Husqvarna ST224 Two Stage Gas Snow Blower Review

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In Brief: Husqvarna ST224 Review

The Husqvarna ST224 two stage gas snow blower is a piece of equipment that is designed for clearing snow banks off your yard, staircase, or driveway. It comes with adjustable squid shoes that allow swift movement across all surfaces – whether it’s concrete, brick, or stone floors. Thanks to the presence of LED lights, operation in the dark is hassle-free.

Husqvarna is a manufacturing company known for designing unique working tools. The company’s headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden.

They have a large product line that includes garden and lawn tools, such as leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and string trimmers.

They also manufacture power tools, such as chainsaws and electric power cutters.

Key Specifications Of the Husqvarna ST224

Source: Husqvarna

The Husqvarna ST224 features plastic squid shoes for movement on rocky terrains and even going uphill.

The squid shoes are adjustable, which makes it possible to change the distance between the auger and the ground in order to prevent the auger from clearing snow down to the ground surface.

This snow blower is easy to start. All you have to do is plug it into a power outlet and hit the one-start button.

You don’t have to worry about charging or replacing any battery or refilling the tank with gasoline, which will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Also, the snowblower comes with a 208cc gas engine, which allows it to bury its auger down through 24 inches of snow.

Here is the long list of specs of the Husqvarna ST224 Snow Blower :

Model Number / NameST224
Powered ByElectricity
Engine Power
Clearing Width 24 inches
Ideal for how many inches of snow
12 inches
Warranty5-year limited warranty
Weight198.6 pounds
Start MechanismElectric start
Other Features

Up to 20 feet of snow throwing distance

Unique Features

Source: Amazon

The Husqvarna ST224 snow blower has a lot of awesome features that are hard to find anywhere else.

These include an electric start, a remote chute control, and LED lights for smooth operation in the dark.

LED Lights

LED lights are on each side of the blower where the company’s logo is located. This allows you to clear snow at night without bumping into harmful objects while working in the dark.

Ribbon Auger

Source: Husqvarna

The ribbon auger found on this machine allows the machine to dig deep into snow banks. It blows air into the snow to make it lighter so that the chute can easily discharge it.

The auger has a significant distance between the last layer of snow and the surface. This way, it will not dig into the ground or surface under the snow.

Remote Control Chute

The snowblower is equipped with a remote control chute button. This controls the vertical height of the chute. This way, you can choose how far and where the snow is blown.

Also, by adjusting the height, blowback is reduced, especially when it’s windy.

For more information about the features, check out this video: https :



Power and Snow Clearing Capability

Source: Amazon

This snow blower has a 208cc engine. To improve engine performance, you will find a throttle control beside it that minimizes its speed when the auger isn’t clearing.

The machine is powered by electricity, and during operation, it produces a noise level of 88.4 dB.

This is louder than most portable generators or lawnmowers. Be aware that its noise can keep your neighbors awake if being operated at night.

Ease Of Use

This snow blower is easy to use. You will be able to use it on your own even if you’re a 54-year-old retiree. However, it is slightly on the heavy end, considering its weight of 198 pounds.

However, you won’t feel the weight when it is in operation. This is because it comes with an adjustable handle, as well as 15-inches tires that move on all surfaces.

The handle has four adjustable heights, and you can heat it up during cold weather.


Ease Of Maintenance, Repairs, & Warranty

A daily check should be carried out on the nuts and engine oil level. Routine maintenance for this snow blower includes replacing the spark plug and engine oil after 30 hours and 100 hours of use, respectively.

Most Husqvarna products are covered by a 5-year warranty, but in the case of this snow blower, the 5-year warranty only applies to the auger.

The rest of its body parts are only covered by a 3-year warranty, and this includes the replacement of damaged parts.

Price Of the Husqvarna ST224

This snow blower from Husqvarna isn’t the most affordable machine you will find out there. It’s a two-stage blower, so you can’t expect it to come cheap.

Even at that, if you consider all its features, you will agree that it’s worth every penny spent.

Plus, since it runs on electricity, it saves you from recurring expenses, unlike in the case of snow blowers powered by battery and gas.


Pros and cons of the Husqvarna ST224

We’ve mentioned all the excellent features that this snow blower possesses. However, there are a few drawbacks you should be aware of before buying. We’ve mentioned them below.


  • Clearing stick to easily unclog stones
  • Remote control for adjusting chute height
  • 7 speeds – 6 forward, 1 reverse
  • Heated handle for operation in cold weather
  • Ribbon auger hardly leaves any snow behind


  • Noise levels
  • Not self-propelled


Who Should Buy the Husqvarna ST224 ?

This is an excellent choice for homeowners who leave in places with frequent snowfall and with a large clearing area.

It’s safe to use on all floor surfaces and can clear sidewalks, staircases, and runways without leaving any snow behind.

It’s a bit bulky, so you might want to consider the width of the clearing area before investing in this snowblower.

Our Recommendation

If you don’t mind spending the cash, we recommend you get a two-stage snow blower like the Husqvarna ST224 over a single-stage blower, even though they cost less.

This is because two-stage blowers are easy to use and maintain. Also, they can handle more snow volume and offer better flexibility in regards to the direction of the chute.


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