Speedglas 100 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

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In Brief: Speedglas 100 Review

With a long-lasting auto-darkening function and easy sensitivity adjustment, the Speedglas 100 welding helmet keeps welders safe while working. This welding helmet provides 1.73 inches by 3.66 inches of viewing space and includes a long-lasting replaceable battery. It provides three levels of sensitivity for TIG, MIG, or stick welding jobs.

The Speedglas welding helmet line comes from the 3M company. This company manufactures a variety of products and remains at the forefront of technological and scientific advancements.

With a focus on problem-solving, this company proves it cares about its customers.

The Speedglas 100 welding helmet provides exceptional quality and high optical output.

It makes TIG, stick, and MIG welding safe and convenient for beginners and more efficient for experienced users.

Key Specifications of the Speedglas 100

3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 100, Auto Darkening Filter 100V TIG 10A MIG/MAG Stick for Grinding, Sanding and Metal Repair, Student or Part Time Welder, 07-0012-31BL

Combining multiple process compatibility with a design made for beginners, the Speedglas 100 auto-darkening welding helmet offers the perfect entry-level safety helmet for home hobbyists.

This helmet works well and provides enough viewing space for any user to enjoy.

Check out the Speedglas 100 in action here –


Read the long list of Speedglas 100 specs below:

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
ADF Sark State Shades
Variable 8-12
ADF Shade Range
Variable 8-12
Battery Type
Battery Life
1500 hours
3 Level (TIG>10A, MIG, Stick)
1.73 in. x 3.66 in. viewing area
1 pound
WarrantyCheck Manual
FeaturesEasy sensitivity adjustment
High optical quality
Replaceable battery
AccessoriesWelding helmet
Built-in filter and lens
Built-in headgear

Unique Features

With high optical quality and a beginner-friendly design, the Speedglas 100 welding helmet provides excellent auto-darkening safety and functionality for users of all skill levels.

Easy Sensitivity Adjustment

This welding helmet features powerful sensitivity features that allow it to adjust quickly as needed based on lighting and arc intensity.

High Optical Quality

High optical quality ensures the viewing window remains easy to look out and your welding projects remain easy to see.

Replaceable Battery

Unlike some of its competitors, this helmet features a simple, replaceable battery for convenience.

Multiple Process Compatible

With the ability to sense arcs from multiple processes, this welding helmet provides safe auto-darkening functionality for MIG, stick, and TIG over 10 amps.


This welding helmet features simple controls and beginner-friendly design. It works well for students and home hobbyists alike.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

The Speedglas 100 welding helmet provides high-quality performance results and a lightweight, convenient size ideal for beginners and home use.


This welding helmet holds up well to long-term use. Many customers who purchase this helmet use it for several years without any problems.

It resists dust accumulation under the lens when stored correctly and it features durable reliable components.

The outside shell of the helmet protects the wearer’s forehead, face, and neck from risks while welding.

Its auto-darkening lens function provides eye and vision safety and senses arcs easily when used according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Even when regularly exposed to high heat from welding, this helmet does its job with great success. The included filter also withstands heat well and refrains from melting, even under extreme conditions.

Ease of Transportation

Weighing just one pound with all included items attached, this welding helmet remains easy to pick up, move, carry, and transport from place to place.

When used with a carrying or storage case (sold separately), it becomes even easier to work with.

This welding helmet also provides comfort and ease of use. It remains light enough to wear during several hours of welding work without needing to take a break.

Its included headgear keeps it on securely without causing undue pain or stress on the wearer’s body or head.


Quality and Available Options

This welding helmet features high sensitivity and reliable arc detection.

Its durable headgear and built-in functions keep it working well for many light to moderate welding jobs and make it a permanent fixture in many home setups.

The overall quality of this helmet remains high and its features impress most customers.

However, the auto-darkening function may sometimes kick in too slowly, which poses significant safety risks when welding. This does not happen often but can become an issue.

The Speedglas 100 welding helmet comes in just one option. Customers may add the following:

  • Replacement filters: When purchasing an auto-darkening helmet, customers usually stock up on one or two replacement filters right away.
  • Storage case: A storage case makes it easy to prevent this helmet from collecting dust or becoming otherwise damaged while not in use.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Customers may contact the 3M company via phone or through the company web site to purchase replacement parts for this welding helmet.

Replacement parts include the battery, filter, case, panels, sweatband, and face seal.

To perform routine maintenance on this welding helmet, use mild soap and lukewarm water to clean the outside of the helmet.

For cleaning the filter, use a dry cloth that will not leave behind any lint. Never use water or liquid on the filter and never spray anything onto the filter or helmet.

Store the helmet at room temperature using a cover to prevent dust from accumulating.

The 3M company provides a limited warranty on its Speedglas welding helmets.

This warranty covers the repair and replacement of damaged parts or products for three years. Customers must register their helmets with 3M to receive this warranty coverage.

For more warranty information, contact the 3M company’s customer service at 1-800-3M-HELPS.


Does the Speedglas 100 welding helmet have solar power?

No. This welding helmet includes only a traditional battery and cannot be charged via solar power. It does, however, include a replaceable battery.

Can you attach a hardhat to the Speedglas 100 welding helmet?

Yes. This helmet works with a hardhat attachment, although customers must purchase hardhats separately.

What kind of headgear does the Speedglas 100 welding helmet come with?

This helmet includes fixed plastic headgear mounted inside with a removable forehead pad. The pad holds up well after many washes.

Does the Speedglas 100 welding helmet have a grind mode?

Yes. This welding helmet includes a convenient and simple grind mode function.

Price of the Speedglas 100

In comparison to its competitors, the Speedglas 100 welding helmet comes in at an average price.

It remains neither higher nor lower in price than most of the other auto-darkening helmets on the market but offers slightly more affordability than high-end models.

This helmet comes with minimal functions but includes everything needed to get started using it right away.

It allows easy replacement of all of its working parts as well as its battery. Overall, the helmet’s value and price remain evenly matched.


Who Should Buy the Speedglas 100?

The Speedglas 100 welding helmet comes with plenty of built-in features to improve safety and functionality.

However, it lacks some of the higher-end bells and whistles that come with other brand name auto-darkening helmets.

This helmet provides maximum safety and security for any user and sense arcs across three types of welding processes.

It works especially well for beginners who need a durable helmet but do not want something too overwhelming.

Home hobbyists and part-time welders also enjoy working with this auto-darkening helmet. It brings plenty of functionality to any home welding setup.

Our Recommendation

The Speedglas 100 welding helmet combines beginner-friendly features with a high optical rating and plenty of viewing space.

The result makes MIG, stick, and TIG welding safer and easier for welders of all skill levels.

We recommend this welding helmet for beginners in need of a lightweight helmet for safety that does not include too many complicated settings or functions.

We also recommend it for home hobbyists who weld infrequently.

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