Troy Bilt TB46 Riding Lawn Tractor Review

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In Brief: Troy Bilt TB46 19HP 540cc Review

If you have a dream attached to your lawn, don’t hesitate to own this Troy-Bilt TB46 19HP 540cc 46 Inch Riding Lawn Tractor! Its durability and effectiveness in rugged terrains are a strong selling point for this lawnmower. It comes with a maintenance-free battery, has a quick stop battery, and is excellent for large landscapes measuring ½ yard or more.

This 46-inch tractor lawnmower is designed to flip all the right switches when the job gets hard for a pushing lawnmower.

It delivers home all the comfort and ease of use you desire. With the fast-attach accessories, switching between bagging, mulching, and side discharge is only but a breeze.

All credit goes to an impressive Briggs & Stratton engine. Producing some 19HP, and driven by a pedal-controlled CVT transmission, this is just the right machine to get the job done at any time.

It’s a solid machine that I promise you won’t weigh you down in your mowing job whatsoever.

Troy-Bilt TB46 comes with an 18-inch turn radius that’s dead-on precise for a mid-range riding lawnmower that travels at a maximum speed of 5mph.

Key Features of Troy Bilt TB46 19HP 540cc Lawn Tractor

Troy-Bilt TB46 46 Inch Riding Lawn Tractor is a powerful lawnmower with nearly all standard features necessary in a riding lawn tractor.

The manufacturer fashioned a powerful Intek Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine with 19HP and 540cc of engine displacement.

The mid-high backseat guarantees the operator’s comfort with a StepThru frame providing easy in and out access for a more luxurious ride.

The steering wheel has a soft touch design for more comfort, plus the foot pedal controlled CVT transmission makes any heavy-duty mowing job a practical, straightforward task.

With its wide 46-Inch cutting deck, you will complete your mowing jobs faster with extra convenience. Available are three options for clippings disposal: the mulching, bag collector, and side discharge for offcut recycling.

It also comes with the Mow-in-reverse capability making it ideal for mowing extensive landscapes.

Click the link provided for a demonstration video to learn more about this lawn mower:


Key Specifications –

Cutting Width
46 Inches
Transmission Type
Pedal Automatic CVT
Power TypeGasoline
Engine Power
19HP, 540cc
Front Wheels Size (in.)
Rear Wheels Size(in.)
Cutting Style
Double Blade
520 lbs
Cutting Height Options
Start Type
Key Ignition
Max Cutting Height
Max Forward Speed
5.5 mph
Max Reverse Speed
5.5 mph
Front Axle
Cast Iron
Turning Radius

Unique Features

This mower comes with several features that make it stand out from other standard models. Let’s take a look at them.


The pedal-controlled CVT transmission for this mower model has a reverse gear control. This allows you to mow in reverse in areas where navigation becomes an issue.

This is especially in landscapes with trees and huge obstacles such as boulders or wide ditches.

Moreover, the Troy-Bilt TB46 can cruise at a 5.5mph mowing speed on flat ground in reverse motion while mowing so you can count on this as a power feature.

Ergonomic Seat

Troy-Bilt manufactured this machine with the user’s comfort in mind. Their TB46 riding lawn tractor comes with an innovative ergonomic back seat made with comfortable and durable materials.

The seat mechanism also features a StepThru frame that gives you seamless access on and off the machine when necessary.

It is also conveniently placed for easy access to the soft-touch steering and pedal controls, giving more convenience.

Reliable Engine

Troy-Bilt TB46 features a potent Intek Briggs & Stratton engine with a 540cc engine displacement. It will power your mower through tough terrains and hilly landscapes without bogging down at any given time.

Enhanced by its inventive no-scalp wheels, there are no lengths you won’t achieve with this riding power equipment.


Power, Design, and Durability

These three features are very important to the performance of the mower. Let’s see what it has on offer.


Power is the one area Troy-Bilt TB46 Tractor Lawnmower shines. With its highly potent engine and transmission, this beast cuts through a quarter-acre of land in barely 20 minutes and will chug over and around large obstacles like it’s nothing.

You can depend on 540cc of engine power to keep you mowing long enough without being snagged up by things like slippery tractions and logs.


What impressed me is even after mowing multiple times on this tract of land, not a slight chipping of the paint was noted – it remained as new as the day I bought it. This speaks a lot about its durability competences.

Don’t expect your wrists or back to ache after a long day of mowing large chunks of yards. The TB46 comes fitted with a mid-high back seat whose design is for your comfort.

Plus, the soft-touch steering was built specifically for your hands.


Its front wheel axle is cast-iron made to withstand beating by harsh, rugged terrains and obstacles such as rocks and tree roots.

This is a solid steel constructed mower that won’t wear down anytime soon, plus it has easily detachable accessories and a Comfy StepThru frame for additional adeptness.

Cut Quality and Available Options

The TB46 provides three options for clipping disposal as well, including mulching and bagging options. With both of these, you can acquire a rider bagger or mulching kit depending on what you want.

Its side discharge is particularly the most effective at clipping disposal, at least as for now.

Operators can choose to use the optional snowplow on the front of this mower during winter. This leaves you no option but to mount weights to the back of the mower on the space provided.

Weights provide counterbalance while using the snowplow. Don’t forget the tire chains if you choose this option.

Performance and Ease of Use

When it comes to performance options, you can depend on this machine to groom your lawn during any season and any time of the day.

Its headlights are super-bright and undoubtedly useful when mowing at dust or nighttime. Its two-deck wheels are adequate to prevent scalping.

It also comes with an easy-to-depress parking brake that’s rather useful when stopping the machine at the desired place. Its Reverse Caution Mode smoothly allows you to engage the steel blades and mow in reverse when need be.

Using the simple movement of your hand, you can raise and lower the 46-inch cutting deck. Available is a 5-position hand height-adjustment lever, plus two deck wheels to ensure you don’t shear your lawn too short.

The Troy-Bilt TB46 comes with engine oil already in it. All you have to do is check on the levels. It comes with a wide 18” turning angle and steering it is smooth; you don’t expect anything less from this innovatively built monster!


Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

Preceding the storage of your TB46, engage the following maintenance tasks: clean the dash louvers and hood, polish the battery terminals, grease the rims and front axles, wash the engine cooling fins and lubricate its pedal pivot points.

Regularly inspect the blades to check for any damages and cracks, especially if they hit a hard object. To ensure your mowing job is effective, provided all tires have even tire pressure.


The Troy Bilt warranty covers for up to 2-years after the date of purchase. This includes all repairs and replacements necessary in accordance with the manual.

For customer support, call this number: Tel: 800-828-5500. The response team is available from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm EST.

Price of Troy Bilt TB46 19HP 540cc 46 Inch Riding Lawn Tractor

This machine is for folks who want to chug through large yards while cutting down on costs. You should beware that the machine needs gas and oil to run, plus regular maintenance practices.

It also comes with extra attachments options for those in need. For instance, if you want better traction and firmness, you’re welcome to purchase tire chains, a rear weight kit, and a 42 lb. suitcase weight.

On the overall, you get a lot with this unit. The price is low for such a quality riding lawn mower that handles jobs for large properties.


Who Should Buy It

You want to own this mowing tractor if you desire to groom a lawn half an acre or more. Compared to other riding lawn mowers, TB46 is a preferred option for its mow in reverse function.

It also stands out for people seeking to use it as a snowplow, and performance is top class in extremely rugged yards.

Why We Like It

Its durability and effectiveness in rugged terrains are a strong selling point for this lawnmower. It comes with a maintenance-free battery, has a quick stop battery, and is excellent for large landscapes measuring ½ yard or more.

The bright headlights are also efficient for mowing at night.


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