Shop Fox W1742 Planer Review

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In Brief: Shop Fox W1742 Planer Review

The Shop Fox W1742 15-Inch Planer with Cast Iron In/Out Feed features a floor-standing design with a built-in cast iron enclosed stand. This machine weighs 675 pounds and remains sturdy and secure when installed. It features a 15-inch bed width and a 2-speed gear box, and it can process wood of up to 1/8-inch thickness and almost any condition.

The Grizzly company manufactures and distributes the Shop Fox line of woodworking equipment. The company began in 1983 and started by focusing solely on lathes, but soon expanded to include the whole woodworking industry.

As one of the Shop Fox line of products under the Grizzly name, the Shop Fox W1742 15-Inch Planer offers convenient operation and high-quality results.

This commercial-grade machine exceeds customer expectations and provides beautiful outputs.

Key Specifications of the Shop Fox W1742 Planer

SHOP FOX W1742 15-inch Planer with Cast Iron In/Out Feed

The Shop Fox W1742 15-Inch Planer offers a 15-inch bed width for bigger projects and a cutting depth of up to 1/8-inch.

This machine features an enclosed stand and durable, heavy-duty construction that prevents it from wobbling.

Check out the Shop Fox W1742 15-Inch Planer in action here –


Read the long list of Shop Fox W1742 15-Inch Planer specs below:

Model No/Name
Power (HP)
Bed Size (in.)
Table Size (l x b)
20 x 15
Knife Adjustments
Cutting Depth (in.)
Dust Collection
Weight (lbs.)
1 year
Other FeaturesEnclosed stand
Thermal overload safety switch
2-speed gear box
Solid steel rollers
Three stainless-steel knives
Power cable

Unique Features

This product comes with a built-in enclosed stand which houses a 2-speed gear box as part of its setup.

The machine also features a thermal overload safety switch to keep you and any other users much safer while operating it.

Enclosed Stand

The machine comes with its own built-in stand. The stand remains enclosed and houses the motor as well as other internal working parts. It also features side ventilation fans as part of the stand’s construction.

Thermal Overload Safety Switch

The machine includes a built-in thermal overload safety switch. This safety feature causes the machine to shut off automatically if it overheats from prolonged use or a power surge.

Since it operates on 220V input power, this feature keeps you much safer.

2-Speed Gear Box

This product features a two-speed gear box which makes it easier to process difficult jobs in a short time. The machine allows either 16FPM or 30FPM settings thanks to this gear box and its dual mode options.


Power and Performance

This machine features a 3HP motor which keeps it running smoothly throughout all your projects.

It provides plenty of power to tackle commercial jobs in a shop setting. The product’s reliable internal components hold up well to this level of power while in use.

The machine also performs very well and outshines some of its competitors successfully.

Customers enjoy its impressive results and its professional-quality outputs. The product runs efficiently and creates smooth, clean finishes with little snipe.

Ease of Usage

This machine remains a little more difficult to use than some of its competitors because of its commercial use design.

Despite this, beginning customers usually understand how to operate it very quickly and the Grizzly company offers plenty of support to help, too.

The machine offers user-friendly input controls and simple adjustments.

Customers with at least some prior experience should find this machine simple to operate right out of the box, making it a good choice for intermediate or advanced users.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Grizzly company offers an online parts lookup function on the company web site.

This feature makes it easy to search for your product by its model number or by the number of the part you need so you can quickly get your product repaired.

Regularly check the machine for damaged parts and replace worn or broken pieces right away. Clean the exterior of the machine frequently with a dry cloth.

Have the machine properly serviced at least once a year or more often if needed by a licensed technician.

The Grizzly company provides a one-year limited warranty on all of its products. This warranty covers damages and other defects caused by manufacturing error but excludes user error.

Your product becomes disqualified for this warranty if you have it serviced by a third-party technician.

Customers should fill out the online warranty registration form to qualify for the one-year limited warranty. Keep in mind that this warranty does not cover replacement parts, consumable items, or any normal wear and tear.

For more information, contact the Grizzly company’s customer service at 800-523-4777.

Price of the Shop Fox W1742 Planer

When compared to other commercial-grade floor-standing planers, the Shop Fox W1742 15-Inch Planer comes in at a lower price point. This reduced price comes from its lesser-known brand name and its lack of extra features.

Despite its lower price, the machine offers exceptional value for the cost. Customers feel surprised and delighted by the impressive quality of this machine as well as its durable construction.


Pros and Cons of the Shop Fox W1742 Planer


  • Heavy-duty construction and long-lasting design
  • Commercial-grade results
  • Capable of handling large-scale projects
  • Easy to contact customer service with questions


  • Some customers need to manually adjust the infeed and outfeed tables
  • The machine requires 220V current to operate


Who Should Buy the Shop Fox W1742 15-Inch Planer?

The Shop Fox W1742 15-Inch Planer finds its place among both residential and commercial workshops.

Its large size means it cannot fit into just any household garage, however. Since it requires 220V input power, it may not work in some residential settings at all.

Despite these slight limitations, the machine provides quality results for intermediate to advanced customers who choose to use it. Beginners also enjoy learning to work with this machine.

Our Recommendation

The Shop Fox W1742 15-Inch Planer comes with its base, built-in casters, and a wide table for processing a wide range of jobs. It handles most wood types, thicknesses, and conditions easily and lasts a long time.

We recommend this machine for commercial settings where you need a slightly portable product on wheels to handle jobs of any size.

We also recommend it for home hobbyists who remain very serious about woodworking and need a professional-grade piece of equipment.


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