Best Greenworks Lawn Mower Reviews

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Greenworks Tools is a distributor of Greenworks brand products. It distributes battery-powered outdoor tools and is the market leader in the DIY category.

The company sells its own products but also deals with the distribution of original products from other manufacturers.

Its production line can produce batteries from 24 volts to 82 volts, and high quality is guaranteed by the highest class technology the company works with.

Greenworks tools ensure performance, power, and functionality that is comparable to other gas-powered options, but without product-specific noises, gas, or harmful fumes.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

Greenworks produces lawn mowers that are easy to use and that do not require high maintenance costs.

Also, the technology is aimed at being more environmentally friendly than conventional gas mowers. Power options are either a power cord or rechargeable batteries.

The company’s products are mainly intended for small gardens, due to the fact that the length of the cable does not allow for a large area of action.

The battery life is also not very long, and long-term work is not recommended.

All these aspects make Greenworks products effective against global pollution, although their power and efficiency are at a high level. They have a strong grip on many markets around the world.

Greenworks Product Line

Greenworks produces several types of mowers on their production lines.

Each of the mowers has different characteristics, and you must inform yourself before you fully understand each of the characteristics and make a decision on the best choice.

Types of Lawn Mowers Available

Wireless lawn mowers can use voltages between 40 volts and 80 volts, and you can notice big differences between their use.

Cordless mowers work with batteries that need recharging between uses. A fully charged battery will help you have more power, so the more amps you have, the more efficiently you can use it.

If you use the cable model, you must also use an extension cable to cover as much area as possible in your garden.

The size of the extension cord will decrease in direct proportion to the size of the battery amps.

Extension cords that are over 100 meters long are not recommended for mowers that have more than 12 amps of power.

Key Differentiation Factors


Before choosing the best mower for your needs, you should also know that cutting height is very important. Most mowers come in heights as low as 1 inch and can reach up to over 3 inches.

This variety of heights will help you find the most suitable option for what you need.

Also, the width of the mower is an aspect to consider.

If the width is larger, you will be able to cut a larger area of lawn in one shift and work less. However, you have to keep in mind that wide mowers are harder to push and handle.

Attractive Price Ranges

The price is attractive for Greenworks lawn mowers, as it is generally much lower than the other petrol versions. The most expensive accessory for these lawn mowers is the blade.

Environmentally Friendly

Besides all the aspects that are designed to help save the planet, there are other advantages in purchasing a lawn mower with manual or electric power supply.

They are not noisy at all, compared to those that use gas, and they do not bother the neighbors.

The noise is like a soft murmur.

Greenworks mowers that are manually operated do not require electricity or gas consumption, relying exclusively on your energy consumption.

These mowers should never be charged, nor is an extension cord needed.

Who Should Buy Greenworks Lawn Mower?

As the name Greenworks suggests, the company offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the more commonly used gas mowers.

The company also offers a series of mowers with manually powered motors or with a plug-in system.

The power of the mowers varies between 40 volts and 80 volts and offers a wide range of possibilities for their customers.


As mentioned earlier, Greenworks mowers are recommended for people who have a small lawn due to the fact that manual or cable-based power is used.

Rechargeable batteries do not help when you have a large garden, because you will have to charge them a few times before you finish.

If you want power and efficiency for your next lawn mower, choose Greenworks products and you will help improve the environment.

Greenworks Lawn Mower Reviews

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