Snapper CRP218520 7800849 Commercial Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review

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Snapper CRP218520 7800849 Lawn Mower Review

Powerful. Tough. Easy to use. Pocket-friendly. All these qualities describe the Snapper CRP218520 7800849 21” Commercial Ninja self-propelled gas lawn mower. It is just what anyone with a hilly lawn and modest budget needs.

Snapper are manufacturers of push mowers, riding lawn mowers, zero-turn mowers, pressure washers, gas blowers, and trimmers, and electrical products. The model is built to last a lifetime with heavy-duty features like the steel axle, steel mowing deck, and reinforced bracing.

The mower’s rear wheels drive system offers a smooth turn differential. This, together with its 10-inch rear wheels, provide improved traction and better maneuverability on hilly yards.

It is the Briggs & Stratton engine that is responsible for the model’s premium and long-lasting power. This Snapper unit is highlighted by the Ninja mulching blade that allows you to cut grass in seven different positions.

Key Specifications of Snapper CRP218520 7800849 Lawn Mower

For the product’s key specifications, let us start with its maneuverability. The rear-wheel-drive serves to improve the walk behind the mower’s traction.

On the other hand, the smooth-turn differential helps the mower maneuver easily without damaging the grass.

Another of its specifications is its powerful engine. The Briggs & Stratton engine features smoother quieter operation, easier starting, and increased durability.

It is the mower’s 21-inch cutting width that makes it possible for it to handle extremely large yards. Not to forget, the CRP218520 comes with the Ninja blade with six cutting surfaces that are extremely powerful.

These cutting surfaces finely mulch the grass, which is then blown back to the lawn by the deck design.

Additionally, the mower’s steel mowing deck, steel axle, reinforced bracing, and wheels are fit for the task.

With the adjustment handles, it is easy to alter the cut height. A total of seven height adjustments are available, from 1.25 inches to 4 inches.

Lastly, let us talk about the mower’s noise levels. For a gas mower, it is incredibly quiet since it operates at about 97Db. This isn’t a common trait among its competitors.

Key Specifications –

Transmission type
Disc Drive
Drive System
Rear-wheel drive
Cutting width
21 inches
Blade Type
Integral lift
Height-of-cut1.25-4 inches
8 inches
10 inches
93 lbs.

Unique Features

Here are some of the best features you can enjoy with this mower:

Smooth Rolling

The walk-behind mower has easy-to-roll wheels with ball bearings, which keep the CRP218520 moving smoothly each season.

Rugged Durability

Whether you are mowing just one or five lawns daily, the 14 gauge mowing deck made of heavy-duty steel, reinforced bracing, wheels, and steel axle are up to the task regardless of how tough it may seem.

Disc Drive Transmission

Snapper’s disc drive transmission is a speed adjusted system that is highly dependable. This has been tried and tested.

The twisting and control of the higher wheel improve speed control when mowing on hills. It also helps the mower to traverse thick grass and rough terrain.

Height Adjustment

Although many people are not so keen about flexibility when it comes to purchasing a new lawnmower, the CRP218520 lets us know just how important a factor it is.

You can hold the handle in seven different positions. Because of this, anyone can use the machine despite their age or size.

Premium Power

The model’s Briggs & Stratton 850 Professional Series engine delivers several professional-grade features. They include easier starting, quieter, and smoother operation and increased durability.

Another one of the features is the spin-on oil filter for a lengthened lifespan.


Power, Design, and Durability


The mower’s power is among the vital aspects buyers look for before making any purchases. You will be awed by how powerful this self-propelled gas mower is.

Apart from its Briggs & Stratton Professional Series engine built for a lifetime, the CRP 218520 features a dependable disc drive transmission.

Besides improving speed control, the transmission also gets the mower through rough terrain and tough grass.

This model also features the Ninja blade system as well as the 8-inch front wheel and 10-inch rear wheel. The features work in unison or better traction and cutting.


Why do we think the Snapper CRP218520 7800849 21 Commercial Ninja self-propelled gas lawn mower is among the top gas mowers in the market?

Let us talk about its innovative design. First, you can never be too short or too tall for the handle because it is possible to adjust the cutting height.

The rear wheel improves the mower traction. Additionally, the mower’s body is made of mostly heavy-duty steel, which can withstand harsh terrain conditions.


Being lightweight and providing great maneuverability is not the only advantage of the CRP218520. It can also withstand heavy use. It does have a Ninja blade system that could bring down the toughest of grass.

Cut Quality and Available Options

When doing a land mower review, besides design and power, cut quality plays an important role in its overall value.

This model comes with seven height options. You can adjust the cut height from 1.25 inches to 4 inches with the help of the adjustment handle. With the 4 inch options, you can attain a perfect lush finish.

There are three disposal options available with this particular model:

  • Mulch
  • Bag
  • Side-discharge

Although the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using the CRP218520 on damp grass, there are no limits when it comes to this beast.

Whether you mow uphill, in ditches, or on uneven grass, this is your best choice for a lawnmower. Mulching is possible, and so is the removal of the mulching cover. If need be, you can install a discharge reflector.

Performance and Ease of Use

We have already talked about the lawn mower’s powering mechanism.

While it may be argued that electric stats are unmatched, the possibility of the Briggs & Stratton Professional Series failing you after the second pull is almost zero.

This, along with the fact that the rear and front levers can be adjusted for the achievement of an ideal blade angle brand, the mower is user-friendly.

Once you buy it, assembling is quite easy. You just need to attach the mower’s handle to its drive rod.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

Before using it, check the covers, guards, and deflectors to ensure they are in position and secure. Also, pay close attention to the drive control, ground-speed control, and blade control to ensure proper functioning.

The oil and cutting height shouldn’t be forgotten either. After you have finished mowing, clean the outside of the engine and cutting deck. Look for fuel that may have spilled and any dirt or oil accumulation.

Worth mentioning is the need to ensure clarity of the cooling fins and the engine air intake screen. Periodically check the level of grease in the transmission.

To ensure your machine doesn’t break down in the middle of its task, ensure you sharpen the blades when necessary and check the condition of the belts.


The product comes with a one-year warranty. For inquiries about your machine’s warranty, contact the manufacturer’s office. The customer care team is available on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm.

Call them on 1-800-754-3204.

You can also contact them via mail:

Briggs & Stratton
Attn: Snapper Power Products
PO Box 702
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0702

Price of the Snapper CRP218520 7800849 Lawn Mower

Even though it is a bit costly compared to other self-propelled gas lawn mowers, people that have large yards with toughened grass will be more than willing to pay a few more pennies just to get the Snapper Ninja.

Its stellar features and grass-hacking qualities make the extra notes with everything rather than buying a cheaper and weaker mower every three years.

To sum it all up, this machine is going to last for long, and you get your money’s worth. What is more? Being self-propelled, it saves you energy.


Who Should Buy It?

Its features make it an ideal choice for lawn owners with huge yards and thick grass and a modest budget.

What sticks out for this model is that despite its lightweight design, you can take it to rugged hilly areas, and it will come out just fine. Besides, it offers excellent mulching, and it is long-lasting.

Why We Like It

As we reach the end of this review, we would like to say that there are many reasons we love the CRP218520. At this point, there is no need to mention how powerful its engine is because that is evident.

It can also cut thick toughened grass with so much ease, is easy to operate, offers high cutting quality, and has a top-notch performance. What more could a lawn owner ask for from a lawnmower?


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