ShopFox W1837 Hybrid Table Saw Review

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In Brief: ShopFox W1837 Hybrid Table Saw Review

Shop Fox W1837 is a hybrid Table Saw with a built-in mobile base and an interchangeable true riving knife. It has a dual power rating with 15amp at 120V and 7.5amp at 240V. It is an ideal product for professional woodworkers, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts that intend to make smooth and precise cuts on lumbers.

Shop Fox is a reputable brand in the tool manufacturing industry. It is a brand that prioritizes the consistent development of quality power tools, including table saws.

Shop Fox W1837 is one of the most sorted products because of its versatility and efficiency. It is suitable for cutting through varieties of materials and for various professional applications.

Key Specifications of the Shop fox W1837

Shop Fox W1837 10' 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw

Shop Fox W1837 is has a 10” 40-tooth blade capable of making a 3-1/4” deep cut at 90 degrees and a 2-1/4” cut at 45 degrees . It supports a rip capacity of 30” and 15” to the right and left of the blade respectively.

The product also has a dual power delivery. It can either work at 15amp for 120V or 7.5amp for 240V to deliver a no-load speed of 3450RPM. The effective delivery of the power system is also enhanced by the inclusion of a belt drive and a capacitor start inductor.

The video below give a short overview on cutting with Shop Fox W1837 :


Take a look at Shop fox W1837 Table Saw long list of specs here :

Speed/Power rating (RPM)
Motor rating (amp) 7.5/15
Voltage (Volts)
Motor Power (HP)2
Blade (inches)10''
Arbor Size (inches)
Bevel range (degrees)
Maximum rip capacity to the right (inches)
Maximum rip capacity to the left (inches)
Max Cut capacity at 90 degrees (inches)3-1/4”
Max Cut capacity at 45 degrees (inches)2-1/4”
Weight (Ibs)
Blade teeth40

Unique Features

Shop Fox W1837 is uniquely built to suit effective delivery and professional applications.

Built-in Mobile Base

Shop Fox W1837 has a mobile base that enhances easy movement. The smooth movement is enhanced by an in-built kickstand that controls the mobile base.

The mobile base is easy to operate with a simple push down on the foot levers; the machine rises off. It also makes it easy to move it in the desired direction.

Interchange True Riving Knife

This feature enhances safety and offers protection for a non-through cutting operation that warrants the removal of the actual blade guard.

Efficient Cabinet Mounted Trunnions

The robust nature and the positioning of the trunnions ensure the effective performance of Shop Fox W1837.

It ensures proper miter slot and blade-to-fence alignment, absorbs vibration, and ease the process of making height and angle adjustments.


Design, Cutting, and Safety

For any power too, particularly table saws, the safety and cutting capacities are some of the key features to checkout. And these two features are largely influenced by the design of the product.


The design of Shop Fox W1837 is tilted towards effective performance and durability. Shop Fox W1837 has an enclosed cabinet bottom with the inclusion of a 4” dust collection port.

Every part of the table saw from its precision ground cast iron table to its 21” x 19-1/2” footprint ensures stability. It has an extendable table size with a 40-1/4″ x 27″ dimension.


The cutting ability of Shop Fox W1837 is top-notch. That is why it is considered to be a suitable product for various professional applications.

At 90 degrees , the product makes a 3-1/4” deep cut and 2-1/4” at 45 degrees . The product supports a 30” rip capacity to the right of the blade and 15” to the left.


Shop Fox W1837 has features that mitigate the possibility of operational hazards. It has a quick-release blade guard system that prevents you from having an accidental contact with the blade.

The anti-kickback pawls also ensure improved safety. It has an interchangeable true riving knife that protects you in a case you have to shift the blade guard.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

Carrying out proper maintenance on Shop Fox W1837 will ensure its consistent performance and improve its durability. The maintenance procedures for Shop Fox W1837 include :

  • Regularly inspect blade and other parts for damage and wear.
  • Regularly wipe down the working table and grooves with rust preventive materials and lubricants.
  • Use a suitable cleanser to get rid of resin and pitch from the working table.


The functional service centers of Shop Fox W1837 manufacturer sees to the safe and reliable repair of the product and other products from the manufacturer. It is best to let them handle all the repair and replacement services of your product.


The warranty offers for Shop Fox W1837 include :

  • Two years limited warranty for defects on materials and crafts.
  • Repair and replacement services for properly used products.

You can visit the manufacturer’s warranty page at to get more details on the service offers on Shop Fox W1837 or contact their technical support via [email protected].

Or call (360) 734-3482 Ext.

Price of Shop Fox W1837

The cost of acquiring Shop Fox W1837 is fairly high compared to the prices of other similar products. However, Shop Fox W1837 justifies the cost with its remarkable features, versatility, and efficiency.


Who Should Buy Shop Fox W1837 ?

Shop Fox W1837 is suitable for all professional woodworkers and contractors.

Likewise, it is suitable for contractors with multiple jobsites and professionals with large workspace because of its easy mobility and wood cutting accuracy.

Beginners, homeowners, hobbyists, and other DIY enthusiasts can also look into the direction of Shop Fox W1837 because it is easy to operate.

Why We Like It

If you are a professional woodworker who seeks a product that can allow you to make easy and precise cuts on a wide range of materials, then you should look into the direction of Shop Fox W1837.

Shop Fox W1837 has an in-built mobile base and easy adjustment features that makes it efficient and easy to use.


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