What To Spray On Your Snow Blower Chute

In Brief: What To Spray On Your Snow Blower Chute

Need to know what to spray on your snowblower chute? Non-stick sprays are offered by brands like Du Pont, Ariens, Gemplers, and Stens. Non-stick sprays only require one application per season. At short notice, you could use WD-40 or cooking oil, though both will require a repeated application and subsequent cleaning.

As any snow blower owner knows, nothing wastes more time when clearing snow than a clogged chute.

Snow that is too compacted, wet, or contaminated can easily clog the chute on your snow blower, costing you time as you set about unclogging it.

This guide will take you through the great options available to help prevent clogging with a snow blower spray.

What To Spray On Your Snow Blower Chute

If you do not adequately prepare your snowblower for use, you will experience clogging.

Even if you are an expert snowblower operator, you will encounter wet snow, dirt, grass, and other problems that cause clogging.

It is very easy to stop this from happening with the application of a non-stick spray.

Non-stick sprays act much like cooking oil does in a pan or skillet. Once applied, the snow will not adhere to the chute and clogging will not occur.

How To Choose A Non-Stick Spray For Your Snowblower

There are a few good options on the market for non-stick sprays.

Du Pont, Ariens, Gemplers, and Stens all offer non-stick sprays specifically for use on a snowblower.

These treatments last for weeks to months, which means that quite a small bottle will last longer than you might expect.

If you own other tools that require the same sort of protection, you may want to opt for an all-purpose or multi-purpose spray.

How To Use Non-Stick Spray For Your Snowblower Chute

You can use your non-stick spray to create a layer of protection for your auger, scoop, impeller, chute, and deflector.

Simply spray it on according to the instructions on the bottle. Ensure that the machine is off and the safety key has been removed before going anywhere near the auger.

You will have to leave it to cure for 30 minutes or so, dependent on the brand. You should only need to apply it once or twice per season.

Alternative Sprays For Your Snowblower

If you are in a jam, do not have any non-stick spray, and need to use your snowblower right now, then there are some quick fixes you can use.

WD-40, or a similar lubricant, will do the same job as the non-stick sprays. You could also use vegetable oil if you do not have any WD-40.

In both cases, you will need to reapply every time you use the snow blower.

You may even need to reapply halfway through the job. As a result, you will be much better served by getting a purpose-made spray.

If you do use vegetable oil, please remember to clean it afterward to avoid attracting dirt and grime.


We hope this guide has helped you to decide how you are going to protect your snow blower chute from clogging.

While there are quick fixes available, you will be glad to have opted for a long term fix the next time you fire up your snow blower.

If you have any questions or comments about this guide or snow blower spray in general, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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