Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter Review

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In Brief: Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter Review

With a powerful DC output and convenient single-knob interface with a digital display, the Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter Welding Machine provides portable cutting solutions for home hobbyists. This machine features a dual-voltage design and overheating protection to make jobs easier and safer too.

Although the Super Deal USA company does not solely produce welding equipment or plasma cutters, it creates quality items that work well for household use.

This company manufactures a variety of machinery and other goods for homeowners under the names Super Deal and Zeny.

The Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter provides quality technology and efficient design. It makes plasma cutting convenient for household purposes and affordable for beginners.

Key Specifications of the SUPER DEAL DC Inverter Plasma Cutter

The Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter also exists under the Zeny brand name. Both machines come from the same company and feature the same appearance and internal components.

This plasma cutter includes a convenient pressure gauge, efficient speed, and durable design. With a sturdy metal exterior and long-lasting interior components, this machine works well for household and garage use.

Check out the SUPER DEAL DC Inverter Plasma Cutter in action here –


Read the long list of SUPER DEAL DC Inverter Plasma Cutter specs below:

Plasma Cutter
Duty Cycle
Air Pressure
Rated Input Current
Power Supply Voltage
Current Range
49 cm x 40 cm x 28 cm
FeaturesDurable outer shell
Beginner-friendly controls
Overheating protection
AccessoriesCutting torch
Cable with clamp
Air regulator
Plasma tip
Gas pipe clasper
Pressure valve
Welding mask

Unique Features

With safety features such as overheating protection, over-voltage protection, and under-voltage protection, the Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter comes ready for use in a variety of situations.

Overheating Protection

This machine features a built-in heavy-duty cooling fan on the back of the product and plenty of vents to keep it from overheating while you work.

Over/Under Voltage Protection

The machine includes a feature that makes it shut down when the voltage does not provide enough power or provides too much for it to handle.

Durable Outer Shell

With an outer shell made of cast iron, this plasma cutter features a built-to-last design and durability that keeps it going strong for a long time to come.

Beginner-Friendly Controls

The controls on this product provide optimal beginner-friendly inputs with a simple dial and switch. The front of the machine also includes a digital display for easy checking and adjustments.

110V Input Current

This machine features a 110V input current that allows it to plug into a household outlet in most instances.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

The Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter provides a surprising level of performance in a conveniently portable package.


This machine performs well for its size. Although it cannot handle the variety of projects some other bigger-name plasma cutters might, it nevertheless works well for most DIY and home hobbyist needs.

The machine’s components hold up to a lot of use and the cutter itself remains sturdy, stable, and durable in the long0term.

The machine makes it easy for beginners to learn how to cut metal using its simple functions and powerful features.

Additionally, its safety features go above and beyond to prevent any damage to the machine or risks to the user while operating it.

Ease of Transportation

Coming in at just 22 pounds, this plasma cutter falls on the lighter side of the portable plasma cutter weight scale.

It offers a slightly lighter weight than some competitors and a considerably lighter weight than commercial or heavy-duty cutters.

Since it only includes a few functions and one type of plasma cutting, the machine remains small and compact. Its inverter technology gives it enough power to handle the job without needing a bigger shell.


Cut Quality and Available Options

The Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter provides a solid cut on mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.

The machine cannot handle most other types of metal but can process up to ½-inch thickness in most instances.

The cuts produced by this machine remain slightly more jagged or uneven than those created by other, similar products.

Despite this, the quality remains high and most customers feel satisfied with the results when using this plasma cutter.

The Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter comes in just one option. Customers may add the following to the cutter:

  • Improved cables and cutting torch: Some customers choose to upgrade the included peripherals and use higher-quality options with this machine.
  • Air compressor: You will need an air compressor to operate this plasma cutter correctly.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Super Deal USA company does not provide replacement parts for purchase with the Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter.

The company sometimes sells replacement accessories but usually recommends customers choose third-party replacement consumables as needed.

Customers should refrain from performing repairs on the interior of this product. Licensed repair technicians should handle this type of repair.

Customers should handle routine maintenance. Unplug the machine for 30 minutes before performing maintenance, then remove the cover.

Use compressed air to clean dirt and debris from the inside of this machine. Repeat this process on the vents.

Perform this type of cleaning every 1 to 2 months as needed.

When cleaning the machine, check connectors, cables, and consumables. Tighten any loose items and replace anything that looks damaged or worn. Never operate this plasma cutter with damaged or worn items in place.

The Super Deal USA company provides a limited one-year warranty on all of its products. This warranty covers replacements if the product fails due to manufacturer error or arrives malfunctioning or missing pieces.

The warranty does not cover user error or problems caused by misuse or improper installation.

It can be difficult to get in touch with Super Deal USA. The company provides customer service only via email.


What size air compressor does the Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter require?

This machine works well with at least 4-5 CFM @ 40 PSI in most situations.

How long is the power cord that comes with the Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter?

The included power cord measures about three feet in length.

Can the Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter run on 220V power?

Yes, but the machine does not come with an adapter or plug for this type of outlet. You will need to purchase these items separately to use it on 220V currents.

Do you need gas to operate the Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter?

No. The machine requires an air compressor but does not require gas.

Price of the SUPER DEAL DC Inverter Plasma Cutter

Coming in at the low end of the portable plasma cutter scale, the Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter provides a budget-friendly entry-level option for customers in need of a simple, no-frills plasma cutter.

This machine remains affordable because it provides only one function.

Although it comes with the required accessories, it also comes from a lesser-known brand name than some of its competitors and therefore offers a lower price.


Who Should Buy the SUPER DEAL DC Inverter Plasma Cutter?

This plasma cutter makes it easy for beginners to learn how to perform plasma cutting techniques. It features user-friendly controls and a simple design that encourages learners to try new skills.

The cutter comes with many required components to set it up and use it right away. It features a portable design that allows home hobbyists and DIYers to bring it around the home or garage with them while working on projects.

This product offers plenty of power and the ability to plug it into your household power supply. It makes plasma cutting accessible even for the most inexperienced of users.

Our Recommendation

The Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter gives home hobbyists a chance to try out plasma cutting without breaking the bank.

This machine offers enough power and features to handle household tasks and perform cutting jobs on a variety of metals and material thicknesses.

We recommend this plasma cutter for beginners learning how to cut. We also recommend it for metal artists, auto restoration hobbyists, and homeowners looking for a lightweight, portable way to tackle light to moderate jobs.


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