Snow Joe SJ619E Electric Single Stage Snow Review

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In Brief: Snow Joe SJ619E Snow Thrower Review

If you are looking for an electric snow thrower, look no further than the Snow Joe SJ619E. This device has a 14.5-amp motor and a clearing width of 18 inches, which allows you to clear up all the snow around your home without breaking a sweat. It comes with headlights for when there is low light and an adjustable chute that can throw snow up to 20 feet.

Snow Joe is a company that specializes in making products that make your yard look beautiful all-year-round. Since 2004, Snow Joe has created an impressive lineup of outdoor tools that are high-quality and affordable.

Among their impressive product lineup is the Snow Joe SJ619E. The Snow Joe SJ619E allows you to get rid of all the snow that piles up in your yard or on your driveway.

It works without needing gas and oil, which makes it easy to use and maintain.

Key Specifications Of the Snow Joe SJ619E

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The Snow Joe SJ619E comes with a snow clearing width of 18 inches. This width is enough to clear the snow outside your home without endlessly walking back and forth.

It is also lightweight, which makes it easy for you to operate. You can carry it with one hand and use it on surfaces that heavier snow throwers will not be able to work on.

Unlike gas-powered snow throwers, this one comes with a cord, which means that you will need an electricity source to operate the machine. This is great because you will be able to clear more snow without worrying about battery life.

The Snow Joe SJ619E also comes with 3-watt LED lights that allow you to clear snow no matter what time it is – even at night.

This video shows the device in use :


Here is the long list of specs of the Snow Joe SJ619E Snow Blower :

Model Number / NameSJ619E
Powered ByElectric
Engine Power

14.5 amp
Clearing Width 18 inches
Plowing Capacity650 pounds per minute
Warranty2-year limited warranty
Weight30.25 pounds
Rust ResistantYes
Other FeaturesUp to 20 feet of snow throwing distance

Unique Features

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This snow blower comes with many unique features. Let us look at three of these features.

Electrically Powered

Unlike most snow throwers and blowers on the market, this one is powered electrically. This means that it comes with a cord. It also means that it is easier to use and maintain than its gas-powered counterparts.

Also, you will get the ease of use of an electric unit and the power of a gas unit when you own the Snow Joe SJ619E.

14.5-Amp Motor

The 14.5-amp motor on the Snow Joe SJ619E will make your snow clearing job easy. This powerful motor allows the blower to easily clear snow as deep as 8 inches and as wide as 18 inches.

180-Degree Adjustable Discharge Chute

The Snow Joe SJ619E comes equipped with an adjustable discharge chute. What this means is that this snow thrower can give you full control (180 degrees) over the direction of the snow you are clearing.

Aside from giving you control, you can also adjust the chute deflector depending on how high and wide the snow you want to clear is.


Power and Snow Clearing Capability

Source: Amazon

The 14.5-amp motor engine on the Snow Joe SJ619E allows it to clear up to 650 pounds of snow in a single minute. Its strong and long-lasting steel augers aid the snow clearing ability of this unit.

The steel augers come with two rubber blades that allow it to cut through snow as deep as 8 inches and as wide as 18 inches in one pass. This means that you can easily and quickly clear your lawn or driveway without breaking a sweat.

Its light weight also gives it an advantage over other snow throwers/blowers that are heavier. The Snow Joe SJ619E can work on decks and narrow driveways that have cars on both sides.

Ease Of Usage

The design of the Snow Joe SJ619E makes it very easy to handle. The handles are on the top and allow you to control or direct the unit in any manner that you want.

While you might have had reservations about this unit being a corded device, you will soon find out that it makes up for it with its ease of installation and use.

While the auger blades are powerful to cut through and clear snow, they are gentle on your deck so as not to damage the surface.

It comes with 3-watt LED lights that allow you to see clearly at nighttime. These lights allow you to continue clearing your yard even in the middle of the night or in the early mornings.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, & Warranty

This is an electric snow blowing unit. Therefore, it comes with little maintenance needs. You will find what you need to assemble and operate the unit in the user manual that comes with the machine.

The Snow Joe SJ619E comes with two years of warranty. This warranty covers everything from defects that happen from normal use to defects from the manufacturers.

When a part of the unit needs to be repaired or replaced, you will have to contact Snow Joe directly, as they do not have any authorized service providers in the country.

Price Of the Snow Joe SJ619E

The Snow Joe SJ619E is one of the best snow throwers you can get for its price tag.

When you compare its ability and features to other snow throwers/blowers on the market, you will see that you are getting a bargain with this price.

You will not get a cheaper electric, lightweight, and powerful unit like this one anywhere else.


Pros and cons of the Snow Joe SJ619E

Let us look at the pros and cons of this amazing snowblower.


  • Easy to operate
  • Can throw snow 20 feet
  • Bright lights for clearing in the dark
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Some users feel limited by the cord
  • No approved service or repair centers


Who Should Buy the Snow Joe SJ619E ?

The Snow Joe SJ619E is an ideal snow thrower for anyone who has a yard outside their home. With a weight of just around 30 pounds, the Snow Joe SJ619E is easy to operate and control.

It is also great for homeowners who have small driveways, as this device can clean snow in between cars and on small driveways nicely.

It is also ideal if you have a larger yard or lawn. You can get your cleaning done in no time thanks to the wide 18-inch clearing path of the unit.

This reduces the work you have to do and limits the time you’ll spend outside in the cold. The Snow Joe SJ619E is an affordable unit for every homeowner.

Our Recommendation

The Snow Joe SJ619E is lightweight, powerful, and easy to use. It comes with features that make its price look like a steal. With this unit, you will easily get rid of all the snow that is gathering in your yard.


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