Sun Joe MJ HVR 12E Electric Hover Mower Review

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In Brief: Sun Joe MJ HVR 12E Electric Hover Mower Review

The Sun Joe MJ HVR 12E Electric Hover Mower is a monument for all the evolved manual push mowers that are yet to come. It is ideal for anyone with a modest budget and a lawn highlighted by slopes.

As one of the leading manufacturers of lawn mowers, the Snowjoe + Sunjoe Company has established a great name over the years. Its products are of high quality, and the MJ HVR 12E is no exception.

It is easy to use, highlighted by a ten-inch cutting width and sturdy rear and front wheels, making it possible for the job to go on smoothly.

Key Specifications of Sun Joe MJ HVR 12E Electric Hover Mower

Sun Joe MJ-HVR12E 10-Amp 11-Inch Electric Hover Mower

When mentioning the mower’s specifications, it is only reasonable that we begin with its exceptional maneuverability.

Weighing only 10 pounds, this model can traverse hilly, sloppy, and uneven terrains. The lightweight feature also makes it best suited for small-sized yards and easy to store too.

Another of the mower’s specifications is the 10-amp electric motor. Environmentalists will applaud it as it doesn’t involve emission of gases and fumes or any costly tune-ups.

Its cutting width of 11 inches ensures a large amount of grass is brought down in just a single sweep. This is provided by the lawn mower’s three rotating cutting blades.

If you want to learn more about the operation of the Sun Joe MJ HVR 12e electric hover mower, we suggest you watch this demonstration video:


Key Specifications –

Cutting width
11 inches
Extension cord length
Cutting height options
Cutting options
Deck material
ABS plastic
No. of blades
Power type
Corded electric
10 lbs.
Yard size
Maximum ¼ acre
Mower Type
Manual push
Start type
Push-button start
120 V

Unique Features

There are some of the main features that stood out when assessing this mower.

The Hover Feature

This feature is among the most significant innovations in walk-behind mowers. Attached to this mower’s cutting deck are three blades that spin vigorously at 7000 RPMs.

This creates an air cushion, making it easy for the MJ HVR 12E to skim across.

You should consider this aspect when choosing between rotary mowers and hover mowers. Hover mowers create an air cushion between the grass and lawn mower.

This increases the mower’s maneuverability as it can be moved in any direction. As a result, the mowing process is quickened and made more manageable.

Replacement blades

Unlike others, this mower comes with 30 replacement blades. This way, you need not worry when your blades become damaged or blunt. All you need to do is take a blade from the extra thirty and replace it.

Absence of wheels

The mower lacks both the front and rear wheels. This makes it ideal for small lawns with uneven tufts.


The model’s lightweight and compact design is the reason it can maneuver in tight spaces.


Power, Design, and Durability

These are the three most important aspects to look for in a lawnmower before purchasing. Let us look at each one of them.


When it comes to determining an electric hover mower’s overall value, power is an important aspect to consider. So then, how powerful is the MJ HVR 12E?

We will begin by mentioning the robust 10-amp electric motor that gives it muscle.

Also highlighting the model is the hover feature that makes it possible for the mower to hover over turf, thus reducing the mowing time.

Together, the powerful three blades work in unison to ensure the machine can cut grass on the sloppiest lawns.


This is definitely an aspect you should pay attention to as it contributes to the overall functionality of the mower. We have already mentioned its lightweight aspect in the paragraphs above.

Being lightweight means it can easily maneuver in tight spaces, and you won’t need a lot of storage space. The ergonomically-designed handle it comes with is also worth mentioning.

As for the mower’s safety features, there is a safety switch on its handle responsible for activating the blades. When released, it rapidly disengages them.


This particular model was built to last. Even though it has a lightweight design, it can ram into hard obstacles and won’t break. Its blades are made of steel, and therefore constant wear and tear are out of the question.

Cut Quality and Available Options

The mower blades spinning at 7000 RPMs do a great job at mowing without causing exhaustion to your arms.

Things are made even better by the hover feature, which while sparing you the jolting effect of encountering uneven turf.

Besides this, it leaves a clean-cut top layer, which isn’t the case with wheel-bearing push mowers that tend to leave wavy or bumpy impressions on the grass.

Most mowers of this design have lightweight, delicate blades that become imbalanced quickly when dinged or nicked. It is therefore advisable to check your lawn for stones or sticks before starting to mow.

When the blades hit an obstacle, e.g., stone or naturally become blunt, there are 30 blades included in the mower’s initial purchase.

This machine is agile, allowing you to mow around landscaping features with much ease. It saves you money because buying a string trimmer won’t be necessary.

Performance and Ease of Use

The MJHVR12E does what it does best – giving you a clean-cut lawn. It is easy to use, and the assembling doesn’t require any expertise.

As mentioned before, the machine has a great starting mechanism. An electric start never disappoints. That, along with the fact that you can adjust the cutting height, makes this mower user-friendly.

It should be noted that the jilting you may experience with the other walk-behind mowers is eliminated when using the MJ HVR12E. This is made possible by the ergonomic foam put inside the handlebar.

The 10-pound weight of the MJ HVR 12E feels like feathers in your hands once you engage the hover feature.

Even though its corded power feature can be problematic when your lawn has several trees and other landscaping features, it is possible to develop a mowing pattern that will ensure the cord moves without knocking down your flower bed.

Also, the handle can be easily adjusted to accommodate the posture and height of the operator.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

The Sun Joe MJ-HVR12E electric hover mower is one such mower that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

It contains no batteries that may need recharging it. You just have to ensure you do not knock the power cord as you mow.

If you do not remove sticks in your lawn before embarking on mowing, periodic replacement of the blades will be necessary.

Additionally, avoid banging the hover platform’s edge because chipping it negatively impacts this feature’s performance.


The Snowjoe+Sunjoe Company item comes with a two-year warranty. To get a warranty for your product, simply download their Warranty Registration Card, print it, and mail it to them.

Alternatively, you can contact their support agents that operate throughout the week-from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekdays, and 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on weekends.

Their toll-free number is 1-866-766-9563. You can also reach them on their Facebook page for inquiries.

Price of Sun Joe MJ HVR 12E Electric Hover Mower

What appealed to us most about the MJ-HVR12E is its cost-effectiveness. In case you didn’t know, electricity is more affordable compared to gasoline costs.

Purchasing this mower also means the money you would spend on replacement filters and oil changes can be put to better use. Furthermore, the extra costs of acquiring a string hammer will be avoided.


Who Should Buy It

We have already seen how cost-effective this mower is. This makes it a suitable choice for anyone operating on a tight budget.

We love this Sunjoe invention because of its lightweight and compact design that gives it excellent maneuverability. Anyone with a small yet slopy lawn will find this unit a must-have.

Why We Like It

Winding up the review, we would love to state why we are in love with this invention. First, who wants to use a lot of effort while mowing? The mower comes with a lot of unique features that give it its mark of quality.

It has a powerful motor and is designed for ergonomics. What’s more? It isn’t about to dent your pockets, and its performance is top-notch. These reasons should be enough to convince you.


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