Wen CT1065 Circular Track Saw Review

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In Brief: Wen CT1065 Review

Wen CT1065 is a compact Circular Track Saw with flexible adjustments. Its high-performing 10amp motor rotates the blade at 5500RPM to deliver high power cuts. It offers an adjustable cutting depth between 0 to 2-1/3″ thus, it’s suitable for door trimming, ripping plywood, and other woodworks. It offers valuable service to amateurs, homeowners, and professional woodworkers.

Since the establishment of Wen , the company has progressively evolved to become one of the leading tool manufacturers in the industry. Their products show consistent quality and reliability.

Wen CT1065 remains one of the company’s most efficient products. It allows you to get similar results with a panel or larger table saw in a compact package. It is suitable for applications that require precise cuts.

Key Specifications of Wen CT10652

WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw,Black

The specifications of Wen CT1065 make it a portable companion for applications that requires long and precise cuts.

Wen CT1065 has a 6.5″ 24-tooth blade that can cut through hardwoods because of the powerful no-load 5500RPM triggered by a 10amp motor. The product has a cut capacity of 1.65″ at 45⁰ and 2.32″ at 90⁰.

Wen CT1065 allows easy blade adjustment switching between three distinct blade settings. Each adjustment is either for making full plunge cuts, making a 1/8″ deep cut, or simplifying blade alternations.

The video below shows how to arrange and use Wen CT1065 :


Take a look at Wen CT1065 Circular Track Saw long list of specs here :

Speed/Power rating (RPM)5500
Motor rating (amp)
Voltage (Volts) 120
Blade (inches)6-1/2"
Arbor Size (mm)20
Base plate (inches)12" x 6.625"
Bevel range (degrees)0-45
Kerf (mm)2.2
Cutting capacity at 90 degrees without track (inches)2.32”

Cutting capacity at 45 degrees without track (inches)1.65”
Weight (Ibs)12
Blade teeth24

Unique Features

Wen CT1065 stands out among other table saws, particularly the ones with similar size. It has certain features that highlight its uniqueness.


One of the most amazing features of Wen CT1065 is the ease of adjustment. Despite the compact size of the product, it still allows flexible adjustment of the product.

It offers three-blade settings for distinct performances for scoring cuts, blade changes, and plunge cuts.

You can also modify the depth of cut between 0 to 2-1/3″ with the integration of a depth gauge.

Compactness and Portability

The design of the Wen CT1065 is compact and lightweight. Thus, you can easily move it from one jobsite to another. The overall dimension of the product is 12″ x 9.5″ x 9.5″ and weighing only about 12 pounds.

Despite being a compact and portable package, Wen CT1065 still allows the integration of several amazing features, including a 1.5″ dust collection port and precision grooves.


 Design,Cutting and Safety

The design of Wen CT1065 is one of its most valuable selling points. This design complements its compact size, cutting capacity, and also enhances your safety.


The overall design of Wen CT1065 enhances its functionality and promotes efficiency. The flat 12″ x 6.625″ base plate of the product offers maximum stability and precision.

The product also has a 1.5″ dust collection port to minimize dirt hindrance.

Other complementary accessories of the product include precision grooves and non-slip base cams.


The size of the Wen CT1065 does not limit the cutting ability of this tool. It has a 6.5″ 24-tooth blade that can cut through varieties of material, including hardwoods.

The product has a cut capacity of 1.65″ at 45⁰ and 2.32″ at 90⁰ without tracks.

With tracks, the cutting capacity slightly plunges to 1.50″ at 45⁰ and 2.13″ at 90⁰. The depth of cut is adjustable between 0 to 2-1/3″.


If you are using any power tool, you should ensure that it does not expose you to hazards. WEN CT1065 has non-slip base cams that reduce pinching and mitigates the possibility of kickbacks.

The flexibility of the product allows comfortable use to minimize stress and fatigue.


Ease of Maintenance Repairs, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

The compact size and minimal design of Wen CT1065 make the routine maintenance hassle-free. Some of the routine maintenance procedures for the product include :

  • Lubricate all moving parts of the tool regularly.
  • Wipe the surface of the tool with a clean cloth to keep it neat.
  • Keep the ventilation opening of the tool from dust, dirt, and chip.


Wrong repair and servicing of the tool can turn out to be very hazardous.

Therefore, the company offers repair and replacement services. A qualified technician must perform the repair and replacement while you can handle the routine maintenance.


The warranty offers for Wen CT1065 include :

  • 30-days money-back guarantee for missing or damaged parts.
  • Two-year limited warranty from date of purchase in materials and crafts.

For further inquiries and information on the warranty offer for Wen CT1065, you can call 800-232-1195. Their service is usually available from Monday-Friday, 8 AM-5 PM CST.

You can also visit wenproducts.com for general inquiries.

Price of Wen CT1065

The price of Wen CT1065 is not a barrier to acquiring the product. It is affordable and offers a more valuable functionality relative to the cost.

The compact product is a suitable consideration for low and medium-budget buyers.


Who Should Buy Wen CT1065 ?

Wen CT1065 is a great companion for getting long and precise cuts from varieties of wood materials. The compact package offers virtually the same results with larger table saws and panels.

It is a good option for contractors or professionals with multiple jobsites because you can easily move the product.

The product is easy to use thus, it is suitable for amateurs, homeowners, hobbyists, and other DIY enthusiasts. Its functionality also makes it suitable for residential, professional, and commercial use.

Why We Like It

Wen CT1065 is a good consideration if you’re a professional, amateur, or hobbyist with minimal budget that is looking to get the value for money.

You should consider Wen CT1065 because of its minimal cost, lightweight, and compactness.


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