to 3050RPM. It has a 1″ drilling capacity and a chuck capacity of 5/8″. It offers a viable option for professionals in various crafts for drilling different materials.

Shop Fox is a name to reckon with in the tool manufacturing industry. They are reputable for making high-quality woodworking and metalworking machines suitable for various industrial and commercial projects.

Shop Fox W1680 is a floor model drill press with solid performance.

It has a compact size that is perfect for limited space and it has amazing features for several applications.

Key Specifications of Shop Fox W1680

SHOP FOX W1680 1-Horsepower 17-Inch Floor Model Drill Press, 34 Inch

Shop Fox W1680 has several impressive features that contribute to its overall performance. It has a 110V, 10amps, 1HP motor that delivers enough power on the drill press for various applications.

This motor setup delivers a variable speed between 150-3050RPM that allows you to optimize each speed for specific applications.

It has a drilling capacity of 1″ with spindle travel of 3-1/4″. It has a swing capacity of 17″ and a variable drill chuck capacity of 1/16″-5/8″.

The 14” diameter table size provides enough surfaces for extensive applications. It has cushioned grip quill handles for operational comfort.

The video below shows how to setup and use SHOP FOX W1680: 



Model No / Name
Motor Details
110V & 10amps
Power (hp)
Speed (range) rpm
Chuck capacity (in)
Drilling capacity (in)
Work Table Dimension (in)
14” diameter
Table Tilt
900 left and right
Swing and Stroke (in)
17” & 3-1/4”
Height (in)
Weight (lbs)185
Digital Speed Reading
Work Light
2 years
Other Features
Outstanding safety features
Flexible table adjustments
12 speed stops

Top Features

Source: SHOP FOX 

Shop Fox W1680 has several integrated features that make it unique and a top performer among several other products in the same category.

Outstanding Safety Features

Shop Fox W1680 comes with several safety features that make it safe to use, even for beginners.

This drill press model has a chuck guide that protects you from accidentally coming in contact with debris and other moving parts of the power tool.

It features a spring-loaded guide that allows easy and convenient tool changes. The paddle switch and lock key offer enhanced protection and prevent accidental start-ups.

Flexible Table Adjustments

Shop Fox W1680 offers enough flexibility that allows any user to get the best out of the power tool.

Aside from allowing you a tilting angle of 90⁰, this drill press model has an adjustable height and rotation to suit various applications.


Power and Performance

The power setup of Shop Fox W1680 is one of the major reasons for its efficient delivery and effective performance.

It has a 10 amps, 110V, 1HP motor that delivers enough power and rotation to drill different materials, including steel.

This drill press model operates at variable speed with 12 stops. It has a speed range of 150 to 3050RPM to allow both high and low-speed applications.

SHOP FOX W1680 has a 1″ drill capacity, one of the best for products in this category.

It has a 5/8″ chuck capacity and can make spindle travel of 3-1/4″ for flexible and efficient delivery.

SHOP FOX W1680 can make a 31-1/2″ maximum drilling depth from chuck to table, thus contributing to its versatility.

Ease of Usage

Source: SHOP FOX 

You don’t have to graduate from a technical school or attend special drill press training before you can use Shop Fox W1680.

It has several integrated features that make it easy to use. It has a toggle switch type that allows easy power control.

The variable speed options also give you optimum control of matching suitable speeds for specific tasks.

Shop Fox W1680 has a built-in light for better vision during operation, and it also allows you to use the product even in areas with dim light. It features a spring-loaded guard that allows you to make easy tool changes.

The table of this drill press model can tilt up to 900 on both sides, making it easy to make angled drills. The cast iron table also enhances stability and prevents wobbling during operations.

Shop Fox W1680 includes cushioned grip quill handles for comfort and convenience during use.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance procedures for Shop Fox W1680 include;

  • Do not over lubricate the power tool.
  • Clean the tool with only soft cloths and brushes.
  • Keep all unpainted surfaces of the power tool rust-free.
  • Repair

Shop Fox has various authorized service centers that handle the repair and maintenance of their products.

It is best to let the professionals in these service centers handle this product’s repair to guarantee safe and reliable operations.


The warranty offers of Shop Fox W1680 include;

  • 2-years limited warranty on craft and materials.
  • Free repair service for properly used tool.

You can visit the manufacturer’s warranty page at to get more details on the service offers on Shop Fox W1680 or contact their technical support [email protected]. Or call (360) 734-3482 Ext.

Price of Shop Fox W1680

The cost of acquiring the service of SHOP FOX W1680 is fairly expensive compared to most other products in this category.

Nevertheless, the features and specifications of this model delivers a high cost to value ratio.

Pros and Cons of Shop Fox W1680

Source: SHOP-FOX 


  • Adjustable table for flexible operations
  • Built-in work light
  • Includes several safety features
  • Useful for heavy-duty tasks
  • Solid cast iron construction for durability


  • Relatively heavyweight
  • Quite expensive for an average buyer


Who Should Buy Shop Fox W1680?

Shop Fox W1680 is one of the most versatile and flexible drill press models available for industrial and professional applications.

Therefore, it offers an ideal bargain for professionals in various crafts, including woodworking that needs a flexible drill press for various tasks.

While it might not be suitable for multiple Jobsite contractors because of its weight, it offers an ideal option for beginners, homeowners, and other varieties of DIY enthusiasts.

Our Recommendation

If you need an ideal drill press model for varieties of professional and personal operations, then SHOP FOX W1680 offers a viable option. It is recommended for drilling different types of materials at varying speeds.

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