Shop Fox W1819 vs Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Saws – Which is Better?

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In Brief: Shop fox W1819 vs Grizzly G0690

Grizzly and Shop fox offer effective woodworking solutions with the G0690 and W1819 models respectively. Both cabinet Table Saws offer impressive performance with only slight differences. They have different weights with the weight of G0690 higher than W1819. They also feature different warranty offers, and they have different dimensions with that of W1819 higher than G0690 in both parameters.

Shop fox and Grizzly are reputable manufacturers of a variety of woodworking power tools, including table saws.

Both manufacturers are well known for high-quality, efficient, and durable power tools.

Shop fox W1819 and Grizzly G0690 are cabinet table saws that are suitable for various professional woodworking applications.

This review will comparatively evaluate their specifications and overall quality. 

Shop fox W1819 vs Grizzly G0690 at a Glance

The table below shows each model’s impressive specifications, unique features, and overall summary. 

Ideal For Professionals/ Homeowners/ DIY EnthusiastsProfessionals/ Homeowners/ DIY Enthusiasts
Weight 507lbs530lbs
Motor 3HP, 230V, 12.8A3HP, 220V, 12.8A
Blade Tilt ( degrees)0-450-45
Arbor speed 4300RPM4300RPM
Max Rip Capacity29-1/2”29-1/2”
Max. Cutting Depth at 90⁰3-1/8”3-1/8”
Max. Cutting Depth at 45⁰2-3/16”2-3/16”
Overall Dimension62” x 45-1/2” x 40”62” x 41” x 40”
Blade Size10''10''
Table Size53-3/8” x 27” (with extension)40” x 27” (with extension)
Arbor Size5/8”5/8”
Footprint Dimension22-1/4” x 20”
20” x 20”
PriceRelatively expensive Cost Intensive but lesser than W1819
Warranty 2-year limited warranty 1-year limited warranty
Unique Features• Riving Knife
• T-fence system with positive Camlock and phenolic face
• Solid buildup
• Quick release motor guard
• T-square Camlock fence with HDPE face
• Triple belt Drive

Shop fox W1819 vs Grizzly G0690 : Weight

Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife

W1819 and G0690 both have an enormous weight, which is typical for products in this category. Both models have substantial buildups with most of their body parts made of cast iron.

These features and large size influence their massive weights. The weight of G0690 is higher than that of W1819.

Weight of W1819

W1819 has significant weight value. This model weighs 507lbs. This enormous weight is primarily due to its buildup, including its precision cast iron table and wings.

Weight of G0690

This model has a large weight which is 530lbs. The massive weight of this model is linkable to precision-ground cast iron and substantial buildup.

Shop fox W1819 vs Grizzly G0690 : Motor Setup

The motor setup of table saws influences their operational capacities. Shop fox W1819 and G0690 have impressive motor setups that are almost entirely the same but only differs in terms of voltage rating.

W1819 has a higher voltage rating compared to G0690. 

Motor Setup of W1819

W1819, like most other power tools from SHOP FOX, has a powerful motor setup. This model features a 230V, 3HP, 12.8amps motor that delivers an arbor speed of 4300RPM on its 10″ blade. 

Motor Setup of G0690

G0690 also features an impressive motor setup. It features a 3HP, 220V, 12.8amp that delivers an arbor speed of 4300RPM on its 10″, 40T blade.

This feature makes it suitable for all professional, medium, and large-scale woodworking tasks.

Shop fox W1819 vs Grizzly G0690 : Cutting Capacity

The description of any woodworking tool will not be complete without mentioning its cutting capacity. W1819 and G0690 have similar cutting capacities, including the same rip capacity to the right of their blades.

There’s only a slight difference in their rip capacities to the left and the W1819 model has the upper hand in this case.

Cutting Capacity of W1819

W1819 has an impressive cutting capacity, including a maximum rip capacity of 29-1/2″ to the right of the blade and 13-1/2″ to the left.

Likewise, this model can make a 2-3/16” deep cut at 45⁰ and a 3-1/8″ deep cut at 90⁰. 

Cutting Capacity of G0690

The cutting capacity of G0690 makes it suitable for various professional processes.

This model features a maximum rip capacity of 29-1/2″ to the right of the blade and 12″ to the left. It also makes a 3-1/8” deep cut at 90⁰ and 2-3/16″ deep cut at 45⁰. 

Shop fox W1819 vs GrizzlyG0690 : Dimension

The dimension of your table saw will not only determine the space it will cover in your workshop but also influence its portability and work surface.

W1819 and Grizzly G0690 have similar dimensions. However, W1819 has a more extensive working table size compared to the G0690 model.

Dimension of W1819

W1819 has an overall dimension of 62″ x 45-1/2″ x 40″. It also includes a table dimension of 40-1/4″ x 27′” and 53-3/8″ x 27″ on extension. 

Dimension of G0690

G0690 has an impressive size with an overall measurement of 62″ x 41″ x 40″. It also features a working table size of 40″ x 27″ on extension. 

Shop fox W1819 vs Grizzly G0690 : Price

Price is a serious consideration, particularly for massive tools like Shop fox W1819 and Grizzly G0690. Both models are highly priced, but they are definitely worth the buy.

G0690 costs less than W1819. 

Price of W1819

W1819 is cost-intensive and you need a high amount to secure the service of this model. It might not be ideal for beginners or those with medium to low budgets.

However, the consolation is that this model has a high cost to value ratio.


Price of G0690

G0690 is also a capital-intensive power tool. Your budget needs to be high if you want to secure the service of this model.

Nevertheless, considering the functionality and various large-scale applications of this model, it offers a high value for money.


Shop fox W1819 vs Grizzly G0690 : Warranty

Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife, 10-Inch

Grizzly and Shop fox are both reputable for manufacturing reliable and defect-free power tools. Nevertheless, they still offer an impressive warranty to boost the confidence of user.

The warranty offer of W1819 is more impressive than G0690. 

Warranty of W1819

Purchasers of W1819 enjoy two years limited warranty on this model. This warranty covers any defect in craft and materials.

They also have various authorized service centers that look after the service and repair of their products.

Warranty of G0690

This model features a 1-year limited warranty on any defect that includes craft and materials. The manufacturer also provides service support for their products with proper registration within a stipulated time.

Standout Features

Unique Features of W1819

Riving Knife: This model features a quick-release riving knife, splitter assembly, and blade guard that enhance its smooth operation and the operational safety of users.

 T-fence system with positive Camlock and phenolic face: W1819 features a T-fence design with positive Camlock and phenolic face that is wide span for easy maneuverability and smooth operation.

Substantial buildup: One of the remarkable features about this model is its substantial buildup. This feature allows it to withstand various operation rigors.

It features precision ground and polished cast iron table and wings with massive cast iron trunnions.


Unique Features of G0690

 Quick-release motor guard: G0690 features a quick-release motor guard that gives users full operational control of the power tool and allows easy maneuverability.

T-square Camlock fence with HDPE face: The fence model of G0690 is not what you will commonly find in other brands. This feature ensures operational safety and enhances other functionality of the power tool.

Triple V-belt Drive: The belt facilitates the motor’s functionality and other technical aspects of this model.


Which Model Is Better ? Shop fox W1819 or Grizzly G0690

Use W1819 if :

You should use W1819 if you are a professional woodworker that wants to secure the long-term service of an efficient, sturdy, and durable cabinet table saw for various woodworking tasks.

It is ideal for personal, industrial, and commercial applications.


Use G0690 if :

Professional woodworkers deserve to use an efficient table saw, and this is what this model offer.

You should go for this model if you need an efficient and reliable table saw to provide long-term solutions to your woodworking tasks.


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