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ounded by Henry Ariens in 1933, Ariens Company started out manufacturing agricultural machinery and equipment for the American market.

One of its very first machines was the first American-made tiller machine, which helped to shape the American landscape.

This company has been passed from son to son for four generations and is still in the Ariens family after nearly 90 years.

The company started out in Brillion, Wisconsin, and it is still located in the same town after all these years.

Ariens is still making some of the best and most popular garden and landscaping equipment with a lot of new technology included.

As mentioned in the intro, this company remains on American soil after all these years while many companies have migrated to the East.

Ariens still remains an American company owned and run by the Ariens family, and it will stay like that.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

To the owners of this company, it means a very big deal to put their names on their machines and equipment.

When they do that, it means that they trust their products with their family name.

Since they started entering the lawn and garden market in 1958, they have never looked back. That was the year they entered the lawn care market with the first ride-on lawnmower.

Of course, the family was proud to say that it came from the Ariens stall.

Today, the company produces a very strong and durable range of ride-on zero-turn lawn mowers for many different markets and lawn cutting applications.

Ariens Lawn Mower Line

Ariens Company has quite an extensive range of lawnmowers available for every walk of life you can think of.

This range of lawnmowers ranges from the classic, humble push mower to the newest zero-turn ride-on lawnmowers that come with many great features included.

Types of Lawnmower Products Available

Apex Zero-turn is a range of ride-on lawnmowers that comes with quite a wide cutting deck for larger lawns.

The Zenith Zero-turn ride-on lawn mower comes with a strong and reliable engine included, making even the roughest lawn easy to cut.

The Ikon ride-on zero-turn lawn mower is another one of the heavy-duty lawn mowers from Ariens that can be used all year long.

One of their newest inventions is the Edge ride-on zero-turn lawn mower that comes with all the newest technology included with it.

The standard walk-behind self-propelled lawn mower is the ideal piece of equipment for those with a small lawn to manage.

With a completely electric motor, the walk-behind self-propelled electric lawn mower will help cut down your fuel cost to basically nothing.

Ariens Push lawn mower is one of the classic style lawnmowers that most yard owners use to keep the lawn in a manageable condition.

Key Differentiation Factors


The basic difference between your average lawnmower and those made by Ariens is the high-quality craftsmanship that is put into the manufacturing of these machines.

Together with that is the durable and strong materials that are used in the construction of these lawnmowers.

High quality

These key features will make a huge difference in the quality you will get in the final product from Ariens.

This company uses the newest technology that is available for both residential and commercial lawn mowers out there.


All these new inventions are integrated into the lawnmower to provide you with a very convenient piece of gardening equipment.

It also comes with a high level of comfort and reliability included for the maintenance of your lawn at home.

Finally, you have a lawn managing tool that will help make lawn cutting easier and much more comfortable.

Who Should Buy the Lawn Mowers Supplied by Ariens?

This is the ideal piece of equipment for the person who is in charge of keeping the lawn in good condition.

That could be the manager of a golf course or even a park manager, as well as the person in charge of the schoolyard.

Overall, Ariens is an excellent choice for everyone who needs a reliable lawn managing tool.

Ariens Lawn Mower Reviews


Now that you know a little bit more about this well-established lawnmower company, you should take a look at its products.

The great thing about these lawn mowers from Ariens is that they come with an affordable price tag.

They are available in many models that can be used for many different lawn cutting applications and types of lawns, as well.

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