Best Lawn Boy Lawn Mower Reviews

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Lawn Boy aims to build on the craftsmanship and quality that made them a backyard icon all those years ago.

They are ideal for homeowners that seek a reliable lawn mower that takes everything back to the basics and is budget-friendly as well.

They produce lawn mowers for folks who don’t mind getting a little dirty in the garden and lawn equipment with the power to cut it in the real world.

Lawn Boy was founded after Ole Evinrude decided to complete his design of the outboard motor in 1907, which is still the standard for the company today.

Evinrude then went on to develop a small, lightweight motor, which he called the Evinrude Light Twin Outboard.

Now, Lawn Boy produces top-quality walk-behind lawn mowers and Zero Radius Turning Mowers that are engineered specifically to fit each and every user out there.

Their lawn equipment is of the highest quality and is made using only the best parts and materials.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

Today, Lawn Boy produces a limited-yet-comprehensive range of walk-behind lawn mowers, with five different models in total.

Each model has its own unique features, with different engines, power systems, and driving modes to suit various lawn needs.

They also manufacture their own leaf blower and snowblower. Both of these products are fairly new to their line of gardening equipment since before, they only produced lawn mowers.

Currently, Lawn Boy ships their lawn mowers, leaf blowers, snow blowers to any state in the US, and Canada as well.

Lawn Boy Lawn Mower Line

Types of Lawn Mowers

Like we mentioned above, Lawn Boy currently produces five different lawn mowers.

All five mowers are walk-behind models, meaning that you need to push them from behind in order to operate and move them.

Their 21” High Wheel Push lawn mower with a Honda engine is one of their best sellers. It is a push-behind model, and features high wheels, meaning that it is capable of cutting grass at varying lengths.

There are also three self-propelled lawn mowers available.

As you may have guessed, self-propelled lawn mowers are capable of moving forward on their own, without the need for you to stand behind them and push them yourself.

These lawn mowers are great for lawns that are a little more difficult to traverse, like those with hills, since the lawn mower will do some heavy lifting for you when moving uphill.

This makes them quite convenient for those with muscle problems or arthritis, as they won’t need to strain themselves.

There are two lawn mowers with variable speed controls, which allow you to change the speed at which the lawn mower moves manually.

This allows for greater control overall and lets you essentially customize the quality of the cut of your grass.

Finally, Lawn Boy also manufactures a lawn mower with an electric start mechanism.

This mechanism removes the need to repeatedly tug at a cord to get the mower going – instead, all you need to do is press the button, and the mower will startup.

Key Differentiation Factors


Lawn Boy differentiates themselves from other gardening equipment manufacturers by ‘returning to the roots’ in a sense.

They aim to remove the complexities that have flooded the outdoor power tool market and make products that are simple, easy to use, and, most importantly, effective.

This is part of the reason why their line of lawn mowers is so limited.

They provide only the essentials, with just enough variation to cater to a variety of user and garden needs, while avoiding becoming over complex.

Focussed Product Range

If you visit pretty much any other outdoor power tool manufacturer’s website, you’ll be flooded with numerous different products, and can quickly become overwhelmed by the choices provided to you.

Lawn Boy does not pose the same problem.

Instead, they offer a very small range of products that are guaranteed to get the job done quickly and effectively, while also being budget-friendly.

Who Should Buy Lawn Mowers from Lawn Boy

If you’re tired of seeing hundreds and hundreds of complex, high-tech lawn mowers all over the market, then Lawn Boy might be the right brand for you.

Their lawn mowers are simple, and their range is limited, but they offer just enough variation to cater to pretty much any user and lawn need.


As the saying goes, ‘less is more’, which could not be more true for Lawn Boy.

With their small range of products, you’re bound to find something that suits you.

Lawn Boy Lawn Mower Reviews

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