SkilSaw 3410-02 Table Saw Review

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In Brief: SkilSaw 3410-02 Review

SkilSaw 3410-02 Table Saw is a high-power tool with folding legs for easy setup and an extendable working surface. It has a cutting capacity of 3.5″ at 90° and 2.5″ at 45°. Its power rating is 5000RPM. The product is an excellent consideration for professional woodworkers and for cutting different types of wood.

SkilSaw is remarkable for its dedication to producing high-power tools, particularly drills and saws. They are regarded as one of the best manufacturers because their products target various users, including professionals and hobbyists.

SkilSaw 3410-02 is one of the company’s versatile and budget-conscious products. This product is effective for large contractors, woodworkers, and other categories of users.

The 10″ table saw is suitable for large and medium scale sawing process.

Key Specifications of the SkilSaw3410-02

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand

SkilSaw 3410-02 is a product with precise specifications, and these specifications enhance its effective performance and portability.

The product has a 15amp high torque motor that effectively delivers a massive 5,000RPM without load. The product permits accurate measurement because of its self-aligning rip fence.

The 10″ carbide tooth blade of SkilSaw 3410-02 together with other technical systems to deliver a high cutting capacity cut of 3.5″ at 90° and 2.5″ at 45°.

You don’t have to worry about a workspace with SkilSaw 3410-02 because of its average table size of 19″ x 32.5″.

Here is a video on how to utilize SkilSaw 3410-02 to perform different types of cuts :


Take a look at SkilSaw 3410-02 Table Saw long list of specs here :

Speed/Power rating (RPM)
Motor rating (amp)

Voltage (Volts) 120
Blade (inches)10''
Power source
Electric powered
Dado cut capacity (inches)13/16”
Bevel range (degrees)0-47
Working table Size (inches)19" x 32.5"
Cutting capacity at 90 degrees (inches)3.5''
Cutting capacity at 45 degrees (inches)2.5''
Weight (ounces)0.01

Unique Features

Certain features of SkilSaw 3410-02 set it aside from similar products from other manufacturers. These features enhance the efficient cut and top-notch performance of the product.

Quick Mount and Easy to Use Features

The setup procedure for SkilSaw 3410-02 is not challenging. The product has foldable, heavy-duty steel legs that boosts its stability, easy setup, and breakdown.

It also has clamp stands that allow you to easily mount the saw safely on the stand. The measurements of SkilSaw 3410-02 are also easier with its self-aligning rip fence.

Ample working Space

The working surface is one of the least worries with SkilSaw 3410-02. This tool has a 19″ x 26″ (extendable to 19″ x 32.5″) cast-aluminum table to provide you with a large working space.


Design, Cutting, and Safety

You should pay attention to the cutting capacity, safety features, and the overall design of the product because they contribute to its efficiency.


The overall design of SkilSaw 3410-02 is simple; thus, it makes its setup and breakdown easy with its foldable and sturdy stand. Although the product lacks a dust collection port, it complements it with smart guard system storage.

It also has other storage features that allow you to store rip fence, blade, and miter gauge when not in use.


The efficiency, performance, and rating of a table saw are largely dependent on its cutting ability. SkilSaw 3410-02 has a high cutting capacity of 3.5″ at 90° and 2.5″ at 45°. It is capable of making a 3.5” height cut.

The self-aligning rip fence of the product also enhances precise and accurate cuts.


The safety feature of a table saw is as essential as any other feature. The inclusion of lock holes in the power switch mitigates the possibility of accidental starting.

SkilSaw 3410-02 also has a rubber blade protector that reduces the possibility of accidents. This product has an adjustable (3 positions) barrier guide device, anti-kickback design, and riving knife to enhance your safety.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

Ease of maintenance

When you find a product with simple technical design, you should know that the routine maintenance will be hassle-free. SkilSaw 3410-02 is one of such products. There are few easy maintenance procedures for the product including :

  • Prevent the accumulation of dust and chips in the tool.
  • Lubricate all moving parts.
  • Use only suitable cleaning agents.


You have the liberty to carry out routine maintenance by yourself. However, it is best to allow the company service center to take responsibility for other replacement and repair.

This policy is to ensure proper fix, perfect replacement, and safe repair.


Check out the warranty details of SkilSaw  3410-02 below :

  • 1-year limited warranty for parts.
  • 180-days money-back/replacement guarantee.
  • Repair and replacement at Skil authorized service centers.

Note: You have to register your product at to enjoy the service. You can visit for more information or Call 1-877-Skil-999 for assistance between 7a.m. and 7p.m. Central Time.

Price of SkilSaw 3410-02

SkilSaw 3410-02 might be a great choice for medium to low budget buyers. Aside from the fact that this product offers great quality for its money, it is also durable and versatile.

Thus, you can look at the direction of SkilSaw 3410-02 if you want a high-performing device at a moderate cost.


Who Should Buy SkilSaw 3410-02 ?

There is no limitation to who can buy SkilSaw 3410-02 because of the versatility of the product.

The product is useful for a wide range of applications on a large and medium scale. It is suitable for industrial, residential, and commercial use both in outdoor space and indoor workplace.

Therefore, you should consider SkilSaw 3410-02 as one of your top choices if you are a professional woodworker, hobbyist, or DIY enthusiast with an average budget. It is suitable for cutting different types of wood.

Why We Like It

If you are a large to medium scale woodworker that desires an efficient product, then, Skil 3410-02 might be all you need.

You should consider SkilSaw 3410-02 because it is extendable and easy-to-use. It also offers quality and precise cuts.


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