What Is the Best Month to Buy a Lawn Mower?

In Brief: What Is the Best Month to Buy a Lawn Mower

The best to buy a new lawn mower in either March, April, or May if you want a great selection and beginning of season deals. June and July are not ideal, except for the occasional holiday sales. August and September are the best months for great deals, since they mark the end of mowing season, but selection isn’t as good.

Buying a new lawn mower is a big investment. Mowers are essential for keeping your yard well maintained, but you should still be sensible when you’re looking to buy one.

You can buy a mower any time of the year. However, buying in certain months may give you a monetary benefit or your choice of more models.

What Is the Best Month to Buy a Lawn Mower?

Depending on where you’re buying your new mower, prices and availability can vary throughout the year.

To decide when you should finally make the purchase, think about when the mowing season is, how much you need a new mower, and when the manufacturers are running sales.

Mowing Season

In most of the US, mowing season begins in mid-late spring. At the beginning of the season is when it’s easy to find a lot of different types of mowers for sale.

There may be early bird sales in the beginning of the season to encourage people to start buying mowers again.

In peak season is when promotional sales tend to die down. Many mowers are in stock and people are buying regularly to use right away.

Once the mowing season winds down, you may be able to find more sales again as stores try to clear out lawn mowers to replace them with other equipment. It may be harder to find exact models of mowers because they are not being restocked as frequently.

Your Mowing Needs 

When you already have a working mower, even if it’s not ideal for your property, you may want to hold off and wait for the best deal you can find. Be ready to buy any time, but wait patiently until the price is most favorable to you.

Manufacturer Sales

Throughout the year, different manufacturers and stores may have sales to mark holidays, seasons, clearing of inventory, and more. Some sales are specific to your location, but holiday sales around Memorial Day, Independence Day, Father’s Day, and Labor Day are common.

Best Months for Buying a Mower

According to Consumer Reports, the best months to buy a lawn mower are March, April, and May or August and September. March, April, and May mark the beginning of mowing season.

You’ll get the best selection at this time and are likely to find good deals on mowers because they aren’t yet in high demand.

If you miss this time, look again at the end of mowing season in August and September. During these months, you’re still likely to find decent selection and you may run into clearance sales.

If you wait much longer than September, you’re not likely to find many lawn mowers in stock anymore.


Buy a new mower before mowing season starts in March, April, or May. Or, look for a good deal in August or September. Avoid buying in June or July unless you’re going for a holiday sale.

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