Snapper P2185020E / 7800982 Hi-Vac Gas Powered Self Propelled Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Snapper P2185020E / 7800982 Hi-Vac Lawn Mower Review

Snapper has been around for half a century and continues to bring innovation and performance to the lawn care world. The Snapper Hi-Vac Gas Powered Self Propelled lawn mower we are looking at today is no different. Built with power, speed, and maneuverability, the Snapper P2185020E will deliver the perfect manicured lawn and do it with ease.

Snapper has been a name in lawn care for decades and was revolutionary from the start. Crafting the first-ever self-propelled rotary lawnmower, the company soon became one of the big names in the industry.

This hasn’t changed over the decades, and with a great line of mowers available, you will be able to find whatever you need.

One of these mowers in the Snapper Hi-Vac Gas Powered Self Propelled lawn mower we are taking an in-depth look at in this review.

Key Specifications of Snapper Hi-Vac Gas Powered Self Propelled Lawn Mower

This mower is crafted for performance and comfort and offers a lot of value. This walk-behind mower is fitted with a robust engine, an innovative cutting system, and premium grade components.

All of this combines to deliver machines that are as fast and efficient as a riding mower.

The cutting system offers versatility and adaptability to most cutting situations. You can choose between bag, mulching, or side discharge, and there are seven height adjustment options.

The three RWD transmission helps with maneuverability, and the motor gives you all the power you need to get the job done.

If you want more information check out this video:


Key Specification Table –

Briggs & Stratton
8.5 ft-lbs.
Starting Type
Cutting Width
Blade Type
Integral Lift
Cutting Height
1.25” – 4”
Wheel Size
8” (front) / 10” (back)
Deck Material
14 gauge steel
Engine Displacement
69.5 lbs.
38” x 23” x 19”

Unique Features

The standard features are fine, but the way to make your product stand out is by including unique systems and features that elevate performance and usability.

The team a Snapper did just that by including the two features we look at below:


To create a high-performance, efficient cutting machine, you have to think about the end-use. That means installing a unique vacuum system.

This system uses a system that generates a large volume of suction so that none of the precision-cut grass is left behind to stir up problems later.

Cup Holder

Now getting out there and crafting your finely-manicured lawn can be a lot of work, and you have to stay hydrated.

That is why Snapper includes a cup holder in the design. It may not affect the machine’s performance, but it sure helps make the work a lot more bearable.


Power, Design, Durability

Every mower has performance features that stand out, and to choose the right one for your needs, you have to narrow down what you look at.

There are many factors you can focus on, but the three main ones are power, durability, and design. Here’s a look at what that looks like with this Snapper self-propelled unit:


The mower is fitted with a Briggs & Stratton OHV engine. This engine offers 190cc of power and performance. The engine is crafted with high-quality components and runs quiet and strong.

Along with all of that, the engine is crafted with a ReadyStart starting system that requires no priming, no choking all you have to do is pull and begin your work.


The unit is constructed with many systems that help with comfort and maneuverability. This Snapper mower is built with an RWD system that gives the unit plenty of traction.

With its built-in smooth turn differential even with that traction, the mower won’t tear up the grass.

In regards to the comfort, we have already mentioned the cupholder, which is a great addition, but there is more. The model is designed to allow every control the user needs to be close at hand and easy to use.


As for durability, the Snapper P2185020E is manufactured with a stamped 14 gauge steel mowing deck that will withstand everything the user throws at it and do it for a long time.

Along with that, the front axle of the mower is also designed using premium-grade steel for even more durability. The engine we discussed above is crafted with a high-end component. This all screams durable and long-lasting.

Cut Quality and Available Options

There are three options to choose from when dealing with the cutting system – bagging, mulching, or side discharge.

All three work wonderfully, but with the vacuum system, the bagging option is probably the most effective. The uniquely designed integral lift blade cuts the grass with precision and speed.

The switches of this cutting, combined with the high suction vacuum system will leave your lawn clear of any stray cuttings.

No matter what type of grass or landscape you are dealing with, the durable rubber wheels easily adjust with a pull of a lever. You have seven heights to choose from, which will leave your lawn even and perfectly cut.

Those wheels also allow for a smooth movement across the lawn, which takes away some of the strenuousness of mowing your lawn.

Performance and Ease of Use

His mower is built for performance. Everything from the power of the engine to the maneuverability of the unit itself makes this a high-quality option to get your lawn taken care of.

Though the cutting height says 4”, some were able to easily cut through grass much taller than that. This is thanks to the high powered engine and the blade system included in the Snapper model’s design.

You will not need to do multiple passes because of this.

Once you get the mower set up, the use of the unit is so simple and comfortable. The inclusion of an electric starter eliminates a ton of work that other walk-behind mowers of the past took.

This may be one of the easiest and most comfortable walk-behind mowers out there as it seems to just glide with little effort for the user


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

There are a few steps to do before use to ensure that there are no problems. Firstly make sure that you fill the mower with 18 oz. of oil before starting it up.

You will also want to steer clear of propping the unit on its side for upkeep. There is a chance that the gas may spill onto the engine and flood other components of the engine, which may lead to serious problems later.


The Snapper P2185020E is covered by the company’s standard 3-year warranty. This warranty covers defective parts.

Make sure to register your product so that you can take advantage of the warranty and if you ever need to use it, save your proof of purchase just in case.

For more information on warranty or to register your product, you can contact the company at:

Registration –
Information –

Price of Snapper Hi-Vac Gas Powered Self Propelled Lawn Mower

This is where many will take a step back as you will pay almost double what you would for other self-propelled mowers.

However, when you look at the value and performance you get from the Snapper P2185020E, it may change your mind.

This mower is lightweight, efficient, and durable. The longevity of the use (as long as you do proper upkeep) will potentially pay for itself.


Who Should Buy It?

There is almost no one that would not be in a good position by investing in this lawnmower. It works well on small to medium yards and has the power of a riding mower in a convenient and more compact build.

It’s designed to handle uneven terrain with ease, so no more worry about those hilly sections and multiple passes to get to them. With a simple pull of a lever, you can adjust and keep moving.

The blade system is perfect for every type of grass you can think of. It handles wet grass (so does the vacuum system for bagging).

The mower also is good for tall, thick grass and once again won’t need multiple passes to handle it.

Why We Like It

Other than the price, there is not much we don’t like about the Snapper P2185020E / 7800982 Hi-Vac Gas Powered Self Propelled Lawn Mower.

It is designed with a powerful motor and system that gives the unit cutting power and precision for a perfect cut every time.

The unit is easy to maneuver and comfortable to use, even for extended times.

Built with robust wheels and a traction system that gives it power but is gentle on the turf, this unit may be one of the best self-propelled gas mowers on the market today.


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