Skil RT1322 Plunge and Fixed Base Router Review

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In Brief: Skil RT1322 Router Review

Skil RT1322 is a router with a fixed and plunge base combo. It has a 14amp, 2.5HP motor setup that delivers variable speeds between 10,000 to 25,000RPM. It has a speed control LCD display feature. RT1322 offers a good bargain for professionals, beginners, and DIY enthusiasts for various routing applications.

Skil is one of the few manufacturers that ensure power and performance in their products.

This manufacturer uses a range of innovative technology to develop some of the best power tools for various crafts.

Skil RT1322 is a core product that displays the versatility and ingenuity of the SKIL brand name. This router model has several features that that exhibit its power and versatility.

Key Specifications of Skil RT1322

SKIL 14 Amp Plunge and Fixed Base Router Combo — RT1322-00

Skil RT1322 router has a powerful 14amp, 2.5HP motor that delivers a variable speed between 10,000 to 25,000 RPM. This variable speed feature allows you to customize the router’s speed for specific application.

This 12.2lbs has a height of 10″, length of 9-7/16″, and a width of 6″. Skil RT1322 has a dual collet size of ½” and ¼” to ensure its flexibility and versatility.

This router model also has a dual base feature.

It has fixed base and plunge base depth capacities of 1-3/4” and 2-1/8” respectively.

Other notable features of this model include; fixed base and plunge base dust extraction adaptors, chip shields, collet wrench, depth adjustment wrench, and parallel guide.

The video below shows Skil RT1322 router in use :


Read the long list of Skil RT1322 specs here :

Model NoRT1322
Powered ByCorded
Speed (RPM)10,000-25,000
Brushless MotorNo
Power (HP)2.5
Base Dimension (inches)
Weight (lbs)12.2
Base TypePlunge & Fixed
Fixed Base Depth of Cut (inches)1-3/4”
Plunge Base Depth of Cut (inches)2-1/8”
Collet Size (Inches)1/2'' & 1/4''
Unique FeaturesPlunge and Fixed Base Combo
Speed Control LCD Display
Live Tool Indicator and Electronic Feedback

Top Features to Look For

Skil 14 Amp Plunge and Fixed Base Router Combo — RT1322-00

Like most other power tools from Skil, Skil RT1322 is innovatively designed for power and versatility.

Plunge and Fixed Base Combo

Skil RT1322 has both fixed and plunge bases. This feature gives you the luxury of navigating between the fixed base and the plunge base thus, improving this model’s versatility and delivery.

Speed Control LCD Display

This feature allowed the operator to select the bit-type for appropriate materials easily and suggest speed settings depending on the task at hand.

Live Tool Indicator and Electronic Feedback

Skil RT1322 has a live tool indicator that lights up the router to alert you that it has been connected to a power source. The electronic feedback also ensures that the motor maintains RPM during the entire process of routing the materials.


Power and Performance

Skil 14 Amp Plunge and Fixed Base Router Combo — RT1322-00

Skil RT1322 displays the characteristics of most Skil products with its power and versatility.

This electric-powered router model has a 14amp, 2.5HP motor setup that delivers a variable speed between 10,000 to 25,000 RPM. At this speed, this router can easily cut through different types of materials, including hardwoods and composite materials.

This model also uses a soft start technology that allows your model to take off at low RPMs. This soft and slow start will give you enough time to adjust and prepare for full operation.

Skil RT1322 includes dual bases that allow you to switch between a fixed base and a plunge base. Its fixed base delivers a cut depth of 1-3/4” while its plunge base creates a depth of 2-1/8”.

Ease of Usage

Skil RT1322 has several features that make it easy to use. This model includes an LCD motor display that allows you to select the bit type and material for suggested speed settings, depending on the type of task you have at hand.

This model also includes ergonomic handles that limit vibration; thus, allowing operators to use it for an extended period without getting fatigued.

The spindle lock features allow safe bit changes while the electronic motor feedback helps the model maintain a constant speed while routing a material.

Skil RT1322 includes three coarse depth settings and a micro-depth adjustment that ensures fast and accurate depth-cut adjustments.

It also has a dual 1-1/4” dust extraction adaptors and three LED light located at its motor’s base for enhanced operational visibility.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance procedures for Skil RT1322 include :

  • Ensure the regular inspection of your router before and after use.
  • Keep the tool away from water and ensure proper storage.
  • Ensure you lubricate the essential part of the power tool.


It is best if you leave the repair of your tools to professionals for safe and reliable service. The manufacturer of Skil RT1322 has service centers that handle the repair and maintenance services of this tool.


The warranty offers for Skil RT1322 include :

  • 5-years limited warranty period

However, this tool’s first-hand purchasers must register it before 30 days to be fully eligible for the warranty offers. You can register your Skil RT1322 at You can also call 1-877-Skil-999 (1-877-754-5999).

Price of Skil RT1322

Skil RT1322 is a moderately priced router that offers a high value for money with its outstanding features and specifications.

The cost of securing this tool’s service is not too high to be considered expensive; neither is it cheap enough to be considered a low budget router. It is an averagely priced router model for users who seek routers with a dual base feature.


Pros and cons of Skil RT1322


  • Dual dust extraction adaptors
  • Dual base combo
  • Speed control LCD
  • Live tool indicator
  • LED light feature


  • Few users complained about its incorrect collet sizes
  • Unresponsive speed adjustment button after long usage


Who Should Buy Skil RT1322 ?

Skil RT1322 is a moderately priced router with a lot of impressive features. Aside from enhancing the routing ability of this model, these features also make it easy to use.

Therefore, professionals, Jobsite contractors and other DIY enthusiasts can buy this router because of its versatility in different routing tasks.

Skil RT1322 also offers a good buy for amateurs and beginners because of its easy to use features and its dual base feature.

Our Recommendation

The choice of a power tool is often dependent on the level of expertise and intended use.

Skil RT1322 is recommended for individuals or professionals that need a versatile, powerful, easy-to-use, and moderately priced router for various woodwork routing tasks.



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