Wen 6550 VS 6552 Thickness Planer Review – Which is Better?

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In Brief: Wen 6550 VS 6552

Both WEN 6550 and 6552 are portable and efficient Planers from the same manufacturer. Both products have diverse specifications. WEN 6552 makes 25,500 cuts per minute with its 3-blade system compared to WEN 6550 that makes 17,000 cuts per minute with its 2-blade system. Also, the weights of WEN 6550 and 6552 are 73lbs and 66lbs respectively.

Wen has been in the tool manufacturing and retailing industry since 1951.

They earn the reputation of being one of the industry’s trusted manufacturers from the consistent production of high-quality and durable power tools.

Wen 6550 and Wen 6552 are two amazing benchtop thickness planers from this manufacturer. This review is a comparative evaluation of these power tools, their unique specifications, and individual applications.

Wen 6550 VS 6552 at a Glance

The comparative knowledge of Wen 6550 and 6552 can serve as a guide to choosing the product that will best suit your needs.

Parameters 65506552
Ideal forProfessionals/ Homeowners/ DIY Enthusiasts Professionals/ Jobsite contractors/ DIY Enthusiasts
Motor Voltage120V120V
Motor Current15A15A
Cutterhead speed8500RPM8500RPM
Cuts per minute1700025,500
Feed rate26FPM26FPM
Max depth of cut3/32” (workpieces under 6”)
1/32” (workpieces above 6”)
3/32” (workpieces under 6”)
1/32” (workpieces above 6”)
Weight 73lbs66lbs
Max Workpiece Width12-1/2”13''
Base Size 21” x 12-1/2”21-3/4” x 12-1/2”
Max workpiece thickness6''6''
No of blades 23
PriceAffordableLess affordable compared to 6550
Warranty 2-year limited warranty2-year limited warranty
Unique features • Granite table
• Handy depth adjustment knobs
• Heavy duty base
• Fan assisted dust port
• Onboard planing gauge
• Adjustable In-feed and Out-feed tables

Wen 6550 VS 6552 : Weight

WEN 6550T 15 Amp 12.5 in. Corded Benchtop Thickness Planer

The consideration of weight usually varies with individual users. Those with a workshop might not mind which benchtop planer is heavier if other factors are favorable.

However, both Wen 6550 and 6552 are not heavyweight, but Wen 6552 has a lighter weight.

Weight of Wen 6550

Wen 6550 weighs 73lbs. The higher weight is due to the granite table. However, the higher weight of the product also has its advantages.

It makes the tool sturdier and reduces violent vibrations during operation.

Weight of Wen 6552

Wen 6552 weighs 66lbs, which is relatively lightweight compared to other products in this category. At this weight, the product is considered portable because it is easy to lift and move around.

Wen 6550 VS 6552 : Number of blades

The number of blades in a benchtop planer is one of the biggest influencers of its overall cutting capacity, but it might not significantly contribute to the cut quality of a planer.

Wen 6550 and 6552 have a distinct blade system with Wen 6552 having more blades.

Blades of Wen 6550

This benchtop planer works on a two-blade system to ensure smooth and beveled cuts. Having two blades is not unusual in this product because most planers usually feature two blades.

Blades of Wen 6552

Wen 6552 is equipped with three blades, which improves its cutting efficiency.

This blade number primarily influences the capacity of cuts and makes it standout compared to other products in this category.

Wen 6550 VS 6552: Cutting capacity

One of the essential considerations of any woodworking power tool is the cutting capacity. Both products in this pair have impressive cutting capacities.

However, considering the blade type and power setup of individual products, Wen 6552 has a cutting capacity that is higher than Wen 6550. 

Cutting Capacity of Wen 6550

Wen 6550 has an impressive cutting ability; this product supports board heights of up to 6″. The motor supports the product to make up to 17,000 cuts in a minute.

Likewise, it can make 3/32″ deep cuts on workpieces less than 6″ in width and 1/32″ deep cuts on workpieces above 6″ in width. 

Cutting Capacity of Wen 6552

Wen 6552 has a three-blade system, and powerful motor setup that influences its cutting ability.

The product is capable of making 25,500 cuts per minute, and 3/32” and 1/32” cuts on workpieces with width higher and lower than 6” respectively.

Wen 6550 VS 6552 : Base Size

The base size of a benchtop planer often influences its rigidity, sturdiness, and stability. While this might not be a serious consideration for workshop owners, it is a huge consideration for multiple jobsite contractors.

Wen 6550 and 6552 have a similar base size with Wen 6552 having a slightly higher base length. 

Base Size of Wen 6550

Wen 6550 has enough base size that confers stability and rigidity on the product. This size also makes it adaptable to jobsite rigors.

Wen 6550 has a base size of 21″ x 12-1/2″ which is considered impressive.

Base Size of Wen 6552

Wen 6552 has a base size that is slightly more than that of Wen 6550. This model is equipped with a base size of 21-3/4″ x 12-1/2″, which makes it one of the best products in its category.

Wen 6550 VS 6552 : Price

Nothing gives purchasers more pleasure than acquiring an affordable product that offers high value for money. Both Wen 6550 and 6552 are quite affordable and are suitable for medium to low budget buyers.

However, the price of Wen 6552 is moderately higher than that of Wen 6550. 

Price of Wen 6550

Wen 6550 is an ideal product for low budget buyers. Aside from being one of the most affordable products in its category, it also offers a high value for money.


Price if Wen 6552

Although it is costlier than Wen 6550, this product is still one of the most affordable planers you can get especially when compared with other brands of benchtop planers.

The product is a good buy, considering its specifications and efficiency.


Wen 6550 VS 6552 : Warranty

WEN 6552T 13 in. 15 Amp 3-Blade Benchtop Corded Thickness Planer

Buying a product without a warranty is like taking a gamble on its quality. Wen 6550 and 6552 have impressive warranty offers that enhance the purchaser’s confidence.

Both products have the same warranty offers because they belong to the same product category from the same manufacturer.

Warranty of Wen 6550

A 2-year limited warranty covers Wen 6550 on any defects in the product’s craft and materials. This warranty also includes service repair and support for this product during this period.

Warranty of Wen 6552

Wen 6552 has a 2-year limited warranty that covers any factory defect in craft or materials. This offer also includes service support and repair in various authorized outlets by the manufacturer.

Standout Features

Unique Features of Wen 6550

Granite Table: The granite table of Wen 6550 confers stability and sturdiness to it. The table provides a non-marring surface for woodworking operations.

Likewise, it limits the violent vibration of the product and aids a smooth finish.

 Handy depth adjustment knobs: This feature allows easy maneuverability of Wen 6550 when it comes to cutting adjustments. This feature aids the accuracy of cuts.

Heavy-Duty Base: Wen 6550 has a heavy-duty base that makes it adaptable to various jobsite rigors.


Unique Features of Wen 6552

Fan-assisted dust port: Wen 6552 has a fan-assisted dust port that allows the effortless accumulation of dirt, dust, and chip. The fan also blows these wastes away from the product to ensure its cleanliness.

Onboard planing gauge: The onboard material removal gauge of this model is one of its features that enhances the smoothness and accuracy of cuts.

This gauge informs the user or operator about the cutting depth of each pass.

Adjustable In-feed and Out-feed tables: Aside from aiding the products’ operational ease, the adjustable In-feed and Out-feed tables provides this model with an extensive work surface.


Which Planer is Better ? Wen 6550 or 6552 ?

Use Wen 6550 if :

You should use Wen 6550 if you need an affordable benchtop planer that is efficient, portable, and reliable. You should also use this product if you are a hobbyist or amateur that needs a benchtop planer that is easy to use.

Overall, it offers ideal woodworking solutions to professionals and beginners alike.


Use Wen 6552 if :

Do you want a versatile, portable, and affordable planer for your medium and large-scale woodworking applications ? Then, Wen 6552 might be the product to consider.

This product offers effective woodworking solutions to professionals, jobsite contractors, homeowners, and other DIY enthusiasts.


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