Best Poulan Pro Lawn Mower Review

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Poulan was originally an American company based in Shreveport, Louisiana, where it started out as an independent company.

It was founded in 1912 by the first owner Claude Poulan and was named the Poulan Saw Co, where it manufactured saws.

It was bought in the early 1960s by the Beaird company that was also located in Shreveport and was then known as the Beaird-Poulan company.

Later the company was acquired by Emerson Electric and in 1984, taken over by Electrolux, who spun off Husqvarna and nested Poulan under that company.

Today the company is known as Poulan Pro and sometimes shares technology with Husqvarna, but they have their own line of lawn mowers in the USA.

This new upmarket range of products manufactured by Poulan comes with many new features and technology in the brand name.

They also come with the original high-quality engineering that was applied by the original Poulan company.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

The Poulan Pro company makes a line of lawn mowers that are aimed at the mid-level consumers and homeowners out there.

They also changed the Poulan Pro brand’s color scheme from the original green to a gold and black color.

These changes make them even more acceptable for the upscale market, and that also comes with good-quality craftsmanship.

Poulan Pro lawn mowers are used all over the world and are quite a favorable piece of equipment on the American homeowner market.

And these Poulan Pro lawn mowers are still built in many cities all over America in many States for your convenience.

Poulan Pro Lawn Mower Line

The Poulan Pro line of lawn mowers is available in many different models to be used for many lawn cutting applications.

It also comes with many great features included that will make the life of the lawn owner much easier and better.

Types Of Poulan Pro Lawn Mowers Available

Walk-behind Poulan Pro gas-powered lawn mowers come in a variety of models that can be used in many different lawn cutting applications.

They are available in the classic push lawn mower with a strong and sturdy motor and blade system for mowing the lawn.

And then they are also available in the self-propelling variety that will run by itself and only need to be guided by the operator.

These lawn mowers are available with the back-wheel as well as front-wheel drive varieties and the all-wheel-drive type of lawn mower.

There is quite an extensive range of ride-on Poulan Pro lawn mowers available for the larger lawns out there.

They also come in a variety of cutting deck sizes to make your lawn cutting life much easier.

They also come with many great features included, such as larger fuel tanks so you can finish a large lawn with one tank.

It will help to finish those full acre or more extensive lawns quickly and easily without too much effort.

Zero-turn Poulan Pro lawn mowers are quite a new innovative design that is coming available for the many large lawn owners out there.

These types of lawn mowers can turn on the proverbial to save you time and come with the features.

Key Differentiation Factors

There are many characteristics that will separate the lawn mowers supplied by Poulan Pro from other lawn-cutting brands.

We take a look at what those characteristics and features are that set them apart from the rest of the pack.


The lawn mowers that are made by Poulan Pro are quite affordable, and that place them in reach of most homeowners out there.


Poulan Pro lawn mowers are made from high-quality materials that will help them to last very long for a good service.

And the superior craftsmanship used in the construction of these lawn mowers will support that longevity quality coming with these lawn mowers.

Ease Of Use

The lawn mowers that are supplied by Poulan Pro are easy to assemble upon reception and quite easy to be used by everybody.

They also are very easy to start with the quick starting feature that is included with these lawn mowers.

Who Should Buy Poulan Lawn Mowers?

The Poulan Pro lawn mowers are made with the mid-level consumers, but that just means the great quality of these products.

Price-wise it is in reach of almost every homeowner all over the USA who love to have a nice looking lawn all year round.


The Poulan Pro line of lawn mowers are quite extensive and are available in many different price classes as well.

And they come with great features attached to them that will make worth the money you might spend on them.

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