Shop Fox M1049 Benchtop Lathe Review

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In Brief: Shop Fox M1049 Lathe Review

The Shop Fox M1049 Lathe offers up 9-amps of power and is powerful, yet compact, enough to fit into just about any workspace. This benchtop model is great for woodworking and with a distance between centers of up to 16”, users can work with just about any small to medium-sized project with the greatest of ease.

Shop Fox is the line of lathes product by a company known as Woodstock International Inc.

In business since 1989, Woodstock has been producing both metalworking and woodworking machinery, machine accessories, and workshop tools of a wide variety.

Woodstock International has also found itself on the list of the 500 fastest growing companies in American for two years running.

In addition to their lathes, they offer over 3,000 different tools to the North American market. They deliver efficient and fast services across the continent thanks to their centrally located warehouses.

Key Specifications of the Shop Fox M1049

Shop Fox M1049 9-Inch by 19-Inch Bench Lathe

The 7 ¼-inch 4-jaw chuck on the Shop Fox M1049 Lathe makes it capable of holding small and midsized woodworking projects easily.

Stability and reliability are two of the most important features of a lathe and the Shop Fox M1049 Lathe delivers.

With six adjustable speeds ranging from a user safe 130 RPM all the way up to 2000 RPM, the user is able to get the exact woodworking experience that they desire.

Whether it is smaller operations like bowl turning or something larger and more complex, the variable speeds can handle the job.

With a 19” distance between centers, the Shop Fox M1049 Lathe has one of the larger distances among compact benchtop lathes.

This benchtop lathe is perfect for small workshops that put a premium on space and don’t need any of their tools taking up too much of it.

Read the long list of Shop Fox M1049 Lathe specs here :

Model Number/ NameM1049
Ideal ForWood
Current (amps)9
Speed (rpm)1720
Distance between centers (in)19
Spindle thread (in)0.15
Overall dimensions37 x 20 x 15
Weight (lbs)250
Other FeaturesBelt drive power transfer

Top Features to Look For

Shop Fox M1049 9-Inch by 19-Inch Bench Lathe

There are quite a few features that make the Shop Fox M1049 Lathe a popular choice for benchtop lathes.

Whether it be the compound slide, the powerful motor, or the ability to change variable speeds, everything you could need is all in one machine.

Powerful Motor

Packing almost a full horsepower, the Shop Fox M1049 Lathe needs just a single 110 volt supply source to provide powerful, ultra-smooth lathe operations.

It can also deliver reverse feedback for maximum ease of use.

Compound Slide

The compound slide on the Shop Fox M1049 Lathe can be used to control the position of the cutting tool and it is designed to put the users’ mind at complete ease.

Even better, this option features maximum customization to meet the specific needs of the user.

Variable Speeds

The best lathes on the market feature variable speeds and the Shop Fox M1049 Lathe is no different.

It has a low, safe setting of 130 RPM and can reach up to 2000 RPM to deliver greater accuracy and improved control when cutting workpieces.


Power and Performance

Shop Fox M1049 9-Inch by 19-Inch Bench Lathe

Despite its relatively compact size, the Shop Fox M1049 Lathe delivers more than enough power thanks to 9-amps (.75 horsepower) of force.

This is what powers the wide range of variable speeds and delivers enough cutting power to truly transform your cutting experience.

Ease of Use

As it is a somewhat compact benchtop lathe, the Shop Fox M1049 Lathe is simple to use.

Best of all, it can be handled effectively by a single user without help making it great for solo projects.

The dials are easily adjustable and the variable speed rates can be easily adjusted as well providing maximum versatility and a greatly improved user experience.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

Due to its compact size, the Shop Fox M1049 Lathe makes for easy clean up and maintenance.

It is a good idea to clean your lathe on a regular basis to prevent the build up of loose material and debris that can cause damage to the various components.


Woodstock International, the company that produces the Shop Fox M1049 Lathe, offers a 90-day warranty from the date of the original purchase.

There are other protection plan and warranty options available depending on where you purchase the lathe from.

The warranty is in place to protect against any components that may become damaged from materials and workmanship over the life of that warranty. For more answers, check out Woodstock’s warranty page.

Price of the Shop Fox M1049

At over $1,000, the Shop Fox M1049 Lathe is one of the closest to industrial-level lathes that you would find in any machine shop.

Its variable speeds, nearly 10-amps of power, sturdy chuck jaws, and swing over bed make it one of the most complete models.

Users responded mostly positively to the price point feeling that the Shop Fox M1049 Lathe delivers on power and performance. Some feel that it is priced beyond the point of affordable for amateur woodworkers.


Pros and cons of the Shop Fox M1049

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Shop Fox M1049 Lathe :


  • Great Power
  • Reversable Jaws
  • Adjustable Speeds
  • Sturdy 4-jaw chuck


  • Price point


Who Should Buy the Shop Fox M1049 ?

The Shop Fox M1049 Lathe is the type of lathe that would normally be found in shops across North America.

This is a lathe that is meant for serious woodworking operations as it delivers highly-effective power, a wide range of variable speeds, and sturdy reversible jaws for maximum accuracy.

Our Recommendation

The Shop Fox M1049 Lathe delivers machine shop-quality lathe operations because it a machine shop-quality lathe.

Serious woodworkers will love its variable speeds, huge swingover bed, reversable, stable jaws, and the litany of other features that come standard.

Simply put this is a great lathe for most small and mid-sized woodworking operations.

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