Sungoldpower ARC MMA 200A Stick Welder Review

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In Brief: SUNGOLDPOWER ARC MMA 200A Welder Review

Made by the Sungoldpower company, the Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder Dual 110V 220V IGBT Hot Start Welding Machine provides quality stick welding functions with a focus on customer satisfaction. This machine includes easy-to-use features and a lightweight design for household use by welders of any skill level.

The Sungoldpower company offers a commitment to customer service and satisfaction. This company makes it easy for customers to reach out and find answers to questions or product concerns.

The Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder offers dual voltage and convenient controls to make welding easy for beginners and more efficient for experienced users.

This machine lasts a long time and handles a variety of projects along the way.

Key Specifications of SUNGOLDPOWER ARC MMA 200A

SUNGOLDPOWER ARC MMA 200A Welder Dual 110V 220V IGBT Hot Start Welding Machine DC Inverter Welder 200 AMP LCD Anti-Stick

With the Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder, customers enjoy accessible stick welding perfect for any skill level.

This machine includes several features and accessories to make the product work well right of the box, such as dual voltage and hot start.

Check out the SUNGOLDPOWER ARC MMA 200A in action here –


Read the long list of SUNGOLDPOWER ARC MMA 200A specs below:

Input Voltage
220V or 110V +-5% AC
Rated Input Current
Duty Cycle
Output Current
13.6 in. x 5.5in. x 10.4in.
FeaturesDual voltage
Hot start
Over-voltage protection
Over-current protection
AccessoriesWelding rod
Cable wire
Welding gloves
Ground clamp and cable
Electrode holder and cable

Unique Features

The Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder comes with plenty of basic features to help beginners and more experienced users alike enjoy working with this machine.

Its safety features and convenient controls make it a great addition to any workshop.

Dual Voltage

Choose between 220V power for more intense work or use 110V power when you want to run this machine on regular household current.

Convenient Controls

The Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder features a simple dial function and a lighted digital display for users of any skill level to easily monitor their settings throughout any job.

Over-Voltage and Over-Current Protection

Customers never need to worry about the machine using too much voltage or electrical current thanks to this built-in safety shutoff feature.

Hot Start

With a Hot Start function, this stick welder makes it easy to weld in less-than-ideal conditions or with more challenging materials.

Adjustable Arc Force

The machine includes an adjustable arc force feature to allow users to carefully control their outputs and create the desired results every time.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

Combining convenient transportation and quality performance, the Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder brings accessible stick welding to almost any customer.


This machine performs well and holds up nicely against other more well-known name brands. Whether operating the machine on 220V or 110V, it manages a variety of light to moderate projects with ease.

The machine holds up well to long-term use and functions nicely for household purposes. It works best for mild steel and steel alloy. Some customers use it for aluminum welding with varying results.

With easy-to-use features and attachments, this welding machine provides high-quality stick welding performance.

Ease of Transportation

The machine weighs only 15 pounds and comes in at a much lower weight than many of its competitors.

Because it only includes one welding technique instead of two or more, the machine remains light and extremely convenient for transportation.

This machine also works on household currents, so it plugs into almost any outlet without the need for a complicated setup. Additionally, it includes a durable metal handle with sturdy plastic attachments for easy lifting and carrying.


Weld Quality and Available Options

Customers enjoy an impressive weld quality when working with the Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder. This stick welding machine creates good outputs and welds admirably, even in comparison to its competitors.

Some customers find the machine creates more spatter than others and reduces the ability to create a smooth puddle. However, many customers report no issues with either of these functions.

Home hobbyists and DIYers find this machine capable of handling most light to moderate household jobs with professional results.

The Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder comes in just one option. Customers may choose to add the following:

  • Longer work cable: Some customers prefer a longer work cable and upgrade this machine to include one.
  • Additional consumables kit: This machine requires consumables to work out of the box, so many customers add on a consumables kit to get started welding right away.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Customers may have trouble finding replacement parts for the Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder. Customer service offers some information regarding replacement parts and repairs for existing customers.

This welding machine requires regular, routine maintenance. To perform maintenance, begin by unplugging the machine from the power supply and leaving it off for at least 30 minutes.

Check the machine every six months for damaged labels, cords, cables, and accessories. Replace these as you find them.

Check the machine every three months for worn consumables and replace them as needed, too.

At the same time, use compressed air or a vacuum to clean the vents on this machine thoroughly. The machine may require cleaning every month if used frequently.

The Sungoldpower company offers a one-year limited warranty for this welding machine.

This warranty includes replacement parts for the entire machine but excludes consumables. The warranty offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for damaged items.

This warranty excludes damages caused by the user.

For more warranty information, contact the Sungoldpower company at 812-727-7788.


How well does the Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder handle aluminum?

This machine welds aluminum when used with aluminum welding rods. However, this type of welding requires some experience.

Can the Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder use 6013 rods?

Yes. This machine can use both 6013 and 6011 rods.

Can the Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder work for MIG or flux core welding?

No. This machine includes stick welding capabilities only. Customers should purchase a different or additional machine for MIG, TIG, and flux core welding.

What type of generator is best for the Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder?

This machine requires a generator that offers at least 5500 watts and a 30amp breaker.


The Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder offers a competitive price in comparison to other, similar products on the market.

The machine comes in at a lower price point than many other solo stick welders. When compared to machines that offer dual welding techniques, it offers an even lower price.

This price reflects the machine’s ability to weld using only one technique.

Despite the lower cost, the machine provides high-quality outputs and durable construction. It offers a very high value for the price.



The Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder works well for welders of any skill level.

It provides enough power to efficiently complete light to moderate welding jobs for those who have prior experience as well as accessible controls and easy functions for beginners.

The machine works well for household use, DIY, and home hobbyists. It also functions nicely for metal artists who perform light welding.

This machine provides high-quality results for residential purposes and enough portability to work well around the home. It works beautifully for mild steel and steel alloy.

Our Recommendation

The Sungoldpower Arc MMA 200A Welder combines a surprisingly lightweight and portable design with durable and long-lasting stick welding power.

The result offers beginners a convenient way to learn stick welding and keeps experienced users happy as well.

We recommend this welding machine for beginners who need to complete light welding jobs around the home.

We also recommend it for anyone in need of an affordable, portable stick welder intended for residential purposes.


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