South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe Review

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In Brief: South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe Review

The South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe is another in the line of trusted lathe machines from South Bend Lathe Co. Though it doesn’t quite deliver the amperage of other South Bend lathes, the 440-volt motor is one of the most powerful in the industry. Combined with the 60” between centers, it is capable of handling metalworking projects of almost any size.

South Bend Lathe Co. has been in operation for nearly 25 years with their headquarters being located in South Bend, IN.

They have been manufacturing lathes during the entirety of their time in business and have since become one of the most trusted names within the industry.

South Bend Lathe Co. has managed to expand substantially, having customers in 88 different countries all over the world.

Even more importantly, their machines are in use in just about every type of industry from home workshops to large manufacturers and even in schools.

Key Specifications of the South Bend SB1015F EVS

South Bend SB1015F - 16' x 60' EVS Toolroom Lathe with Fagor DRO

You can’t talk about South Bend lathes without mentioning the power.

While the amperage is slightly lesser on the South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe (11.75-amps), its 440-volt power is one of the highest in the industry.

The South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe has a variety of built-in safety functionality as well.

The halogen work light improves visibility, the jog button allows for correct positioning, and the emergency stop allows for instantaneous safety implementation.

The digital readout makes it easier than ever to get more precise readings. Using the dial control, the variable spindle speeds can be fine tuned to get the most accurate RPM readings possible.

Read the long list of South Bend SB1015F EVS specs here :

Model Number/ NameSB1015F
Ideal ForMetal
Current (amps)11.75
Speed (rpm)0-4500RPM
Distance between centers (in)60
Spindle thread (in)1”-8
Overall dimensions116 x 61 x 101
Weight (lbs)3316
Other FeaturesControl Panel with Magnetic Switch

Top Features to Look For

The South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe has a number of features that makes it a favorite in the industry.

South Bend Lathe Co. puts a premium on safety and accuracy and the South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe delivers on both of those fronts.

Built-in Features

Like many of the lathes that South Bend produces, the South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe comes standard with a number of different features.

From the micrometer carriage stop to the micro-switch shutoff, there are more than enough features to make operation easier and safer than ever before.

Digital Readout

With older, outdated lathes, determining the proper spindle speed would be something of a guessing game.

But the dial-controlled digital readout system makes precision easier than ever before. Finding the precise speed for each operation has never been simpler.

Superior Power

While the South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe isn’t quite as powerful as some of the other South Bend counterparts, it more than delivers with its 440-volt engine.

No matter the size of your metalworking operation, it is built to handle the task.


Power and Performance

South Bend brings the power and the South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe is no difference.

At just under 12 amps, the 440-volt motor allows for the handling of the largest, most difficult turning operations with no issues whatsoever.

That is why it is a staple in machine shops everywhere.

Ease of Use

As is the case with any industrial lathe, it helps to have prior experience and knowledge when using machinery of this kind.

But for those with the proper skillset and experience, the South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe is easy to use. The digital readout system in particular is as easy as pushing a button.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

Keeping the South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe clean is simple thanks to some of the built-in features.

The chip tray allows for easy removal of small debris and excess material chips while the quick connect air hose allows for a quick blowing off of the table.

Replacing the cutting tools is advised fairly regularly to prevent them from breaking.


South Bend Lathe Co. offers a limited one-year warranty on each of their lathes. This is meant to cover repairs and parts and covers any potential defects as a result of materials or craftsmanship.

Proper maintenance is needed in order to maintain the warranty. Improper repairs or maintenance will void the warranty.

For more questions about your warranty, contact South Bend’s customer support line at (360) 734-1540 or fill out the contact form on their support contact page with your specifics.

Price of the South Bend SB1015F EVS

At just over $20,000, the South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe is more affordable than some of the others in the South Bend line of lathes.

It delivers much of the same functionality of the other lathes in the line but doesn’t have so much of the power as some of the others.

For smaller machine shops, this is a perfect addition. It delivers much of the same features for a much lower cost. Should become a focal point of any small machine shop for years to come.


Pros and cons of the South Bend SB1015F EVS

Here are some of the pros and cons of the South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe :


  • Enhanced Safety Features
  • Variable Speeds
  • Easy Clean-Up
  • Quality Power


  • Lesser Power Standards than others in the line


Who Should Buy the South Bend SB1015F EVS ?

Smaller industrial machine shops are looking to save a little while getting many of the standard features that others in the South Bend lathe line have to offer.

Shops looking for a reliable lathe capable of taking on most turning operations will love this lathe.

Our Recommendation

While there are bigger and more powerful lathes on the market, the South Bend SB1015F EVS Lathe delivers a unique set of features that makes it not only more precise, but safer as well.

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