Worx WG309 VS WG310 Pole Saws Review – Which is Better?

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In Brief: Worx WG309 VS WG310

Worx WG309 and WG310 are Pole Saws from the same manufacturer. However, a few specifications highlight the difference between these pole saws. WG310 has 34 chain links, compared to the 40 links of WG309. WG310 has a weight of 9.5lbs, which is slightly lesser than 10lbs weight of WG309. Similarly, the pole of WG309 is 2″ longer than WG310.

Worx is a manufacturing company that specializes in the manufacture of various power tools and garden equipment.

This company’s reputation is reliable because they infuse innovation, power, and performance into their products.

Worx WG309 and WG310 are power tools from this manufacturer. In this review, we will evaluate the specifications of each pole saw, their strengths, and their selling points. 

Worx WG309 VS WG310 at A Glance

Worx WG309 and WG310 have comparable similarities. Although they primarily serve the same purpose, however, some parameters highlight their specifications.

Parameters WG309WG310
Ideal for Gardeners/Home owners/ professionals/ DIY Enthusiasts
Gardeners/Home owners/ professionals/ DIY Enthusiasts
Weight 10lbs9.5lbs
Rated Voltage120V~60Hz120V~60Hz
Power Input8amps8amps
Pole Length 10''8''
Chain Speed 8.5m/s8.5m/s
Chain Pitch 3/8”3/8”
Chain Gauge 0.050”0.043”
Chain Links4034
Oil Tank Capacity
PriceNot cost intensive Fairly priced
Warranty 3 years 3 years
Unique Feature• Rotating handle
• Extended bar length
• Tool-less installation
• Tool-less installation
• Automatic oil pump
• Tool-less Chain tension system

WorxWG309 VS WG310 : Weight

Worx WG309 8 Amp 10' Electric Pole Saw

The weight of Worx WG309 and WG310 falls within the same range.

They are both lightweight. However, the weight of WG310 is slightly lower than WG309. The slight difference is basically due to some additional features.

Weight of WG310

The weight of WG310 is moderate and enhances the portability of the product. This product weighs 9.5lbs, which is reasonable for a good pole saw. It allows safe and easy maneuverability.

Weight of WG309

WG309 has a portable and compact design. The ease of handling the product is due to its 10lbs weight. It has a moderate weight for a good pole saw.

Worx WG309 and WG310 : Pole Length

Pole length is the main determinant of the height you can reach using a pole saw.

This feature is one of the factors that highlight the differences between Worx WG309 and WG310. WG310 is about 2″ longer than WG309.

Pole Length of WG310

The pole length of WG310 is suitable for an average user. This pole saw has a pole length of 8″ which allows you to prune almost any tree in the garden.

Pole Length of WG309

The pole length of WG309 is slightly longer than that of WG310. This pole saw has a pole length of 10″, allowing you to reach for tree branches that appear relatively high.

Worx WG309 vs. WG310 : Chain Gauge

Chain gauge primarily influences the chain speed, weight, and strength of pole saws.

The chain gauge of WG309 is slightly thicker than WG310. This feature is one of the factors that account for their difference in weight.

Chain Gauge of WG310

The chain gauge of Worx WG310 is about 0.043″ thick. This feature accounts for its lighter weight compared to WG309. This thickness is enough to support the functioning of the product.

Chain Gauge of WG309

WG309 has a chain gauge that is 0.050″ thick. This thickness falls within the range of a typical pole saw. It also accounts for its additional weight compared to WG310. 

Worx WG309 VS WG310 : Chain Links

The chain links are the principal determinant of chain type, chain length, and chain size of any pole saw.

The chain link of WG310 is about six links lesser than Worx WG309, thus translating to the fact that the latter has a longer chain compared to the former.

Chain Links of WG310

WG310 has 34 links on its chain. This feature accounts for its rate of chain rotation and the overall length of the chain.

Chain Links of WG309

WG309 pole saw has 40 links on its chain; this defines the chain’s overall speed and chain length which enhance the cutting capacity of the pole saw.

Worx WG309 and WG310 : Warranty

WORX WG310 8' 8A Electric Power Pole Saw, Black and Orange

The manufacturer of Worx WG309 and WG310 gives outstanding warranty offers to provide their users with appropriate security to boost their confidence.

Therefore, it is understandable that Worx WG309 and WG310 have a similar warranty offers.

Warranty on WG309

Worx offers a 3-year limited warranty on WG309. This warranty covers all defects in materials and operation.

Likewise, this product’s users enjoy service supports that cover repair and replacement of certain parts of the product.

Warranty on WG310

A 3-year warranty covers WG310. The offer includes defects in materials and craft. Likewise, the warranty offers include service support for the repair and replacement of different parts of the product.

Stand Out Features

Unique Features of WG310

High Power Setup: WG310 has a powerful setup that includes 120V~60Hz and 15amp motor. This setup aids its effective delivery and optimal performance.

Extendable Length: The pole of this product requires a tool-less installation. Asides from the 8ft extension, the pole provides a 10ft reach.

 Auto Fuel Regulation: WG310 has an auto oil pump and oil level indicator that keeps you alert about the product’s operational state. It also keeps the product functioning at an optimal level.


Unique Features of WG309

Easy attachment and detachment: You can easily connect and separate the product without any tool. This feature also aids easy maneuverability and operational safety.

 2 in 1 Swap from Pole: The length of the tool allows you to prune tall branches. You can also swap it to work on the problematic units closer to you.

Rotating Handle: The rotating handle of this product makes it easy to prune and trim branches.


Which Pole Saw Is Better ? Worx WG309 VS WG310 ?

Use WG310 if :

The nature of the task and the prior knowledge about the operation usually influence the product to use.

Therefore, it is best to use WG310 if you need a lightweight and affordable product of moderate length. Likewise, you should use this product if you want your job done with ease.


Use WG309 if :

One of the key features to look out for in any power tool is easy maneuverability, effective performance, and durability.

You should use WGB309 if you need a product with high flexibility to carry out different types of tasks.

Likewise, you should consider the product if you don’t want to spend too much on acquiring a good pole saw.


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