Toro TimeCutter MX5050 Zero Turn Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Toro TimeCutter MX5050 (50″) Lawn Mower Review

The Toro MX5050 50″ Lawn Mower was designed for an exquisite all-round performance. It comes installed with a Toro 708cc Commercial V-Twin engine, which maximizes the working torque of this machine. This exact engine is used in some of the top leading zero-turn commercial lawn mowers for optimal performance and durability.

With a 50″ fabricated heavy-duty cutting deck, this lawn mower is the ideal riding tractor for money making use.

The cutting deck presents an IronForged™ design that upsurges performance and minimal maintenance, even when operating in tough landscapes.

Toro really indulge themselves in making sure the engine is at its best condition, where a steel guard protects its engine from the rear side.

This is to ensure no damages by debris and tree branches as you maneuver extremely rugged terrains.

The machine is also designed for quick cleaning, where it features quick pressure ports for washing the deck. The washout ports maintain a steady airflow to the bottom part of the deck for optimal cutting.

Key Features of Toro TimeCutter MX5050 (50″) Lawn Mower

The Toro MX5050 50″ Lawn mower features a commanding and durable Toro Commercial V-Twin engine producing 24HP and some 708cc displacement.

This potent gasoline motor is responsible for powering your Toro riding lawn mower through the toughest terrains and for more extended periods than the conventional engines.

The engine has a faster response and quick start whenever prompted.

Toro MX5050 riding lawn mower features a large 11.4 liters (3-gallon) fuel tank. It withstands more mowing with few tank fill-ups.

More to it, the tank is translucent so that you can see the fuel level in the tank. This way, you know when it’s time to fill up and also avoid overfilling.

Strength is inevitable for such a lawn mower, and Toro didn’t let us down! It features a 10-gauge heavy-duty frame, which not only increases strength and durability but also optimizes performance.

It saves you a lot of maintenance costs.

Check the demonstration video in the link provided below for more details:


Key Specifications –

Cutting Width
50 Inches
Transmission Type
Dual Hydrostatic HG-ZT2200
Power Type
Engine Power
24HP, 708cc
Front Wheels Size (in.)
Rear Wheels Size(in.)
Cutting Style
3-Blade Cutting System
638 lbs.
Cutting Height Options
Start Type
Key Start
Deck Material
10-Gauge Fabricated Steel
Fuel Tank
3 Gallons
Engine Cylinders
2 Cylinders
Deck Lift System
Foot Controlled
Deck Wash Port

Unique Features

The Toro TimeCutter MX5050 hosts some unique features worth mentioning. They include:

Smart Speed Control

Toro MX5050 riding lawn mower comes with three ground speed ranges for speed control, dubbed Trim, Tow and Mow.

Using the Trim range helps you trim closer to the ground for the maximum cutting economy.

The Tow speed range optimizes the machine’s power for when you want to tow attachments along. Select the Mow speed range when you want to complete more extensive tracts of land and finish your job in time.

Auto-Parking Brakes

The design for this mower comes with a unique braking system compared to its peer models. When in the sitting operator’s position, move your arms outwards to engage the braking system without any stress.

This braking system effectively eliminates the need for an isolated parking brake, enhancing performance for this machine.

IronForged Cutting Structure

Your Toro MX5050 lawn mower doesn’t quite recognize what you distinguish as tough terrains. The cutting deck comes with a heavy-duty steel make, with 6″ spindles designed for commercial use.

These spindles are driven by Kevlar® belts, a material similar to that used in bulletproof vests. Plus, its 10-gauge steel blades have a tip speed of 18000fpm. That tells you how finely cut they leave your grass.


Power, Design, and Durability

These are three vital considerations when purchasing any mower. Let’s see what this Toro unit offers.


For power, your Toro MX5050 50″ Riding lawn mower is efficiently powered by a V-Twin Commercial 24HP Toro engine, that’s found in most top leading commercial Toro lawn mowers.

It is driven by a resourceful Dual Hydrostatic HG-ZT2200 power transmission, which optimizes performance on an all-around scale.


Only at the flip of a lever, you can easily engage the smart speed controls on the fly, for different ranges depending on the purpose you want to use it for.

The machine also comes with armrests to increase the operator’s comfort while at work. Its housing is a self-cleaning steel frame with fabricated iron cylinder linings.


Toro’s frame comes as a 10-gauge steel network that significantly increases durability and reliability on performance for this machine. Its transmission is also heavy-duty and highly resistant to elements and outdoor beatings.

Cut Quality and Available Options

There are no limits to which you can’t push this lawn mower in terms of cutting options; nearly everything about it is ‘heavy-duty.’

From the engine to its transmission and steel cutting deck, the Toro MX5050 was designed for resilience and long-term performance.

It features three-speed ranges for different cutting functions, including a mow, tow, and trim options.

I love the mow option, which gets the mower to its full throttle and a top speed of 7mph. With this, you can complete the biggest sizes of yards on the fly.

With a cutting deck fashioned from fabricated heavy-duty 10-gauge steel, you will mow in even the toughest conditions without worry.

The thickest turfs and hard overgrowths must submit to the razor-sharp cuts its triple blades deliver.

Performance and Ease of Use

Sitting on the thickly padded 18″ high premium seats, it feels like you’re on an automobile seat. The extra-tall backrests and armrests provide ample support and the smoothest and comfortable rides.

On the backside is a tough engine guard that protects your mower’s engine from damage by various obstacles and weather elements.

Toro MX5050 lawn mower also has among the most straightforward brake engagement systems I have experienced in any riding lawn mower.

With an exclusive Toro’s Smart Speed® system, driving any lawn mower has never been such an easy task. It gives excellent control when towing objects while trimming and for faster mowing.

You will never experience any scalping from this mower, all credits to the wide anti-scalp wheels, which effectively lets the deck float over grass.

With a bull-nose front bumper, the Toro MX5050 50″ Riding Lawn Mower is designed to handle any hard-hitting conditions.


Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

Maintaining this machine is not a hard job, though you must invest in keeping it in the right condition if you want a life-long service.

Being a gas-powered lawn mower, certain maintenance practices such as regularly checking the spark plugs and engine oil go without saying.

Regularly grease all levers and pulling parts to minimize the rate of wear. We also recommend cleaning the mower after each use.

You’re lucky for this part as this model comes with a deck wash port, as well as a pressurized self-cleaning air filter casing.


Toro MX5050 riding lawn mower is backed by a 3-year limited warranty without any hour limitations.

The warranty covers all material and workmanship defects within the 3-year window, after which you will have to pay for the repairs yourself. View the complete warranty information at

Price of Toro TimeCutter MX5050 (50″) Lawn Mower

Judging from its parts’ durability and forte against various physical beatings, I would say that this lawn mower has a total value for the money.

You might mistake it for a fuel guzzler, but the 3-gallon fuel tank efficiently powers you through your mowing jobs without the need for occasional refills.

Very little input is needed for maintenance costs too, plus using it for commercial purposes has excellent returns.


Who Should Buy It?

The first and immediate group I recommend this powerful lawn mower to are people with large sized yards; we’re talking about acres here. This mower can handle elongated use and tough jobs without resting. You’ll be amazed!

This also makes it suitable for commercial lawn groomers. For users with comfort standards, you can go for this lawn mower as your luxurious fantasies are already catered for.

Why We Like it

Toro MX5050 Lawn mower has several features that are absent in many riding lawn mowers.

It comes with an anti-vibration mat that ensures a more stable ride. Its large tires offer excellent traction and less scalping on hills and wet grass.

This innovative machine also has an effective Smart Speed catering for various lawn grooming options.

Additionally, it has a 10-gauge steel frame build, a steel cutting deck, and heavy-duty transmission.


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