Toro Power Max HD 928 OAE 2 Stage Gas Snow Blower

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In Brief: Toro Power Max HD 928 OAE Review

With its 265cc 4-cycle OHV engine and Quick Stick® chute control, the Toro Power Max HD 928 OAE is certainly a joy to have. With its incredible performance, ease of operation, affordable pricing, innovative technology, and easy maintenance, this machine is an exceptional snowblower.

The Toro Company is a public US-based company founded in 1914 that designs, manufactures, and markets a range of power tools, like snow blowers, lawn mowers, and irrigation system supplies.

The company is based in Bloomington, Minnesota, and is known for its high-quality products.

The Toro Power Max HD928 OAE Snow Blower is an example of its high-quality products.

This machine features a powerful 265cc 4-cycle OHV engine and a LED headlight for enhanced vision. This machine is certainly worth the investment.

Key Specifications of the Toro Power Max HD 928 OAE

Source: Home Depot

Featuring a Quick Stick® chute control, changing the deflector and chute requires a single, smooth motion.

Maneuvering this powerful beast requires little effort since it comes with triggerless steering technology.

By simply turning the machine, its wheels intelligently disengage, thus offering assistance with turning. With this feature, you also don’t have to worry about levers to break or triggers to pull.

There are instances when you come home late maybe due to work or other engagements. With this snow blower, you don’t have to worry since the LED headlight will improve your vision in the dark.

With its commercial-grade auger gearbox coupled with the hardened gears, there is no need for shear pins. Replacing shear pins is an inconvenience of the past with this machine.

Here is the long list of specs of the Toro Power Max HD 928 OAE Snow blower :

Model Number / Name 38840
Powered By Gas-powered
Engine Power 265cc
Stages 2 Stages
Clearing Width 28 Inches
Fuel Capacity3.5 Liters
Warranty 3 Years
StarterElectric Start
Weight264 Pounds

Unique Features

Source: Home Depot

We really enjoyed the following unique features of this snow blower :

Patented Anti-Clogging System

Thanks to Toro’s innovative patented Anti-Clogging system, you get to stay the course when operating your snow blower.

This system directs heavy snow into the auger away from the chute and minimizes clogging.

Enhanced Vision

Thanks to the machine’s LED headlight, you can work with clear vision no matter the time of the day.

This feature makes the machine an ideal choice if you are usually busy during the daytime and can only work your snow blower when it is dark.

Quick Stick® Chute Control

With this feature, changing the chute and deflector demands very little effort and is quick.

For more about this excellent snow blower, take a look at this video :



Power and Snow Clearing Ability

Source: Home Depot

The Toro Power Max HD 928 OAE comes with a remarkably powerful 265cc Toro Premium 4-cycle OHV engine.

Thanks to this powerful gas engine, coupled with the ample clearing width of 28 inches and it’s 21-inch intake, the machine can throw snow up to 45 feet.

With a chute rotation of 200 degrees, this machine can handle blowing a lot of snow quickly, making it ideal for you if you get a lot of snow.

Ease of Use

This machine is fitted with technology that makes operating it comparable to a walk in the park. For starters, the triggerless steering technology makes turning the machine a breeze.

With this technology, the wheels automatically disengage by simply turning the machine. This makes it possible for weaker people to use it.

The Quick Stick® chute control system makes changing the chute and deflector quick and easy. Another feature we enjoyed is the LED headlights.

This enhances your vision when the lighting is not sufficient. Overall, despite being heavy, this machine is very easy to operate thanks to its innovative technology systems.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

This two-stage machine is very easy to maintain. You are simply required to avoid storing the machine with fuel in the fuel tank if you store it in spaces where ignition sources like space heaters are present.

Also, check the fasteners to ascertain that they are firmly tightened in place, and maintain or replace instruction and safety labels.

To experience the best starting results, use fuel with no ethanol that has an octane rating of 87 or higher. Avoid mixing oil with gas, and to reduce starting problems, add fuel stabilizer.

Use fresh fuel (not older than 30 days). Worn-out parts should be replaced with those purchased from trusted dealers.

The machine comes with a 3-year limited warranty for consumer users and a 45-day warranty for commercial users.

Price of the Toro Power Max HD 928 OAE

Given its premium features, high-end technology, and the fact that the machine is big, it is safe to say the pricing is reasonable.

The Toro Power Max HD 928 Oxe costs less compared to other snow blowers in its category that deliver the same exceptional performance. The machine is, therefore, worth the investment.


Pros and cons of the Toro Power Max HD 928 OAE

Below are some of the pros and cons of this machine :


  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to start thanks to the electric start system


  • Stock height adjustment made from soft material


Who Should Buy the Toro Power Max HD 928 OAE ?

Given its ease of use thanks to its innovative technology systems and the powerful 265cc Toro Premium 4-cycle OHV engine, this machine is ideal for people who get a lot of snowfall.

It can be used on a long driveway, patio, deck, pavers, or sidewalk.

This machine is particularly great for you if you get 9-20 inches of snow and if you have an extra-large driveway that can accommodate at least 10 cars.

The LED headlight makes it ideal for working when the lighting is poor.

Our Recommendation

With its incredible performance, ease of operation, affordable pricing, innovative technology, and easy maintenance, this machine is an exceptional snow blower.

Our favorite feature is the patented Anti-Clogging technology that makes operating the machine a breeze.

The machine’s all-steel construction ensures that you enjoy the machine’s services for years.

If you experience a lot of snowfall and need a snow blower that gets the job done fast and with ease, this is the machine for you.


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