Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD Benchtop Jointer Review

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In Brief: Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD Jointer Review

The Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD is an 8-inch benchtop jointer with a top spiral cutter head. It has 4-side carbide tips. With a weight of just 64lbs, the item is more lightweight and portable. It’s recommended for those who need a long machine without spending out of the ordinary.

Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD carbide insert jointer is made by Tennessee-based benchtop woodworking and planer tools manufacturer, Wahuda Tools.

The brand was formerly known as Cutech Tools until 2019. It is renowned for professionals and beginners.

It is affordable, high-quality tools like the Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD benchtop jointer.

Key Specifications of the Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD

Wahuda Tools Jointer - 8-inch Benchtop Wood Jointer, Spiral Cutterhead Portable Jointer, Cast Iron Tables w/Pull Out Extensions, 4-Sided Carbide Tips & 10amp Motor, Woodworking Tools (50180CC-WHD)

The Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD has cast iron outfeed and in-feed tables. When you compare it with most joiners in this class, they usually have cast aluminum, which isn’t always as stable.

The Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD has a couple of features that make it safe to use and have around in the workshop. There is the safety guard and lock feature on the switch, and a table lock.

The machine has extension wings. They pop out another 11 inches off the end of the table. The tables are about 14½ inches long each, and the total bed is 30½ inches in length.

You have a depth gauge from 0 to 1/8 of an inch, which is the max cut dip depth.

Check out this video to find out more about it :


Read the long list of the Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD specs here :

Model No / nameWahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD
TypeBenchtop jointer
Cutting headCarbide inserts
Cutter inserts (no.)16
Motor voltage120V
Motor speed (revolutions per minute)10,000 +/- 10%
Cutter head speed (revolutions per minute)12,000
Dust collection (y/n)Yes
Weight (lbs)
Machine length (inches)51
Machine depth (inches)20
Height (inches)13
Depth of cut (inches)
1/8 maximum
Warranty (no. of years)2 years limited
Extra featuresT-Torx wrench
Push blocks

Unique Features

Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD (8 inch) Bench Top Spiral Cutterhead Jointer with Cast Iron table & 4 sided Carbide tips installed

There are some impressive features this benchtop joiner possesses. Some of these allow you to do more woodwork projects with no fuss.

The safety features

First, there’s a safety guard that is spring-loaded to return over the cutter head.

So once you finish the work, this protects the danger area and keeps you from sticking your hand into the blade. Up front, there’s the on/off switch.

It does have a removable lock on it. It won’t turn on without that, which is good because this is one of the most dangerous tools in the shop.

So if you have kids that might be out in the garage or the shop, it’s a nice safety feature that prevents accidents.

Spiral carbide cutter head

We really like the spiral carbide cutter head instead of having straight knives all the way across.

It has indexable ones that you can flip four different times if they get worn out or nicked.

This is different from cutter heads where you might have reversible knives that you can only flip once.

With these types, if anything along that whole width gets a nick in it, you’re out of luck. You have to replace it!


The machine is well-accessorized.

There’s the four-inch dust port, and it comes with two push blocks. It also comes with the necessary Allen keys to adjust everything as well as a Torx key to index the cutter heads.


Power and Performance

The machine has a belt drive going from the 10 amp motor to the cutter head.

The motor has a speed of 10,000 rotations per minute with a positive or negative 10% difference.

The cutter head turns at 12,000. This performance is rare to find even in other jointers, which are twice or even four times as expensive.

Ease of Usage

Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD (8 inch) Bench Top Spiral Cutterhead Jointer with Cast Iron table & 4 sided Carbide tips installed

Setting up the Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD is easy. Also, it is easy to move and use, thanks to its lightweight construction.

In addition, there are no blade chatters as there are only small blades that make stagger passes. Thus, it is quiet.

And if you nick the blade, there’s no problem; you have 4 sides.

All you need is to turn the cutter 90°, and you can return to work.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, & Warranty

Maintaining the Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD is a simple task. First, ensure the machine is switched off and disconnected from the power source.

Remove the sawdust from the Torx screw head. Then, remove this Torx screw with the cutter insert. Clean the dirt and dust on the insert and the pocket from where you removed the insert.

Remove all wood residues from the cutter head by using mineral spirits or a non-chlorinated brake cleaner.

The Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD comes with a two-year limited warranty. When deployed for commercial or industrial use, the warranty is just one year.

The warranty is only meant for the first owner of the machine. Wahuda Tools will not be liable to damages or malfunctions due to improper use, abuse, negligence, accidents, or lack of maintenance of the machine.

Price of the Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD

This jointer costs around half a grand or thereabouts. We think for the quality, it’s a pretty good deal.

There aren’t many quality benchtop joiners in that price range.

Plus, being an eight 8-inch jointer, it kind of set it apart from other competitive products in the price range.


Pros and cons of the Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD

Some of the advantages and the downsides of the Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD include :


  • Lightweight
  • Fast motor (10,000RPM)
  • CSA-approved for safety and performance
  • 4-side cutting tips
  • Relatively quiet


  • Few users think the tables aren’t 100% flat


Who Should Buy the Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD ?

The 50180CC-WHD benchtop jointer is a tool for woodworking shops that need a long, safe-to-operate, low-budget jointer. It can be used by small shops and also in industries.

Our Recommendation

We totally recommend the Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD, mainly for the performance and safety features.

It has a 10,000rpm single phase motor with a cutter head that makes 12,000 cuts per minute. We recommend it for workshops which need cleaner, faster, and quiet cuts.

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