Sun Joe iON 16LM Cordless Brushless Electric Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Sun Joe Ion16lm Lawn Mower Review

The Sun Joe iON 16LM is a mower of small dimensions, capable of powering through average-sized lawns, both in runtime and strength. However, it might be able to manage smaller lawn sizes if we take into account its narrow cutting-deck and lack of self-propulsion. Still, it has a pretty good power and runtime, checking off the requirements of small to medium-sized lawns. This model is definitely not suitable for bigger yards or yards with varying topography, as it needs to be manually propelled by the user.

With a company based in New Jersey and established in 2004, it specializes in outdoor equipment, particularly in lawn and garden tools.

Their goal is to innovate by using the most advanced technology to develop further and improve their products.

The Snow Joe, which is an electric snow shovel, was the company’s first piece of machinery, but now they offer a wide variety of different tools, no matter if they are electric-powered, cordless, or manual products.

Even though it is famous for its electric snow blowers, the company developed the Sun Joe iON16LM, a cordless electric mower with the special feature of being lightweight.

This machine cuts the grass efficiently in 16-inch swaths, so it is a fast option for trimming the yard.

Key Specifications of Sun Joe Ion16lm Lawn Mower

Sun Joe iON16LM 40-Volt 16-Inch Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower, Kit (w/4.0-Ah Battery + Quick Charger), ION16LM

Sun Joe Ion16lm utilizes a bagger with a capacity of 9.25 gal. and a battery capacity of 4.0 Ah. It has a 15 in. blade with bag and discharge chute as cutting options. Its cutting width goes up to 15 in.

The product is certified by CSA, Energy Star, and ETL and built with a 16 in. deck, its maximum cutting height is 3.15 in., while its minimum is 1.18 in.

It has a walk-behind driving system and 3500 rpm no-load speed. Being a cordless mower, it is powered through a 40V Battery.

The product weighs 34.2 lb, has 8 in. rear wheels and has a rust-resistant deck. It is very suitable for yards of about 1/4 – 1/2 acre and terrain sloped with obstacles, has a battery start, and a 96 dB sound power level.

It doesn’t have a deck cleanout or mulching capability. The battery is not included.

We suggest you check out this demonstration video to find out more about how to use it.

Key Specification Table –

Bagger Capacity (gal.)
Battery Capacity (Ah)
Blade Length (in.)15
Certifications and Listings
CSA, Energy Star, ETL
Cutting Options
Bag & discharge chute
Cutting Width (in.)
Deck Cleanout
Deck Size (in.)
Drive System
Maximum Cutting Height (in.)
Minimum Cutting Height (in.)
Mulching Capability
No Load Speed (rpm)
Power Type
Cordless 40V Battery
Product Type
Cordless Mower
Product Weight (lbs)
Rear Wheel Size (in.)
Rust Resistant Deck
Size of Yard
1/4 - 1/2 Acre
Sound Power Level
96 dB
Start Type
Sloped with Obstacles
Tool Only
Battery Not Included

Unique Features

There are a few factors that make the Sun Joe Ion16lm stand out in the market and prove worthy of your choice.

Brushless Motor

Brushless motors, unlike the brushed ones, are known for having a higher power output. And in this mower, the brushless motor helps in increasing battery efficiency.

The noise of the mower is reduced with the help of the design. Its overall performance is improved by the 600 W brushless motor, which also aids in boosting motor life.

Furthermore, the inside has a thermal cut-out switch. This feature regulates the temperature so as not to experience thermal overload, which gives better durability for the product in time.

All-Terrain Wheels

The wheels, both front, and back, are all-terrain with a rugged design. The mower is capable of cutting the most common surfaces, and the design helps to maneuver the machine more easily in tight spaces.

Even though the wheels might be lacking quality-wise, the product price has been lowered specifically for this reason.


Power, Design, And Durability


The mower is powered by a 4 amp-hour, 40-volt battery and works for appropriate tasks without you having to wait for it to recharge its battery to finish cutting the lawn.

It is estimated that this machine can cut 7,627 square feet of turf on a single charge.


The narrow cutting deck of this product gives the benefit of very good maneuverability. This feature is boosted by the short wheelbase, from which the mower gets its cornering and tracking.

Sun Joe cordless lawn mower weighs only 37 pounds due to its lightweight battery. This is also helpful when you want to go around trees or any other obstacles.


Intended to be rust-resistant, the deck of the mower was fabricated from ABS plastic, a feature that helps the longevity of the product. Because of its lightweight characteristic, the machine is easy to maneuver.

It is great for storing it in tight places due to its ability to fold the handles, which are ergonomically built.

As such, the mower is very user-friendly, and it proves to be very easy on the hands with the soft foam padding added on the handles. The blade is fabricated from steel, which provides strong cutting power and adds precision.

Cut Quality and Available Options

The mower can be adjusted to six height positions, from 1.18 inches up to 3.15 inches. With the iON16LM, you might find it difficult to cut grass over 8 inches long, just like most electric lawnmowers.

It doesn’t have a side discharge or a mulching option. However, the catch bag attached to the rear discharge point catches the grass clippings and keeps them from flying all over you.

Performance and Ease of Use

Snow Joe is famous for its electric snow blowers, but another product that it has created is the Sun Joe iON16LM, a cordless, lightweight electric mower. It doesn’t take long to trim your yard because it can get the job done in 16-inch swaths.

Depending on the length of the grass and also on the power that needs to be used by the motor in order to cut it, the battery can last up to 40 minutes.

Although some top electric lawn mowers can last up to an hour of cutting, Sun Joe was created to match 1/4 acre or less and regularly maintain them.

Even though it is manually powered, the machine provides great maneuverability due to being so lightweight. It is so easy to use it without experiencing any fatigue afterward. And its ergonomic grip makes it so much pleasurable to use.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, And Warranty

The removable lithium-ion battery can be charged in 30 minutes, making it very convenient for the user.

Traditional lead-acid batteries take much longer to charge, so this lithium-ion presents an advantage due to its lightness and speed.


The Sun Joe cordless mower has a limited, two-year warranty, which covers any manufacturing defects and service costs.

Outside of Snow Joe, there are no authorized repair technicians or service centers, so if any problems arise, you can contact the company by phone or email.

A user manual on the Sun Joe website can be downloaded, as well as additional batteries or chargers.

For more information, check out this page:

Price of Sun Joe Ion16lm 40v 16 Inch Cordless Brushless Electric Lawn Mower

The Sun Joe iON 16LM is one of the cheapest cordless mowers on the market, but we believe that the customer wouldn’t need any additional characteristics or features for the money spent.

It is also not an overpriced product, as one gets exactly what they paid for.


Who Should Buy It?

The Sun Joe iON 16LM is suitable for small to mid-sized lawns.

Considering its modest dimensions and lack of user-friendliness in the features department, you should expect to manually pick up the slack that this lawnmower leaves in the system.

For any low-maintenance lawns where maneuverability is needed, this lawnmower will be the best fit.

Why We Like It

The Sun Joe iON16LM is not only eco-friendly, but it is also lightweight and suitable for taking care of small lawns. It cuts in an efficient manner and charges rapidly.

If you don’t need a self-propelled mower, this lawnmower is the right choice for you.


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