Snow Joe SJ622E Electric Snow Thrower Review

In Brief: Snow Joe SJ622E Snow Thrower Review

The Snow Joe SJ622E is a single-stage Snow Thrower that saves you the stress of clearing snow off your driveway with a shovel. It comes with a 15-amp motor that supplies enough power to ease you through snow clearing with minimal effort. With a throwing distance of 25 feet, the chute does efficiently dumps snow away from your property.

Snow Joe is a leading manufacturer of home and garden tools in the United States. Their headquarters is in New Jersey, and the brand packs a host of helpful products in their catalog.

Their collection includes snow blowers, trimmers, lawn mowers, and even leaf blowers. The Snow Joe SJ622E is a low-cost alternative to premium, gas-powered snow blowers.

Key Specifications of the Snow Joe SJ622E

Source: Snow Joe

This snow thrower is powered by electricity, so it comes with a cord that you need to plug into a power outlet. Its cord is 100 feet long, and it won’t be in your way during operation.

The fact that this snow thrower runs on electricity makes it easier to manage. No gas or oil is needed for it to run. You can simply hit the start button, and it will power on immediately.

This snow thrower weighs just 32.4 pounds, which is lighter than most inverter generators and can blow 700 pounds of snow in one minute. This is the same rate as most gas-powered generators.

Here is the long lsit of specs of the Snow Joe SJ622E Snow Thrower :

Model Number / NameSJ622E
Powered ByElectricity
Motor Power15-amp
Clearing Width18 inches
Ideal for how many inches of snow10 inches
Warranty2-year limited warranty
Weight32.4 pounds
Start MechanismElectric
Other FeaturesUp to 25 feet of snow throwing distance

Unique Features

Source: Snow Joe

There are a number of impressive features that this snow thrower has to offer, and we’ve mentioned a few of them below.

25 Feet Of Throwing Distance

25 feet of throwing distance isn’t an impressive figure if you consider the fact that most gas-powered generators offer up to 40 feet of throwing distance.

However, 25 feet is an impressive feat for a single-stage snow thrower, since most of this kind can hardly go beyond 15 feet.

Also, this means you don’t have to clean up with a shovel after clearing since the chute will dispose of the snow a safe distance away from your driveway.

A 15-Amp Motor

This snow thrower runs on a motor rather than a robust engine. The motor supplies the same power an engine would have but holds an advantage in terms of maintenance.

Most equipment that uses a motor emits less carbon, does not require rigid maintenance, and provides quieter operation.

Snow-Clear Tool

This tool allows you to unclog snow from the mouth of the chute at the end of every snow-clearing session.


Power and Snow Clearing Capability

Source: Snow Joe

With a 15-amp motor, this snow thrower is supplied with enough power to clear up to 10 inches of snow off your driveway without any fuss.

The presence of a cord means there are limitations in its coverage range, but this shouldn’t be an issue since its cord is 100 feet long. This would be enough for a 2-3 car driveway.

The Snow Joe SJ622E has a 4-blade steel auger that cuts 18 inches of snow into a feather-like consistency that is easily disposed of.

Its auger can only chop down snow up to a depth of 10 inches and scrapes down to the surface in just a few passes.

Ease of Use

No technical know-how is required to run this machine. It’s easy to assemble, and the only thing you will need to do is to attach the chute and the handle to the rest of the body.

In terms of operation, it is easy to move around, especially on concrete surfaces. It isn’t self-propelled, so you will have to push manually, which will require a lot of effort in heavy snow.

There’s no heated handle here, but there’s a manual control for the chute. This way, you can rotate the chute a full 180 degrees and control the final disposal point of the snow.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, & Warranty

No premixing of gas is required here, and there is no cleaning of a spark plug required, either.

The maintenance factor is minimal, and this is a turn-off for some users, especially those who aren’t physically capable. Also, inspect the body parts before and after use to ensure no parts are worn out.

Should you run into any issues, like some vital parts getting damaged, you have nothing to worry about. This snow thrower is covered by a 2-year warranty.

Price of the Snow Joe SJ622E Snow Thrower

This snow thrower has the price tag of entry-level snow throwers, but it offers a lot more. It operates in complete silence, almost like a whisper. This is good news if you like to clear in the morning while your neighbors are still asleep.

The gap between this snow thrower and a gas-powered premium snow thrower is minimal. If you want something for a 2-3 driveway, this is a good deal.


Pros and cons of the Snow Joe SJ622E

We can’t expect to get every feature of a premium snow thrower on this piece of equipment, and for its price tag, we can’t really ask for more. However, there are a few things we wish we could have seen.


  • No carbon emission due to its motor
  • Impressive clearing depth and height
  • Quick-start button
  • Rubber coating for auger protection
  • Chute clearing tool


  • Not suitable to use on all surfaces
  • Remote chute control absent
  • LED light absent


Who Should Buy the Snow Joe SJ622E ?

This thrower is designed for a small to medium-sized driveway. This isn’t the right fit if you have a large driveway and stay in areas with heavy snowfall all year round.

This thrower also isn’t the tool for commercial workers in charge of clearing large lawns and sidewalks. It won’t provide the clearing depth you want if you need to clear a park or recreational area.

Our Recommendation

The Snow Joe SJ622E stands out for its performance and ease of use. It’s easy to move and maneuver.

As much as this unit is designed for homeowners, you should have a large storage space for it due to the width of the auger.


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