Troy Bilt TB30 382cc Riding Lawnmower Review

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In Brief: Troy Bilt TB30 382cc Lawnmower Review

This lawnmower comes with great quality and functionality, all in only one package that will make your lawnmowing job so much easier. It also comes with many extra features included to improve your lawnmowing skills for a more professional lawn. And at the price point, this lawnmower is affordable and will be in reach of many landowners out there.

Since 1937 this company is producing lawn cutting machines and has improved over the years to provide exceptional quality and peace of mind.

The TB30 Neighborhood riding lawnmower is one of the great achievements that provide good lawn trimming service to their customers.

It is quite reliable, just like the rest of the Troy Bilt gardening care machinery and equipment, with nice added features. This lawnmower will provide great service as well as a fun way to mow the lawn.

Key Specifications Troy Bilt TB30 382cc Lawnmower

The wide 30 inches cutting width of this lawnmower makes it easy to mow even the larger lawns with fewer passes. This is great for when you are pressed for time to get the lawn to desirable length as quickly as possible.

With this lawnmower, you have up to five different height settings of the cutting deck, which makes it suitable for different applications. This is great for when you need a specific length to get that desirable matted finish off the lawn.

The comfortable seating provided with this riding lawnmower from Troy Bilt will help to prevent easy fatigue while mowing the lawn. It can easily be used by any person that has basic skills in driving this vehicle.

Key Specification Table –

Cutting Width
30 Inch
Power Type
Engine Size (cc)382cc
Front Wheels (in)
13 x 5 inches
Rear Wheels (in)
16 x 6.5 inches
Cutting Style
340 pounds
Height Adjuster
Drive System
Rear-Wheel Drive
2 Years Limited

Unique Features

Here are some of the great unique features you can expect from this mower:

Upgradability Of the Lawnmower

With this riding lawnmower from Troy Bilt, you can upgrade the discharge system to a rear-bag discharge for easy composting.

You can also add the mulching feature to this lawnmower so you can quickly and easily provide natural fertilizer for your lawn.

These features are optional if you prefer these discharging methods and the built-in side-discharge that already comes with it.

6-Speed Transmission

This lawnmower comes with a transmission that has 6 different speeds to improve on your lawn mowing time quickly and easily.

This is great if you want to choose between a fast cutting or lingering lawn cutting style for a variety of results.

It is also great for carrying many different sizes of people that come in many different weight classes.

Small Frame And Turning Radius

With a turning radius of only 18 inches, you can easily maneuver this riding lawnmower to get back in line quickly. So you do not waste a lot of time to find your spot where you last passed for a fast and clean cut.

The small frame format of this lawnmower makes it easy to store and transport between lawnmowing sessions.


Power, Design, and Durability


This lawnmower is powered by a strong 382cc engine that will provide enough power to make the job quick and easy. With the great power provided, you will get the desired results and perfect length in only one pass of the lawnmower.

With this lawnmower, you can easily and quickly just move into the long grass and cut it short in no time.

The different height settings of the cutting deck and the strong blade system will ensure your mowing will be done quickly.


With a small factor design, you do not have to worry about taking too long to mow the lawn before you get tired. The ease of use of all the features will also help to cut down the lawnmowing time.

With all the easily reachable controls, you will not waste any time on selecting the right option. This lawnmower is designed to make your lawnmowing job easier with comfortable seating.


The body of your Troy Bilt neighborhood riding lawnmower is made from high-quality materials to last longer for long service hours.

It is constructed from 14 gauge steel that makes it durable and strong to carry the weight easily and without effort.

The wheels of this lawnmower are made from durable and strong materials that will last very long. The rest of the design of this lawnmower is lightweight but sturdy construction.

Cut Quality and Available Options

With this lawnmower, you get the side-discharge method to get rid of the clippings as a standard option quickly.

You may add some other methods of discharging to this lawnmower additionally to improve your discharging selections and available options.

These additional options that can be added are the following.

  • Mulching
  • Rear-bag discharging
  • Side-discharging (standard)

With the reliable blade cutting selections of this lawnmower, you have different height selections available for the preferred cutting length.

These heights that can be selected are available in 5 different height settings for much better cutting results and lawn lengths.

This lawnmower can be used to make the right cutting length due to the durable and robust engine and strong blades. And that can be achieved in the first pass over without a lot of effort and time-wasting.

So you can effortlessly get the lawnmowing job done and have fun at the same time.

Performance and Ease Of Use

The seat of the lawnmower can be adjusted to accommodate different sized users out there comfortably. It comes assembled when you receive it, so you do not need a lot to get it up and running to mow the lawn.

All the lawnmower controls are easily accessible, and you will only need to get off the mower to adjust the deck height. For that perfect lawn, you have just the right power to cut even the most stubborn and larger lawns easily.

So overall is this an easy to use and to maneuver lightweight riding-on lawnmower.


Ease Of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

For repairs on this lawnmower, you need to take it to your supplier and let the professional people work on it. This is a low maintenance lawnmower that will need only the basic attention to keep it in peak condition.

The blade system can easily be removed when it is time to replace the blades for optimal performance. You need to regularly check the oil levels and clean the lawnmower properly before and after use.


You get a nice two-year limited warranty on this lawnmower from Troy Bilt, and the retailer will cover it. This lawnmower is available from different retailers, and they will provide you with warranty options.

For more information on the conditions of the warranty, see the owner’s manual, and to register your equipment, go to this website.

Price Of the Troy Bilt TB30 382cc Neighborhood Riding Lawnmower

This lawnmower from Troy Bilt comes with quite a decent price tag attached to this piece of garden care equipment. Compared to other similar lawnmowers of this class, you get great value for your money.

It also comes with a lot of extra features that imply it needs to be in a higher price class.


Who Should Buy It?

This riding lawnmower from Troy Bilt is the ideal garden care machinery for small and medium lawns. It is also great and strong enough to be used for the vast lawns that are more or less even.

For the landowners that love to keep the lawn in top condition, this is the ideal lawnmower for that job. It is also a great lawnmower that can easily be used by the garden care industry.

The ease of use and the low maintenance cost of this lawnmower makes it ideal for those institutions that have more extensive lawns.

It is the perfect lawnmower for schools and churches as well as for golf courses for that professional-looking lawn.

Furthermore, this is the right lawnmower to have for everyone that needs to maintain their lawns all year round.

Why We Like It

This lawnmower can easily do the job without too much effort and provide fun at the same time. And it is very easy to use by many different people for different lawnmowing applications.

And then it is so comfortable that it will definitely be a favorable lawnmower to use for mowing the lawn.


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